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14. The Faculty



College of Liberal Arts

This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 2001-2002; the directors and department chairs listed here also served in that semester.

Department of American Studies

Jeffrey L. Meikle, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Alfred W. Crosby, Professor Emeritus
BA, Harvard, 1952; MAT, 1956; PhD, Boston, 1961

Elspeth D. Rostow, Professor Emeritus
BA, Barnard College, 1938; MA, Radcliffe College, 1939; MA, Cambridge, 1949

Kurth Sprague, Associate Professor Emeritus
AB, Princeton, 1956; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1978

William Merrell Stott, Professor Emeritus
BA, Yale, 1962; PhM, 1970; PhD, 1972

Donald L. Weismann, Professor Emeritus
BS, Wisconsin State College, 1935; PhM, Wisconsin, 1940; PhD, Ohio State, 1950

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Robert H. Abzug, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1967; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1977

Patricia M. Burnham, Senior Lecturer
BA, Albertus Magnus College, 1957; PhD, Boston, 1984

Janet M. Davis, Assistant Professor
BA, Carleton College, 1986; MA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1992; PhD, 1998

John W. F. Dulles, Professor
BA, Princeton, 1935; MBA, Harvard, 1937; BSMedE, Arizona, 1943; MetalE, 1951

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Professor
BA, Yale, 1971; MA, PhM, 1974; PhD, 1977

Neil F. Foley, Associate Professor
BA, Virginia, 1971; MA, Georgetown, 1975; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1985; PhD, 1990

William H. Goetzmann, Professor
BA, Yale, 1952; PhD, 1957; LLD, St. Edward's, 1967

Steven D. Hoelscher, Assistant Professor
BA, Gustavus Adolphus College, 1986; MA, Toronto, 1989; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1995

Richard A. Holland, Senior Lecturer
BA, Texas (Austin), 1965; MA, 1967; MLS, 1970

Douglas J. Holley, Senior Lecturer
BA, Abilene Christian College, 1968; MA, Texas (Austin), 1970; MS, Columbia, 1974

Jeffrey L. Meikle, Professor
AB, AM, Brown, 1971; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977

Julia L. Mickenberg, Assistant Professor
AB, Brown, 1990; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 2000

John S. W. Park, Assistant Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1991; MPP, Harvard, 1993; PhD, California (Berkeley), 2000

Mark C. Smith, Associate Professor
BA, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1971; MA, Texas (Austin), 1975; PhD, 1980; MSSW, 1990

Shirley E. Thompson, Assistant Professor
AB, Harvard/Radcliffe, 1992; AM, Harvard, 2000; PhD, 2001

Adjunct Professors

Sarah Weddington, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, McMurry College, 1965; JD, Texas (Austin), 1967

Department of Anthropology

James Brow, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Richard N. Adams, Professor Emeritus
BA, Michigan, 1947; MA, Yale, 1949; PhD, 1951

Thomas Nolan Campbell, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1930; MA, 1936; MA, Harvard, 1940; PhD, 1947

Jeremiah F. Epstein, Professor Emeritus
BA, Illinois, 1949; MA, 1951; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1957

Robert A. Fernea, Professor Emeritus
BA, Reed College, 1954; MA, Chicago, 1955; PhD, 1959

William W. Newcomb Jr., Professor Emeritus
BA, Michigan, 1943; MA, 1947; PhD, 1953

Richard P. Schaedel, Professor Emeritus
BA, Wisconsin, 1942; PhD, Yale, 1952

Alfred G. Smith, Professor Emeritus
BA, Michigan, 1943; MA, Wisconsin, 1947; PhD, 1956

Dee Ann Story, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1953; MA, 1956; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1963

Henry T. Trueba, Professor Emeritus
BA, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1959; MA, Instituto Libre de Filosofia y Letras, 1954; MA, Woodstock College, 1964; MA, Stanford, 1966; PhD, Pittsburgh (Main Campus), 1970

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Kamran Asdar Ali, Assistant Professor
MB, BS, Karachi, 1987; MA, Johns Hopkins, 1991; PhD, 1997

Asale Angel-Ajani, Assistant Professor
BA, New School for Social Research, 1993; MA, Stanford, 1995; PhD, 1999

