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14. The Faculty



This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 2001-2002; the directors and department chairs listed here also served in that semester.

School of Nursing

Professors Emeritus

Billye J. Brown, RN, Professor Emeritus
BSNEd, Texas, 1953; MSN, Saint Louis, 1958; EdD, Baylor, 1975

Helen L. Erickson, RN, Professor Emeritus
BSN, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1974; MS, 1976; PhD, 1984

R. LaVerne Gallman, RN, Professor Emeritus
BSNEd, Texas, 1949; MEd, 1957; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1970

Beverly A. Hall, RN, Professor Emeritus
BS, Texas Christian, 1957; MA, New York, 1961; PhD, Colorado (Boulder), 1974

Mabel Wandelt, RN, Professor Emeritus
BS, Wayne State 1944; MPH, Michigan, 1948; PhD, 1954

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

P. Elizabeth Abel, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Iowa, 1975; MAN, 1978; PhD, Emory, 1987

Gayle J. Acton, RN, Assistant Professor
BSN, Central State, 1974; MSN, Oklahoma State (Oklahoma City), 1980; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1993

Kay Avant, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Texas Christian, 1963; MSN, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1965; PhD, Texas Woman's, 1978

Donelle M. Barnes, RN, Assistant Professor
BSN, California State (Los Angeles), 1979; MSN, Indiana Wesleyan, 1985; PhD, California (San Francisco), 1996

Sharon A. Brown, RN, Professor
BS, Missouri, 1974; MN, Kansas Health Sciences Center, 1980; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1987

Patricia A. Carter, RN, Assistant Professor
BSN, California State (Fullerton), 1992; MN, California (Los Angeles), 1994; PhD, 1999

Angela P. Clark, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Spalding College, 1970; MSN, Texas Woman's, 1973; PhD, 1983

Doris D. Coward, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Cornell, 1960; MSN, California (San Francisco), 1985; PhD, Arizona, 1990

Dorothy L. Gordon, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Pennsylvania, 1963; MA, New York, 1968; DNSc, Catholic University of America, 1975

Susan Grobe, RN, Professor
BSEd, State University of New York (Plattsburgh), 1963; MSN, Wayne State, 1967; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977

Sharon D. Horner, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Armstrong State College, 1980; MSN, Medical College of Georgia, 1984; PhD, 1992

David L. Kahn, RN, Associate Professor
BA, South Florida, 1975; BA, 1978; BSN, Saint Louis, 1979; MN, Washington (Seattle), 1983; PhD, 1990

Shirley C. Laffrey, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Wayne State, 1974; MPH, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1975; PhD, Wayne State, 1982

Kathleen M. May, RN, Assistant Professor
BSW, St. John College of Cleveland, 1969; MS, Colorado (Denver), 1976; DNS, California (San Francisco), 1985

Graham J. McDougall, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, William Carey College, 1977; MN, Louisiana State University Medical Center, 1981; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1991

Joy H. Penticuff, RN, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BSN, Medical College of Georgia School of Nursing, 1968; MA, MSN, Case Western Reserve, 1973; PhD, 1976

Melanie S. Percy, RN, Assistant Professor
BS, Old Dominion, 1980; MSN, Seton Hall, 1989; PhD, South Carolina (Columbia), 1994

Donna Lynn Rew, RN, Professor
BSN, Hawaii, 1968; MSN, Northern Illinois, 1975; EdD, 1979

Bonnie L. Rickelman, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Texas (Medical Branch), 1963; MEd, Columbia, 1966; EdD, 1971

Dolores Sands, RN, Professor
BSN, Wayne State, 1952; MSN, 1963; PhD, Arizona State, 1979

Alexa K. Stuifbergen, RN, Professor
BSN, Creighton, 1977; MSN, Texas (El Paso), 1981; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1988

Gayle M. Timmerman, RN, Associate Professor
BSN, Florida, 1983; MSN, Ohio State, 1986; PhD, 1994

Deborah Volker, RN, Assistant Professor
BSN, Columbia, 1977; MA, 1981; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1999

Lorraine O. Walker, RN, Professor
BSN, Dayton, 1963; MSNEd, Indiana (Indianapolis), 1965; EdD, 1971

Adjunct Professors

Leslie Aiello, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, Otterbein College, 1968; MD, Ohio State, 1972

Stephen E. Barnett, Adjunct Professor
BA, DePauw, 1962; MD, Southwestern Medical School of the University of Texas, 1966; MA, Colorado (Health Sciences Center), 1972

Cynthia Brinson, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1985; MD, Texas Tech, 1990

Charles E. L. Brown, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Tulane, 1975; MD, 1980; MBA, Texas (Austin), 1993

Jose C. Cortez, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Houston, 1981; MD, Baylor College of Medicine, 1985

