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Texas Common Course Numbering System
(Appendix A)

Degree and Course Abbreviations



14. The Faculty



This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 2001-2002; the directors and department chairs listed here also served in that semester.

College of Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Lawrence D. Abraham, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Mario A. Benitez, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
PhB, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, 1951; MA, Texas Christian, 1959; DLitt, Universidad de la Habana, 1960; MEd, Texas Wesleyan College, 1962; PhD, Claremont Graduate School, 1966

John G. Bordie, Professor Emeritus
BA, Chicago, 1949; PhD, Texas, 1955

L. Ray Carry, Professor Emeritus
BA, North Texas State College, 1952; MS, 1960; MS, Stanford, 1964; PhD, 1968

Heather Lilian Carter, Professor Emeritus
PhB, Northwestern, 1961; PhD, Maryland (College Park), 1969

Edmund James Farrell, Professor Emeritus
BA, Stanford, 1950; MA, 1951; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1969

Joe L. Frost, Professor Emeritus
BSEd, Arkansas Polytechnic College, 1960; MSEd, Arkansas, 1961; EdD, 1965

William Richard Harmer, Professor Emeritus
BS, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1950; MA, 1957; PhD, 1959

Julie M. Jensen, Professor Emeritus
BS, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1965; MA, 1968; PhD, 1970

Judith Wells Lindfors, Professor Emeritus
BA, Oberlin College, 1959; MEd, Harvard, 1960; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1967; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1972

John Martin Rich, Professor Emeritus
BA, Alabama, 1954; MA, 1955; PhD, Ohio State, 1958

Henry T. Trueba, Professor Emeritus
BA, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1959; MA, Instituto Libre de Filosofia y Letras, 1959; MA, Woodstock College, 1964; MA, Stanford, 1966; PhD, Pittsburgh (Main Campus), 1970

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Lawrence D. Abraham, Associate Professor
BA, Oberlin College, 1971; MS, Kansas State Teacher's College, 1972; EdD, Columbia, 1975

James P. Barufaldi, Professor
BS, Marietta College, 1962; MEd, Kent State, 1966; PhD, Maryland (College Park), 1972

Lowell J. Bethel, Professor
BS, Temple, 1961; MEd, 1967; MS, Pennsylvania, 1971; EdD, 1974

Mary S. Black, Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (San Antonio), 1979; MEd, Harvard, 1989; EdD, 1996

George M. Blanco, Associate Professor
BA, Texas Western College, 1958; MA, Middlebury College, 1964; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1971

Randy Bomer, Assistant Professor
BA, Trinity, 1983; MA, Teachers College, Columbia, 1987; PhD, Columbia, 1996

Ann K. Brooks, Associate Professor
BA, Nebraska (Lincoln), 1973; MAT, School for International Training, 1976; EdD, Columbia, 1989

Ralph W. Cain, Associate Professor
BSEd, Texas Christian, 1951; MEd, Texas, 1962; PhD, 1964

Lisa J. Cary, Assistant Professor
BEd, Edith Cowan, 1992; MEd, Regina, 1995; PhD, Ohio State, 1999

Jere Confrey, Professor
BA, Duke, 1973; MA, Cornell, 1978; PhD, 1980

Ozro Luke Davis Jr., Professor
BA, North Texas State College, 1949; MEd, 1950; PhD, George Peabody College for Teachers, 1958

Corey Drake, Assistant Professor
BA, Chicago, 1994; MS, Rosary College, 1996; PhD, Northwestern (Evanston), 2000

Joel Dworin, Assistant Professor
BA, Arizona, 1975; MEd, 1989; PhD, 1996

Susan B. Empson, Assistant Professor
BA, Queens College, 1983; MA, Columbia, 1988; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1994

Colleen M. Fairbanks, Associate Professor
BA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1975; MA, 1981; PhD, 1992

Sherry L. Field, Associate Professor
BSEd, Texas Tech, 1973; MEd, Stephen F. Austin State, 1975; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1991

Douglas E. Foley, Professor
BA, Northern Iowa, 1961; MA, Stanford, 1966; PhD, 1970

Elaine D. Fowler, Associate Professor
BS, Kansas State, 1960; MS, Kansas, 1964; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1969

Lisa S. Goldstein, Assistant Professor
BA, Yale, 1985; MA, Teachers College, Columbia, 1989; PhD, Stanford, 1995

Michael D. Guerrero, Assistant Professor
BA, Eastern Michigan, 1980; PhD, New Mexico (Albuquerque), 1994