Begona Aretxaga, Associate Professor
BA, University of the Basque Country, 1983; MA, 1985; MA, Princeton, 1988; PhD, 1992

Claud Allen Bramblett, Professor
BA, Texas, 1962; MA, 1965; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1967

James Brow, Professor
BA, Oxford, 1960; MA, 1964; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1974

Karl W. Butzer, Professor
BS, McGill, 1954; MS, 1955; Dr.rer.nat., Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet Bonn, 1957

Darrell G. Creel, Senior Lecturer
BA, Texas (Austin), 1975; MA, 1977; PhD, Arizona, 1986

James R. Denbow, Associate Professor
BA, Illinois, 1968; MA, Indiana (Bloomington), 1976; PhD, 1983

Nora C. England, Professor
BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1967; MA, Florida, 1971; PhD, 1975

Veit F. Erlmann, Professor
BA, Universitaet zu Koeln, 1973; MA, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 1974; PhD, Universitaet zu Koeln, 1978

Richard R. Flores, Associate Professor
BA, Notre Dame, 1978; MA, Incarnate Word College, 1984; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1989

Douglas E. Foley, Professor
BA, Northern Iowa, 1961; MA, Stanford, 1966; PhD, 1970

Maria Franklin, Assistant Professor
BA, Auburn, 1989; MA, California (Berkeley), 1991; PhD, 1997

Isar P. Godreau, Assistant Professor
BA, Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras), 1991; PhD, California (Santa Cruz), 1999

Edmund T. Gordon, Associate Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1974; MA, Stanford, 1975; PhD, 1981

Charles R. Hale, Associate Professor
BA, Harvard, 1981; PhD, Stanford, 1989

John M. Hartigan Jr., Assistant Professor
BA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1987; PhD, California (Santa Cruz), 1995

Thomas R. Hester, Professor
BA, Texas, 1969; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1972

Deborah Kapchan, Associate Professor
BA, New York, 1981; MA, Ohio, 1987; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1992

John W. Kappelman, Professor
BS, Yale, 1979; MA, Harvard, 1983; PhD, 1987

Elizabeth L. Keating, Associate Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1988; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1990; PhD, 1994

Ward Keeler, Associate Professor
BA, Cornell, 1970; MA, Chicago, 1977; PhD, 1982

Laura Lein, Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1969; MA, Harvard, 1970; PhD, 1973

Jose E. Limon, Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1966; MA, 1969; PhD, 1978

Martha Menchaca, Associate Professor
BA, California (Santa Cruz), 1978; MA, Stanford, 1983; PhD, 1987

James A. Neely, Professor
BA, Mexico City College, 1958; MA, Arizona, 1968; PhD, 1974

Deborah Overdorff, Associate Professor
BA, University of the South, 1985; PhD, Duke, 1991

Henry A. Selby, Professor
BA, Toronto, 1955; MA, London, 1961; PhD, Stanford, 1966

Liza Shapiro, Associate Professor
BA, State University of New York (Albany), 1983; PhD, State University of New York (Stony Brook), 1991

Joel Sherzer, Professor
BA, Oberlin College, 1964; MA, Pennsylvania, 1966; PhD, 1968

Shannon Speed, Instructor
BA, San Francisco State, 1989; MA, Texas (Austin), 1992; MA, California (Davis), 1996

Kathleen C. Stewart, Associate Professor
BA, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1976; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1978; PhD, 1987

Pauline Strong, Associate Professor
BA, Colorado College, 1975; MA, Chicago, 1980; PhD, 1992

Brian M. Stross, Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1964; PhD, 1969

Fred Valdez Jr., Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1975; MA, Harvard, 1980; PhD, 1987

Joao Costa Vargas, Assistant Professor
BA, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, 1989; MA, 1993; MA, California (San Diego) 1994; PhD, 1999

Kamala Visweswaran, Associate Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1984; MA, Stanford, 1987; PhD, 1990

Sheila S. Walker, Professor
BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1966; MA, Chicago, 1969; PhD, 1976

Keith Walters, Associate Professor
BA, Furman, 1975; MA, South Carolina (Columbia), 1981; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1989

Samuel Wilson, Associate Professor
BA, Southwest Missouri State, 1978; MA, Chicago, 1981; PhD, 1986

Anthony C. Woodbury, Professor
BA, Chicago, 1975; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1981

Adjunct Professors

Richard E. W. Adams, Adjunct Professor
PhD, Harvard, 1963

Donald P. Cole, Adjunct Professor
PhD, California (Berkeley), 1971

Center for Asian Studies/Department of Asian Studies

Kathryn Hansen, Director
J. Patrick Olivelle, Chair

The names of faculty members who serve only in the Center for Asian Studies are marked with an asterisk; the names of those who serve only in the Department of Asian Studies are marked with a cross.