Frank S. Floca, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1972; MD, Texas (Medical Branch), 1976

Beverly E. Gerard, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1973; MD, Texas Tech, 1987

Ezam Ghodsi, Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD, Danesgahe Tehran, 1979

John M. Greenwood III, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, BSZoo, Texas (Austin), 1984; MD, Texas (Southwestern Medical School), 1988

Timothy W. Harstad, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, Wisconsin (Eau Claire), 1975; MD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1979

Anthony M. Hicks, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Oklahoma, 1982; MD, Oklahoma (Health Sciences Center), 1987; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1990

Felix Hull, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas A&I, 1974; MD, Baylor College of Medicine, 1976

Jeffree A. James, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Texas Health Science Center (Houston), 1972; MD, California (San Diego), 1976

Renee A. Jankowski, RN, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Central Florida, 1984; MD, Miami (Florida), 1989

Lauren B. Kacir, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Bryn Mawr College, 1985; MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1989

Dilip Karnik, Adjunct Associate Professor
MD, Bombay, 1976

Marta M. Katalenas, Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD, Universidad de Oviedo, 1982

Jeffrey Kerr, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Rice, 1979; MD, Texas A&M (College Station), 1984

Wei-Ann Lin, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Texas A&M (College Station), 1986; MD, Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio), 1990

Dennis M. Perrotta, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, St. Mary's, 1973; MS, Texas (San Antonio), 1977; PhD, Texas Health Science Center (Houston), 1982

Mark T. Peters, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas Tech, 1978; MD, Texas (Medical Branch), 1982; MBA, Miami, 1995

Stuart A. Rowe, Adjunct Professor
BS, Stanford, 1973; MD, Johns Hopkins, 1981

Guillermo F. Sanchez, Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1967

George Seremetis, Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD, Georgetown, 1986

Allen Sonstein, Adjunct Assistant Professor
MD, Thomas Jefferson, 1972

Gary L. Werntz, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Louisiana State (Baton Rouge), 1977; MD, Louisiana State (Medical Center), 1982

David Wright, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, California (San Diego), 1973; MD, Texas (Medical Branch), 1980

Guadalupe Zamora, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, St. Mary's, 1981; MD, Texas (Medical Branch), 1985

College of Pharmacy

Professors Emeritus

Alfred Martin, Professor Emeritus
BS, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, 1942; MS, Purdue, 1948; PhD, 1950

Charles Anthony Walton, Professor Emeritus
BSPhr, Auburn, 1949; MS, Purdue, 1950; PhD, 1956

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Creed W. Abell, Professor
BSCh, Virginia Military Institute, 1956; MSCh, Purdue, 1958; PhD, Wisconsin, 1962

Jamie C. Barner, Assistant Professor
BSPhr, Texas (Austin), 1991; MS, Purdue, 1994; PhD, 1998

George D. Bittner, Professor
BA, Duke, 1962; PhD, Stanford, 1967

Carolyn M. Brown, Associate Professor
BSPhr, Xavier University of Louisiana, 1989; PhD, Florida, 1994

Lane J. Brunner, Assistant Professor
BSPhr, Washington (Seattle), 1987; MS, Houston (University Park), 1991; PhD, Georgia, 1995

Henry I. Bussey, Professor
BS, Georgia, 1971; PharmD, Texas (Austin)/Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio), 1978

Alan Brooks Combs, Professor
BSPhr, University of the Pacific, 1962; MS, 1964; PhD, California (Davis), 1970

Miles Lynn Crismon, Professor
BS, Oklahoma, 1974; PharmD, Texas (Austin)/Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio), 1979

Maria Croyle, Assistant Professor
BSPhr, Pittsburgh, 1992; MS, Michigan, 1994; PhD, 1997

Kevin N. Dalby, Assistant Professor
BS, Leeds, 1988; PhD, Cambridge, 1992

John Daly, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Maryland (College Park), 1973; MA, West Virginia, 1974; PhD, Purdue, 1977

Patrick J. Davis, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BSPhr, Iowa, 1973; PhD, 1976

Christine Duvauchelle, Assistant Professor
BA, Hawaii (Manoa), 1984; PhD, California (Santa Barbara), 1991

Larry Ereshefsky, Professor
PharmD, Southern California, 1976

Carlton K. Erickson, Professor
BSPhr, Ferris State College, 1961; MS, Purdue, 1963; PhD, 1965

Roger P. Farrar, Professor
BS, Tufts, 1967; PhD, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1976

Jerry Fineg, Professor
BS, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, 1949; DVM, 1953; MS, Southern California, 1964

Rueben A. Gonzales, Professor
BSPhr, Texas (Austin), 1977; PhD, 1983

Francisco Gonzalez-Lima, Professor
BS, Tulane, 1976; BA, 1977; PhD, Puerto Rico (Medical Sciences Campus), 1980

