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14. The Faculty


This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 2001-2002; the directors and department chairs listed here also served in that semester.

School of Architecture

Professors Emeritus

Drury Blakeley Alexander, Professor Emeritus
BArch, Texas, 1950; BSArt, 1951; MA, Columbia, 1953; Architect

M. Wayne Bell, Professor Emeritus
BArch, Texas, 1960; Architect; FAIA

Jon A. Bowman, PE, Professor Emeritus
BSArchE, Texas, 1949; MArch, 1962; Architect; Member, AIA

Hal Box, Professor Emeritus
BArch, Texas, 1950; Architect; FAIA

Peter O. Coltman, Associate Professor Emeritus
BArch, Witwatersrand, 1952; Diploma in Town Planning, 1957; MSCRP, Texas, 1965; Chartered Member, RTPI, RIBA; Associate, AIA

R. James Coote, Professor Emeritus
BA, Haverford College, 1953; MArch, Harvard, 1959; Architect

Martin Stephen Kermacy, Professor Emeritus
BArch, Pennsylvania, 1938; MArch, 1939; Architect

Roxanne Kuter Williamson, Professor Emeritus
BA, Goucher College, 1951; MA, Texas (Austin), 1967

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Dean Johnson Almy III, Assistant Professor
BArch, Cornell, 1983; MArch, Texas (Austin), 1989

Anthony Alofsin, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1971; MArch, 1981; PhM, Columbia, 1983; PhD, 1987; Architect

Kevin Alter, Associate Professor
BA, Bennington College, 1985; MArch, Harvard, 1990

Francisco Arumi-Noe, Professor
BS, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1962; MS, 1965; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1970

Simon D. Atkinson, Professor
Diploma in Architecture, Leeds School of Architecture and Town Planning, 1965; Diploma in Planning, School of Architecture, Architectural Association (England), 1966; MA in Regional Studies, Sussex, 1969; Associate, RIBA; Member, RTPI; FRSA

Anne Beamish, Assistant Professor
MArch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993; MCityP, 1995; PhD, 2000

Michael L. Benedikt, Professor
BArch, Witwatersrand, 1971; MEnvironD, Yale, 1975; Architect (South Africa)

J. Sinclair Black, Professor
BArch, Texas, 1962; MArch, California (Berkeley), 1970; Architect; FAIA

Ethel Buisson, Assistant Professor
MArch, Princeton, 1996

Kent S. Butler, Associate Professor
BA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1973; MS, 1976; PhD, 1977; Member, APA

Christine Corcoran Cantwell, Assistant Professor
BIndD, Pratt Institute, 1979; MDesignStds, Harvard, 1991

C. Owen Cappleman, Associate Professor
BA, Florida State, 1960; MFA, Texas, 1966

Jeffrey Mark Chusid, Assistant Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1978; MArch, 1983

Richard L. Cleary, Associate Professor
BA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1975; MA, 1977; MPhil, Columbia, 1979; PhD, 1986

Elizabeth Danze, Assistant Professor
MArch, Yale, 1990

Richard L. Dodge Jr., Professor
BArch, California (Berkeley), 1961; MArch, Yale, 1967; Architect

Larry A. Doll, Associate Professor
BArch, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1971; MArch, Cornell, 1974; Architect; Member, AIA

Michael L. Garrison, Associate Professor
BArch, Louisiana State, 1970; MArch, Rice, 1971; Architect

Susan Handy, Associate Professor
BSE, Princeton, 1984; MS, Stanford, 1987; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1992

David D. Heymann, Associate Professor
BArch, Cooper Union, 1984; MArch, Harvard, 1988

Terry D. Kahn, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BBA, Texas, 1964; MBA, 1965; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1970; Member, APA

Nancy P. Kwallek, Professor
BS, Kent State, 1963; MS, Oregon State, 1970; PhD, Purdue, 1978

Daniel E. Leary, Associate Professor
BSArchE, Texas, 1962; BArch, 1963; MArch, Pennsylvania, 1966; Architect; Member, AIA

Gerlinde Leiding, Professor
Architektin, Werkkunstschule Krefeld, 1965; MArch, Yale, 1966

Christopher A. Long, Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (San Antonio), 1978; MA, Texas (Austin), 1982; PhD, 1993

S. Milovanovic-Bertram, Senior Lecturer
BA, Rice, 1970; BArch, 1972; MArch, 1974

Juan Miro, Assistant Professor
Arquitecto, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, 1987; MArch, Yale, 1991

Steven A. Moore, Associate Professor
BA, Syracuse, 1967; PhD, Texas A&M, 1996

Michael Oden, Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1976; PhD, New School for Social Research, 1992

Barbara McKean Parmenter, Assistant Professor
BA, Chicago, 1980; MA, Texas (Austin), 1984; PhD, 1991

Robert G. Paterson, Associate Professor
BA, Florida Atlantic, 1984; MPA, 1985; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1993

Stephen L. Ross, Senior Lecturer
BBA, Stephen F. Austin State, 1979; MSArchSt, Texas (Austin), 1990

Vincent L. Snyder, Assistant Professor
BS, Nebraska (Lincoln), 1980; MS, 1983; MArch, Princeton, 1988

Lawrence W. Speck, Professor
BSArt&D, BSMan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1971; MArch, 1972; Architect; Member, AIA

Frederick R. Steiner, Professor
BSD, Cincinnati, 1972; MCommunP, 1975; MRP, Pennsylvania, 1977; MA, PhD, 1986

Richard P. Swallow, Professor
BSArch, Rhode Island School of Design, 1953; MArch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1957; Architect; Member, AIA

Danilo F. Udovicki-Selb, Associate Professor
DiplIngArh, Univerzitet u Beogradu, 1973; MR, 1975; MA, Boston College, 1979

D. Andrew Vernooy, Associate Professor
BSE, Princeton, 1970; MArch, Texas (Austin), 1978; MSE, 1990; Architect; Member, AIA

Lois R. Weinthal, Assistant Professor
BArch, BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, 1993; MArch, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1998

Nicole Wiedemann, Assistant Professor
BDesign, Florida, 1989; MArch, Princeton, 1992

Patricia Wilson, Professor
BA, Stanford, 1969; MRP, Cornell, 1971; PhD, 1975; Member, APA


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