Professors Emeritus

*William Reynolds Braisted, Professor Emeritus
BA, Stanford, 1939; MA, Chicago, 1940; PhD, 1950

Jeannette L. Faurot, Professor Emeritus
BA, Harvard, 1964; MA, California (Berkeley), 1967; PhD, 1972

*Robert L. Hardgrave, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1960; MA, Chicago, 1962; PhD, 1966

*Frank Tomasson Jannuzi, Professor Emeritus
BA, Dartmouth College, 1955; PhD, London, 1958

*James Robert Roach, Professor Emeritus
BA, Iowa, 1943; MA, Harvard, 1948; PhD, 1950

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

+Yukie Aida, Senior Lecturer
BSEd, Seattle, 1981; BA, Washington (Seattle), 1982; MA, Texas (Austin), 1986; PhD, 1988

Gordon A. Bennett, Associate Professor
BA, Pennsylvania State, 1962; MS, Wisconsin, 1964; PhD, 1973

Avron Boretz, Assistant Professor
BA, Brandeis, 1978; MA, Chicago, 1984; MA, Cornell, 1989; PhD, 1996

Joel P. Brereton, Associate Professor
BA, Kenyon College, 1970; MPhil, Yale, 1973; PhD, 1975

James Brow, Professor
BA, Oxford, 1960; MA, 1964; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1974

Susan L. Burns, Associate Professor
BA, College of William and Mary, 1982; MA, Jochi Daigaku, 1986; PhD, Chicago, 1993

Sung-Sheng Yvonne Chang, Associate Professor
BA, National Taiwan, 1973; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1975; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1981; PhD, Stanford, 1984

+Maggie Chiang, Instructor
BA, Yale, 1996

*Ozro Luke Davis Jr., Professor
BA, North Texas State College, 1949; MEd, 1950; PhD, George Peabody College for Teachers, 1958

*David J. Eaton, Professor
BA, Oberlin College, 1971; MPA, MSHyg, Pittsburgh (Main Campus), 1972; PhD, Johns Hopkins, 1976

*Toni L. Falbo, Professor
BA, George Washington, 1968; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1969; PhD, 1973

Sumit Ganguly, Professor
BA, Berea College, 1977; MA, Miami (Ohio), 1978; PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1984

*Kate Gillespie, Associate Professor
BA, Harvard, 1974; MBA, Virginia, 1976; PhD, London, 1983

*Benjamin Gregg, Assistant Professor
BA, Yale, 1980; PhD, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 1985; MA, Princeton, 1991; PhD, 1996

*Ian F. Hancock, Professor
MA, London, 1969; PhD, 1971

Kathryn Hansen, Professor
AB, Harvard Radcliffe, 1968; MA, California (Berkeley), 1970; PhD, 1978

Roger Hart, Assistant Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1979; MS, Stanford, 1982; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1991; PhD, 1997

Syed Akbar Hyder, Assistant Professor
BA, Texas A&M (College Station), 1992; MA, Texas (Austin), 1994; PhD, Harvard, 1999

*John W. Kappelman, Professor
BS, Yale, 1979; MA, Harvard, 1983; PhD, 1987

*Ward Keeler, Associate Professor
BA, Cornell, 1970; MA, Chicago, 1977; PhD, 1982

Robert O. Khan, Assistant Professor
BA, Oxford, 1977; MA, Texas (Austin), 1990; PhD, British Columbia, 1998

Robert D. King, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BS, MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1959; MA, Wisconsin, 1962; PhD, 1965

*Lester R. Kurtz, Professor
BA, Westmar College, 1972; MAR, Yale, 1974; PhD, Chicago, 1980