Frank J. Guszak, Professor
BSEd, Texas, 1954; MEd, 1958; PhD, Wisconsin, 1966

Judith B. Harris, Associate Professor
BA, Pennsylvania, 1980; MEd, Beaver College, 1983; PhD, Virginia, 1990

James V. Hoffman, Professor
BA, College of St. Benedict, 1966; MS, Wisconsin (Milwaukee), 1970; PhD, Missouri (Kansas City), 1977

Elaine K. Horwitz, Professor
BA, Maryland (College Park), 1972; MA, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1975; PhD, 1980

R. Lynn Jones Eaton, Assistant Professor
BS, Mississippi State, 1987; MA, 1988; PhD, Alabama (Tuscaloosa), 1996

Liu, Min, Associate Professor
BA, East China Normal University Shanghai, 1982; MA, West Virginia, 1990; EdD, 1992

Anna Elizabeth Maloch, Assistant Professor
BS, Ouachita Baptist, 1991; MEd, Vanderbilt, 1995; EdD, 1999

Zena T. Moore, Associate Professor
BA, West Indies (St. Augustine), 1970; EdDip, 1977; PhD, Purdue (West Lafayette), 1991

Mindy Ochsner, Assistant Professor
BS, Texas A&M, 1990; MA, Seattle, 1993; MEd, Teachers College, Columbia, 1996; EdD, 1999

Anthony J. Petrosino, Assistant Professor
BS, Creighton, 1984; MA, Columbia, 1990; PhD, Vanderbilt, 1998

Stuart Reifel, Professor
BA, Stanford, 1972; MA, 1973; EdD, California (Los Angeles), 1981

Paul Resta, Professor
BS, Arizona State, 1957; MS, Washington State, 1960; PhD, Arizona State, 1968

Harriett D. Romo, Associate Professor
BSEd, Texas, 1966; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1971; MA, California (San Diego), 1979; PhD, 1985

Nancy L. Roser, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Evansville, 1966; MS, Indiana, 1968; EdD, 1970

David Schwarzer, Assistant Professor
BA, Universitat Tel-Aviv, 1986; MA, 1990; PhD, Arizona, 1996

Joan M. Shiring, Senior Lecturer
BA, Pennsylvania State, 1973; MEd, Texas (Austin), 1981; PhD, 1986

Walter M. Stroup Jr., Assistant Professor
BA, Colgate, 1983; MEd, Harvard, 1991; EdD, 1996

Angela Valenzuela, Associate Professor
BA, Angelo State, 1981; MA, Texas (Austin), 1983; MA, Stanford, 1985; PhD, 1990

Mary Lee Webeck, Assistant Professor
BA, Purdue, 1993; MS, 1995; PhD, 2001

Susan M. Williams, Assistant Professor
BA, Wake Forest, 1967; PhD, Vanderbilt, 1994

Jo Worthy, Associate Professor
BS, Virginia, 1977; MEd, 1984; PhD, 1989

Adjunct Professors

Ernestina Juarez-Bailey, Adjunct Professor
BA, Texas A&I, 1964; MEd, Southwest Texas State, 1981; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1988

Department of Educational Psychology

Edmund T. Emmer, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Benjamin Fruchter, Professor Emeritus
BA, Brooklyn College, 1936; MA, Southern California, 1946; PhD, 1948

June M. Gallessich, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas Christian, 1952; MEd, Texas (Austin), 1965; PhD, 1967

Carl F. Hereford, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1947; MA, 1949; PhD, 1952

Earl Jennings, Professor Emeritus
BSEd, Texas, 1955; MEd, 1956; PhD, 1963

H. Paul Kelley, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1949; MA, 1951; MA, PhD, Princeton, 1954

Earl A. Koile, Professor Emeritus
BS, Indiana State Teacher's College, 1939; MEd, Harvard, 1947; EdD, 1953

Richard Mowsesian, Associate Professor Emeritus
BSEd, Teacher's College of Connecticut, 1952; MEd, Hartford, 1959; APC, City University of New York, 1963; PhD, Wisconsin, 1965

Beeman N. Phillips, Professor Emeritus
BA, Evansville College, 1949; MS, Indiana, 1950; EdD, 1954

Jackson B. Reid, Professor Emeritus
BS, The Citadel, 1942; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1951

Janet T. Spence, Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus
BA, Oberlin College, 1945; MA, PhD, State University of Iowa, 1949; DSc (hon), Oberlin College, 1985

