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30 January 1998




The catalog is published as several files; use the links below or at the left to go to any part of the catalog.

About the Catalog
Officers of Administration
Board of Regents

Chapter One - General Information

Mission of the School of Law
Statement on Equal Educational Opportunity
      The Joseph D. Jamail Center for Legal Research
      Other Libraries
The Curriculum
      Constitutional Law
      Corporate Law
      Environmental Law
      Intellectual Property Law
      International and Comparative Law
      Jurisprudence, Philosophy, and Social/Political Theory
      Labor and Employment Law
      Trial Advocacy
      Clinical Education Programs
The University of Texas Law School Foundation
The University of Texas Law Alumni Association
Financial Assistance
      Law School Emergency Loans
      Law School Scholarships
      Loan Funds and Endowed Scholarships
Career Services
Law School Publications
      Texas Law Review
      Texas International Law Journal
      American Journal of Criminal Law
      The Review of Litigation
      Texas Environmental Law Journal
      Texas Journal of Women and the Law
      Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
      Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy
      Texas Forum on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Student Activities
      Student Bar Association
      Asian Law Students Association
      Assault and Flattery
      Board of Advocates
      Chicano/Hispanic Law Students Association
      Christian Legal Society
      Environmental Law Society
      Guanajuato Exchange Program
      Intellectual Property Law Society
      International Law Society
      Jewish Law Students Association
      Legal Research Board
      Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Law Students Association
      National Lawyers Guild
      Project Info
      The Roundtable
      Student Recruitment and Orientation Committee
      Thurgood Marshall Legal Society

Chapter Two - Admission

Admission as a Beginning Student
Declaration of Intention to Study Law
Admission as a Transfer Student
Transfer to Another Law School
Admission as a Visiting Student from Another Law School
Visiting Status at Another Law School
Classification of Students

Chapter Three - Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Advising
Honor System
      Honor Code
Quantity of Work Rule
Changes in Registration
Class Attendance
Auditing a Course
Grades and Minimum Performance Standards
      Grading System
      Registration on the Pass/Fail Basis
      Minimum Performance Standards
      Order of the Coif
      Order of Barristers
      Dean's Achievement Award
      Graduation under a Particular Catalog
      General Requirements for Graduation
      Degrees with Honors

Chapter Four - Degrees

Doctor of Jurisprudence
Master of Laws
      Admission to Candidacy
      Degree Requirements
Joint Programs

Chapter Five - Courses

First-Year Courses
Advanced Courses
      Law 223F, 323F  -  Law 242S, 342S
      Law 343C  -  Law 260K, 360K, 460K
      Law 361, 461  -  Law 377D
      Law 278J, 378J  -  Law 197J, 297J, 397J, 497J
Research and Seminar Courses

Chapter Six - The Faculty

Professors and Senior Lecturers
Adjunct Professors

Appendix - Endowments

Research Professorships
Research Funds
Visiting Professorships
Endowed Lectureships
Advocacy Endowments
Library Funds
Publication Funds
Law Week Awards
Unrestricted and Challenge Funds

Chapter 1 - General Information
Chapter 2 - Admission
Chapter 3 - Academic Policies and Procedures
Chapter 4 - Degrees
Chapter 5 - Courses
Chapter 6 - The Faculty
Appendix - Endowments



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