Richard W. Lariviere, Professor
BA, Iowa, 1972; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1978

*Gerlinde Leiding, Professor
Architektin, Werkkunstschule Krefeld, 1965; MArch, Yale, 1966

Janice Leoshko, Associate Professor
BA, Ohio State, 1974; MA, 1976; PhD, 1987

*W. Roger Louis, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Oklahoma, 1959; PhD, Oxford, 1962

Patricia Maclachlan, Assistant Professor
BA, British Columbia, 1986; MA, Columbia, 1990; MPhil, 1992; PhD, 1996

Gail Minault, Professor
BA, Smith College, 1961; MA, Pennsylvania, 1966; PhD, 1972

Rodney F. Moag, Associate Professor
BS, Syracuse, 1961; MA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1966; PhD, 1973

Susan Napier, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1977; MA, 1980; PhD, 1984

J. Patrick Olivelle, Professor
BA(Hons), Oxford, 1972; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1974; MA, Oxford, 1977

Stephen H. Phillips, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1975; PhD, 1982

*Thomas W. Pullum, Professor
BA, Stanford, 1964; MA, Chicago, 1967; MS, 1968; PhD, 1971

Edward J. M. Rhoads, Professor
BA, Yale, 1960; MA, Harvard, 1961; PhD, 1970

Martha Ann Selby, Assistant Professor
BA, Iowa, 1982; PhD, Chicago, 1994

*Thomas K. Seung, Professor
BA, Yale, 1958; MA, 1961; PhD, 1965

*Joel Sherzer, Professor
BA, Oberlin College, 1964; MA, Pennsylvania, 1966; PhD, 1968

*Devendra Singh, Professor
BA, Agra, 1959; MA, 1961; PhD, Ohio State, 1966

Stephen M. Slawek, Professor
BA, Pennsylvania, 1961; BMusic, Banaras Hindu, 1974; MMusic, 1976; MA, Hawaii (Manoa), 1978; PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1986

*Carlota S. Smith, Professor
BA, Radcliffe College, 1955; MA, Pennsylvania, 1964; PhD, 1967

*Mark Southern, Assistant Professor
BA, Oxford, 1983; MA, Princeton, 1995; PhD, 1997

*E. C. G. Sudarshan, Professor
BS, Madras, 1951; MA, 1952; PhD, Rochester, 1958; DSc, Wisconsin, 1969

Cynthia M. Talbot, Associate Professor
BA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1975; MA, 1980; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1988

+Wen-Hua Teng, Senior Lecturer
BA, National Taiwan, 1978; MA, Texas (Austin), 1984; PhD, 1990

John W. Traphagan, Assistant Professor
BA, Massachusetts (Lowell), 1983; MA, Yale, 1986; PhD, Pittsburgh, 1997

Herman H. van Olphen, Professor
BA, Rice, 1963; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1970

Kamala Visweswaran, Associate Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1984; MA, Stanford, 1987; PhD, 1990

Margherita Zanasi, Assistant Professor
Laurea, Universita degli Studi di Firenze, 1985; MA, Columbia, 1990; MPhil, 1991; PhD, 1997

Adjunct Professors

*Steven C. Davidson, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Virginia, 1968; MA, Chicago, 1970; PhD, Wisconsin, 1982

*Peter Gottschalk, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, College of the Holy Cross, 1985; MA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1989; PhD, Chicago, 1997

Department of Classics

Cynthia W. Shelmerdine, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Peter Green, Professor Emeritus
BA, Cambridge, 1950; MA, PhD, 1954; FRSL

James Alfred Hitt, Associate Professor Emeritus
BA, Southern Methodist, 1949; PhD, Princeton, 1954

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

David Armstrong, Professor
BA, Princeton, 1961; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1968

Joseph Coleman Carter, Professor
BA, Amherst College, 1963; PhD, Princeton, 1971

Erwin F. Cook, Associate Professor
BA, North Carolina (Asheville), 1981; MA, California (Berkeley), 1985; PhD, 1990

Lesley Ann Dean-Jones, Associate Professor
BA, London, 1977; MA, Stanford, 1985; PhD, 1987