Donald J. Veldman, Professor Emeritus
BS, Hope College, 1953; PhD, Texas, 1960

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Ricardo C. Ainslie, Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1972; MA, Michigan, 1975; PhD, 1979

S. Natasha Beretvas, Assistant Professor
BS, Duke, 1989; MEd, Washington (Seattle), 1997; PhD, 2000

Gary D. Borich, Professor
BS, Indiana, 1965; MA, 1967; EdD, 1970

Lawrence A. Brownstein, Senior Lecturer
BS, Houston, 1967; MA, Oklahoma, 1968; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977

Cindy I. Carlson, Professor
BA, DePauw, 1971; MS, Indiana (Bloomington), 1978; PhD, 1982

Hua-Hua Chang, Associate Professor
Diploma, East China Normal, 1980; MS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1988; PhD, 1992

L. Suzanne Dancer, Senior Lecturer
BA, Our Lady of the Lake, 1972; MA, Texas (Austin), 1982; PhD, 1986

Barbara G. Dodd, Professor
BA, Trinity, 1976; MS, 1978; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1984

David J. Drum, Professor
BA, Dickinson College, 1964; MA, American, 1966; PhD, 1969

Edmund T. Emmer, Professor
BA, Michigan, 1962; MA, 1965; PhD, 1967

Toni L. Falbo, Professor
BA, George Washington, 1968; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1969; PhD, 1973

Lucia A. Gilbert, Professor
BA, Wells College, 1963; MS, Yale, 1964; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1974

Michele R. Guzman, Assistant Professor
BA, Vassar College, 1992; PhD, State University of New York (Albany), 2001

Clifford A. Katz, Senior Lecturer
MA, St. Mary's, 1975; DDS, Texas Health Science Center (Houston), 1968; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1981

Timothy Z. Keith, Professor
BA, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1974; MA, East Carolina, 1978; PhD, Duke, 1982

William R. Koch, Professor
BA, Wisconsin, 1968; MA, Missouri (Kansas City), 1975; PhD, Missouri (Columbia), 1980

Guy J. Manaster, Professor
BA, Columbia, 1959; PhD, Chicago, 1969

Christopher J. McCarthy, Associate Professor
BA, Virginia, 1988; MA, Boston College, 1990; PhD, Georgia State, 1995

Leslie A. Moore, Senior Lecture
BA, Southern Methodist, 1971; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1987

Kristin D. Neff, Assistant Professor
BA, California (Los Angeles), 1988; MA, California (Berkeley), 1992; PhD, 1997

Frank C. Richardson, Professor
BA, Ohio State, 1961; BD, Yale, 1965; PhD, Colorado State, 1971

Daniel H. Robinson, Assistant Professor
BS, Nebraska (Lincoln), 1988; MEd, Arizona State, 1991; PhD, Nebraska (Lincoln), 1993

Aaron B. Rochlen, Assistant Professor
BA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1992; MA, Maryland (College Park), 1997; PhD, 2000

Stephanie S. Rude, Associate Professor
BA, California (Santa Barbara), 1977; PhD, Stanford, 1983

Diane L. Schallert, Professor
BA, San Francisco, 1971; MA, California State (San Francisco), 1973; PhD, Arizona State, 1975

Margaret E. Semrud-Clikeman, Associate Professor
BS, Concordia, 1972; MS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1975; PhD, Georgia, 1990

Laura M. Stapleton, Assistant Professor
BA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1988; MEd, George Mason, 1992; PhD, Maryland (College Park), 2001

Kevin D. Stark, Professor
BS, Wisconsin (Stevens Point), 1978; MA, Richmond, 1980; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1984

Marie-Anne P. Suizzo, Assistant Professor
BA, Georgetown, 1981; MA, Stanford, 1987; EdD, Harvard, 1997

Marilla D. Svinicki, Associate Professor
BA, Western Michigan, 1967; MA, 1968; PhD, Colorado, 1972

Deborah J. Tharinger, Associate Professor
BS, New Mexico, 1973; MA, Arizona State, 1975; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1981

Richard R. Valencia, Professor
BA, California (Santa Barbara), 1970; MA, 1972; PhD, 1977

Claire Ellen Weinstein, Professor
BS, Brooklyn College, 1967; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1975

Frank W. Wicker, Professor
BA, Texas Christian, 1959; MA, 1961; PhD, Princeton, 1966

Adjunct Professors

Carl J. Anderson, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1974; MEd, 1976; PhD, 1987

Cristina Casas, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Texas (El Paso), 1972; MEd, 1979; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1986

Nancy P. Daley, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Wesleyan (Connecticut); PhD, Texas (Austin), 1991