George Doig, Assistant Professor
MA, St. Andrews, 1961

Ingrid E. M. Edlund-Berry, Professor
PhilKand, PhilMag, Lunds Universitet, 1965; PhilLic, 1969; MA, Bryn Mawr College, 1969; PhD, 1971

Michael Gagarin, Professor
BA, Stanford, 1963; MA, Harvard, 1965; PhD, Yale, 1968

Karl Galinsky, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Bowdoin College, 1963; MA, Princeton, 1965; PhD, 1966

Jim Hankinson, Professor
BA, Oxford, 1980; PhD, Cambridge, 1986

Thomas K. Hubbard, Professor
BA, Santa Clara, 1975; MA, California (Berkeley), 1977; PhD, Yale, 1980

Lisa Kallet, Associate Professor
BA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1978; MA, Colorado (Boulder), 1981; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1987

John H. Kroll, Professor
BA, Oberlin College, 1959; MAT, Harvard, 1961; MA, 1962; PhD, 1968

Susan Lape, Assistant Professor
BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1992; MA, Princeton, 1995; PhD, 1998

Timothy J. Moore, Associate Professor
BA, Millersville State College, 1981; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1989

M. Gwyn Morgan, Professor
BA, Exeter, 1959; PhD, 1962

Alexander P. D. Mourelatos, Professor
BA, Yale, 1958; MA, 1961; PhD, 1964

William R. Nethercut, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1958; MA, Columbia, 1960; PhD, 1963

Thomas G. Palaima, Professor
BA, Boston College, 1973; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1980; PhD (hon), Uppsala Universitet, 1994

Douglass Stott Parker, Professor
BA, Michigan, 1949; MA, Princeton, 1951; PhD, 1952

Paula J. Perlman, Associate Professor
BA, California (Santa Cruz), 1973; MA, California (Berkeley), 1978; PhD, 1984

Andrew M. Riggsby, Associate Professor
BA, Harvard, 1987; MA, California (Berkeley), 1988; PhD, 1993

Cynthia W. Shelmerdine, Professor
BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1970; BA, Cambridge, 1972; MA, Harvard, 1976; PhD, 1977

L. Michael White, Professor
BA, Abilene Christian, 1971; MA, 1973; MDiv, Yale, 1975; MA, 1977; MPhil, 1978; PhD, 1982

Stephen A. White, Associate Professor
BA, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1978; MA, 1980; PhD, Nebraska (Lincoln), 1981; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1987

Adjunct Professors

Emmett L. Bennett Jr., Adjunct Professor
BA, Cincinnati, 1939; MA, 1940; PhD, 1947

Americo Paredes Center for Cultural Studies

Richard R. Flores, Director

The center's interdisciplinary courses are taught by faculty members from several divisions of the University, such as the Department of Anthropology, the Department of English, and the School of Music.

Department of Economics

Stephen Bronars, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Forest Garrett Hill, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1941; MA, 1946; PhD, Columbia, 1950

Frank Tomasson Jannuzi, Professor Emeritus
BA, Dartmouth College, 1955; PhD, London, 1958

George Kozmetsky, Professor Emeritus
BA, Washington (Seattle), 1938; MBA, Harvard, 1947; DCS, 1957

F. Ray Marshall, Professor Emeritus
BA, Millsaps College, 1949; MA, Louisiana State, 1950; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1954

Stephen L. McDonald, Professor Emeritus
BA, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, 1947; MA, Texas, 1948; PhD, 1951

James W. McKie, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1943; MA, 1947; MA, Harvard, 1949; PhD, 1952

Daniel C. Morgan Jr., Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas, 1953; MA, 1955; PhD, Wisconsin, 1961

Walt W. Rostow, Professor Emeritus
BA, Yale, 1936; PhD, 1940

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Valerie R. Bencivenga, Senior Lecturer
BA, Princeton, 1976; MA, Toronto, 1977; PhD, 1985

Svetlana Boyarchenko, Assistant Professor
MA, Rostovkij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet, 1978; MA, Central European, 1997; PhD, Pennsylvania, 2001

Stephen G. Bronars, Professor
BA, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1978; MA, Chicago, 1980; PhD, 1983

David A. Chapman, Associate Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1982; MSBA, Rochester, 1990; PhD, 1992