Rachel T. Fouladi, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, British Columbia, 1989; MA, 1991; PhD, 1996

William R. Frazier, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1973; MA, 1987; PhD, 1991

Thomas W. Kubiszyn, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, State University of New York (Buffalo), 1975; MA, Texas (Austin), 1978; PhD, 1979

Sue R. Lerner, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Universidad de las Americas (Mexico City), 1980; MA, Trinity, 1985; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1990

Pamela R. Moore, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1982; MA, Texas Tech, 1985; PhD, 1991

Anne L. Nelson, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Austin College, 1974; MA, 1978; MA, Texas (Austin) 1994; PhD, 1995

Ron J. Nieberding, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Dayton, 1981; MA, St. Mary's, 1985; PhD, North Texas, 1994

Joan M. Offerle, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, George Mason, 1978; MS, Virginia Commonwealth, 1981; PhD, 1985

Cynthia A. Plotts, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BSEd, Texas (Austin), 1979; PhD, 1987

Celia A. Watt, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Southwest Texas State, 1986; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1992

Jim M. Whitefield, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Nicholls State, 1986; MA, Indiana State, 1988; PhD, 1994

Barry J. Worchel, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BSZoo, Texas (Austin), 1972; MD, Texas (Southwestern Medical Center), 1975

Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

John L. Ivy, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Karl K. Klein, Professor Emeritus
BPEd, Normal College (Indiana), 1938; BSEd, Indiana, 1939; MS, Ithaca College, 1951; MEd, Springfield College, 1954

Lynn Wade McCraw, Professor Emeritus
BA, Austin College, 1937; MEd, Texas, 1946; EdD, 1948

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Lawrence D. Abraham, Associate Professor
BA, Oberlin College, 1971; MS, Kansas State Teacher's College, 1972; EdD, Columbia, 1975

John Bartholomew, Assistant Professor
BA, Harvard, 1989; PhD, Arizona State, 1996

Laurence H. Chalip, Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1972; MSocSci, Waikato, 1979; MA, Chicago, 1983; PhD, 1988

Carla A. Costa, Assistant Professor
Lic, Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, 1995; MEd, Bowling Green State, 1997; PhD, Ohio State, 2000

Edward F. Coyle, Professor
BA, Queens College, City University of New York, 1975; MA, Ball State, 1976; PhD, Arizona, 1979

Charles W. Craven, Associate Professor
BSPEd, Texas (Austin), 1963; MEd, 1968

Jonathan B. Dingwell, Assistant Professor
BS, Miami (Ohio), 1990; MS, Ohio State, 1994; PhD, Pennsylvania State, 1998

Elizabeth W. Edmundson, Associate Professor
BS, East Carolina, 1983; MA, 1985; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1990

Roger P. Farrar, Professor
BS, Tufts, 1967; PhD, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1976

Daniel Funk, Assistant Professor
BA, Kansas, 1987; MA, Ohio State, 1990; PhD, 1998

Nell H. Gottlieb, Professor
BA, Emory, 1966; MA, 1968; PhD, Boston, 1980

B. Christine Green, Assistant Professor
BS, George Washington, 1985; MA, Maryland (College Park), 1994; PhD, 1996

Carole K. Holahan, Associate Professor
BSEd, Duquesne, 1967; MEd, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1971; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1976

John L. Ivy, Professor
BS, Old Dominion, 1970; MA, Maryland (College Park), 1974; PhD, 1976

Jody Jensen, Associate Professor
BSE, Drake, 1973; MS, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1978; PhD, Maryland (College Park), 1989

Alexandra Loukas, Assistant Professor
BA, Windsor, 1992; MA, Michigan State, 1995; PhD, 1997

Fred L. Peterson Jr., Associate Professor
BS, Toledo, 1972; MS, 1978; PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1981

Darrell K Royal, Professor
BS, Oklahoma, 1950

Rosemary Slacks, Assistant Professor
BS, Florida State, 1960; MEd, Texas (Austin), 1969

Waneen Wyrick Spirduso, Professor
BSPEd, Texas, 1957; MEd, North Carolina (Greensboro), 1958; EdD, Texas, 1966

Joseph W. Starnes, Professor
BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1972; PhD, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1978

Mary A. Steinhardt, Associate Professor
BS, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1978; MEd, Lamar, 1980; EdD, Houston (University Park), 1985

Hirofumi Tanaka, Assistant Professor
BA, International Martial Arts, 1989; MS, Ball State, 1992; PhD, Tennessee (Knoxville), 1995