Harry Cleaver, Associate Professor
BA, Antioch College, 1967; PhD, Stanford, 1975

Philip Dean Corbea, Professor
BA, Colgate, 1982; PhD, Yale, 1990

Douglas C. Dacy, Professor
BBA, Texas, 1950; MA, 1956; PhD, Harvard, 1964

Peter Debaere, Assistant Professor
BA, Catholic University of Leuven, 1987; BA, 1992; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1995; PhD, 1998

Stephen Donald, Professor
BEcon, Sydney, 1985; PhD, British Columbia, 1990

Richard Dusansky, Professor
BA, Brooklyn College, 1964; PhD, Brown, 1969

Melissa Famulari, Senior Lecturer
BA, Temple, 1982; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1987

Scott J. Freeman, Professor
BA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1976; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1983

Don Fullerton, Professor
BA, Cornell, 1974; MA, California (Berkeley), 1976; PhD, 1978

Li Gan, Assistant Professor
BEcon, National Tsing Hua, 1987; MA, PhD, California (Berkeley), 1998

Vincent J. Geraci, Professor
BSEE, Illinois, 1965; MBA, 1967; MA, Duke, 1969; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1974

William P. Glade Jr., Professor
BBA, Texas, 1950; MA, 1951; PhD, 1955

Daniel S. Hamermesh, Professor
AB, Chicago, 1965; PhD, Yale, 1969

Niles M. Hansen, Professor
BA, Centre College of Kentucky, 1958; MA, Indiana, 1959; PhD, 1963

Kenneth Hendricks, Professor
BA, British Columbia, 1976; MA, 1977; PhD, Wisconsin, 1982

Wayne R. Hickenbottom, Senior Lecturer
BS, Puget Sound, 1985; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1992

Melvin J. Hinich, Professor
BS, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1959; MS, 1960; PhD, Stanford, 1964

Todd Keister, Assistant Professor
BS, Duke, 1989; MA, Cornell, 1996; PhD, 1998

Wolfgang Keller, Assistant Professor
BA, Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel, 1989; Diploma in Economics, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg im Breisgau, 1990; PhD, Yale, 1995

David Andrew Kendrick, Professor
BA, Texas, 1960; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1966

R. Preston McAfee, Professor
BA, Florida, 1976; MS, Purdue, 1978; PhD, 1980

Alexandra L. Minicozzi, Assistant Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1992; MS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1994; PhD, 1997

Alfred L. Norman, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1958; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1966; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1971

Gerald S. Oettinger, Associate Professor
BA, California (Davis), 1987; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992

Brian E. Roberts, Associate Professor
BA, Trinity College (Connecticut), 1980; PhD, Washington (St. Louis), 1986

Michael A. Sadler, Senior Lecturer
BA, New Mexico, 1986; MS, London School of Economics and Political Science, 1990; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1997

Carol Shiue, Assistant Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1990; MA, MPhil, Yale, 1996

David S. Sibley, Professor
BA, Stanford, 1969; PhD, Yale, 1973

Daniel T. Slesnick, Professor
BS, Washington (Seattle), 1978; PhD, Harvard, 1982

Bruce Smith, Professor
BS, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1977; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981

Dale O. Stahl, Professor
BS, MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969; EE, 1970; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1981

Dwight D. Steward, Senior Lecturer
BA, Texas (Austin), 1990; PhD, Iowa, 1995

Maxwell B. Stinchcombe, Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1978; MA, 1984; PhD, 1986

Stephen J. Trejo, Associate Professor
BA, Chicago, 1981; MA, 1983; PhD, 1988

Andrew B. Whinston, Professor
BA, Michigan, 1957; MS, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1960; PhD, 1962

Peter J. Wilcoxen, Associate Professor
BA, Colorado (Boulder), 1982; MA, Harvard, 1985; PhD, 1989

Roberton C. Williams III, Assistant Professor
AB, Harvard, 1994; PhD, Stanford, 1999

Paul W. Wilson, Associate Professor
BA, Rice, 1980; MA, Brown, 1982; PhD, 1986

Thomas E. Wiseman, Assistant Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1996; MA, Northwestern, 1997; PhD, 2001

Louise B. Wolitz, Senior Lecturer
BS, Cornell, 1963; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1974


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