Janice S. Todd, Assistant Professor
BA, Mercer, 1974; MEd, 1976; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1995

Kenneth W. Tyson, Associate Professor
BA, Southern Methodist, 1960; MEd, Texas (Austin), 1970

Adjunct Professors

Quentin A. Christian, Adjunct Professor
BS, East Texas State, 1960; MS, 1965; PhD, 1969

Robert R. Cocke IV, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1971; MA, 1976; PhD, 1986

Robert K. Cowan, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1987; MD, Texas Medical Branch, 1991

Vilma T. Falck, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, Pittsburgh, 1948; MS, Pennsylvania State, 1950; PhD, 1955

Philip P. Huang, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Rice, 1982; MD, Texas (Southwestern), 1986; MPH, Harvard, 1990

Carla D. Lowry, Adjunct Professor
BS, Wayland Baptist College, 1962; MS, Texas Woman's, 1964; PhD, 1968

Alfred L. McAlister, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1972; PhD, Stanford, 1976

Paul J. Roach, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Saint Louis, 1980; MD, Northwestern, 1984

Ted D. Spears, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1976; MD, Texas (Galveston), 1980

Edward P. Tyson, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1971; MD, Texas Health Science Center (Houston), 1982

Antonio N. Zavaleta, Adjunct Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1971; MA, 1973; PhD, 1976

Department of Special Education

Herbert J. Rieth, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Natalie Carter Barraga, Professor Emeritus
BS, North Texas State Teacher's College, 1938; MEd, Texas, 1957; EdD, George Peabody College for Teachers, 1963

Charles C. Cleland, Professor Emeritus
BS, Southern Illinois, 1950; MS, 1951; PhD, Texas, 1957

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Diane Bryant, Associate Professor
BS, Framingham State College, 1974; MA, New Mexico,1980; PhD, 1986

Shernaz Bhathena Garcia, Associate Professor
BA, Poona, 1975; Diploma, Dilkhush Teacher Training Center (Bombay), 1976; MS, George Peabody College for Teachers, 1978; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1984

John D. King, Professor
BFA, Nebraska State Teachers College, 1956; MA, Nebraska (Lincoln), 1958; EdD, 1964

Sylvia Linan-Thompson, Assistant Professor
BSEd, Texas (Austin), 1988; MSEd, Miami (Florida), 1992; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1999

Robert L. Marion, Professor
BA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1957; MA, 1959; PhD, 1973

Audrey McCray, Assistant Professor
BA, Southeastern Louisiana, 1982; MEd, 1987; PhD, Florida, 1997

Melissa L. Olive, Assistant Professor
BS, Middle Tennessee State, 1990; MEd, Vanderbilt, 1992; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1999

Alba A. Ortiz, Professor
BS, Southwest Texas State, 1969; MEd, 1970; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1976

Randall M. Parker, Professor
BS, Wisconsin, 1962; MS, 1964; PhD, Missouri (Columbia), 1970

Herbert J. Rieth, Professor
BA, Seton Hall, 1964; MS, Fort Hays State, 1966; EdD, Kansas, 1971

James L. Schaller, Associate Professor
BS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1984; MS, 1987; PhD, 1991

Jeff Sigafoos, Professor
BA, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1983; MA, 1986; PhD, 1990

Benjamin W. Smith, Assistant Professor
BS, Maryland (College Park), 1992; MS, Oregon, 1998; PhD, 2000

Keith D. Turner, Associate Professor
BA, Western Washington State College, 1967; MS, 1968; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1974

Sharon Vaughn, Professor
BS, Missouri (Columbia), 1973; MEd, Arizona, 1976; PhD, 1982

Gwendolyn Webb-Johnson, Assistant Professor
BA, Knox College, 1975; MA, Northeastern Illinois, 1984; EdD, Illinois State, 1994

James R. Yates, Professor
BS, Abilene Christian College, 1962; MS, North Texas State, 1963; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1971

Adjunct Professors

Lorna J. Idol, Adjunct Professor
BS, Nevada (Reno), 1969; MEd, 1974; PhD, New Mexico, 1979

James R. Patton, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, Notre Dame, 1971; MEd, Virginia, 1974; EdD, 1980

University Colleague of the College of Education

The following faculty member of the College of Natural Sciences has a special interest in the preparation of teachers and has been extended voting privileges in the College of Education faculty.

J. David Gavenda, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics; Professor of Education
BSPhy, Texas, 1954; MA, 1956; PhD, Brown, 1959


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