Adron Harris, Professor
BS, New Mexico State, 1967; MS, Arizona, 1970; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1973

John L. Ivy, Professor
BS, Old Dominion, 1970; MA, Maryland (College Park), 1974; PhD, 1976

James A. Karboski, Senior Lecturer
BSPhr, Washington State (Pullman), 1985; PharmD, Texas (Austin)/Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio), 1987

James P. Kehrer, Professor
BSPhr, Purdue, 1974; PhD, lowa, 1978

Sean M. Kerwin, Associate Professor
BS, Notre Dame, 1984; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1989

W. Arlyn Kloesel, Senior Lecturer
BSPhr, Texas, 1962

Jim M. Koeller, Professor
BS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1977; MS, 1979

John G. Kuhn, Professor
BSPhr, Texas (Austin), 1972; PharmD, Texas (Austin)/Texas Health Science Center (San Antonio), 1977

Serrine S. Lau, Professor
BSMath&Ch, Houston, 1974; PhD, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1980

Kenneth A. Lawson, Associate Professor
BSPhr, Texas (Austin), 1975; MSPhr, 1989; PhD, 1992

Steven W. Leslie, Professor
BSPhr, Purdue, 1969; MS, 1972; PhD, 1974

Louis C. Littlefield, Professor
BA, California State (Northridge), 1963; PharmD, Southern California, 1967

Hung-Wen (Ben) Liu, Professor
BSCh, Tunghai, 1974; MA, Columbia, 1977; MPhil, PhD, 1981

James W. McGinity, Professor
BPhr, Queensland, 1967; PhD, Iowa, 1972

Gary W. Miller, Assistant Professor
BS, Old Dominion, 1989; MS, 1992; PhD, Georgia, 1995

Terrence J. Monks, Professor
BSc, Hatfield Polytechnic, 1975; PhD, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London, 1978

Richard A. Morrisett, Associate Professor
BS, Hampden-Sydney College, 1982; PhD, Alabama (Birmingham), 1987

Robert S. Pearlman, Professor
BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1970; PhD, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1975

Karen L. Rascati, Professor
BSPhr, Florida, 1979; PhD, 1986

Joanne F. Richards, Senior Lecturer
BA, Wisconsin, 1966; MS, Iowa State, 1973; PhD, 1975

John H. Richburg, Assistant Professor
BS, Northeastern, 1987; PhD, Rutgers, 1993

Miguel Salazar, Assistant Professor
BSCh, Texas (El Paso), 1984; MS, Houston (University Park), 1987; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1992

Robert D. Salzman, Senior Lecturer
BSPhr, Idaho State, 1970; MS, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1979

Marvin D. Shepherd, Professor
BSPhr, Ferris State College, 1975; MS, Rhode Island, 1978; PhD, Purdue, 1980

Waneen Wyrick Spirduso, Professor
BSPEd, Texas, 1957; MEd, North Carolina (Greensboro), 1958; EdD, Texas, 1966

Joseph W. Starnes, Professor
BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1972; PhD, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1978

Salomon A. Stavchansky, Professor
Lic, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1969; PhD, Kentucky, 1974

Robert L. Talbert, Professor
BSPhr, Kentucky, 1971; PharmD, 1974

Christian P. Whitman, Professor
BS, Connecticut, 1979; PhD, California (San Francisco), 1984

Richard E. Wilcox, Professor
BA, Butler, 1968; MS, Southern Illinois, 1974; PhD, 1976

Robert O. Williams III, Associate Professor
BS, Texas A&M, 1979; BSPhr, Texas (Austin), 1981; PhD, 1986

James P. Wilson, Associate Professor
BSPhr, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, 1970; PharmD, 1971; MS, Purdue, 1985; PhD, 1986

Adjunct Professors

Mark Blumenthal, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1968

Roland A. Bodmeier, Adjunct Associate Professor
Apotheker, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, 1981; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1986

Edson S. Brown, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Texas Christian, 1985; PhD, 1989; MD, Texas Health Science Center (Houston), 1993

Claudio J. Conti, Adjunct Professor
DVM, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1968; PhD, 1983

John DiGiovanni, Adjunct Professor
BS, Washington (Seattle), 1974; PhD, 1978

Susan M. Fischer, Adjunct Professor
BS, High Point College, 1969; MS, Wyoming, 1971; PhD, 1974

Alan Frazer, Adjunct Professor
BS, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, 1964; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1969

David B. Garcia, Adjunct Professor
BSPhr, Texas (Austin), 1972; PhD, 1977

Owen B. Holland, Adjunct Professor
BA, Texas, 1963; MA, Texas Medical Branch, 1965; MD, 1968

Martin A. Javors, Adjunct Professor
BSPhr, Texas (Austin), 1967; PhD, Colorado (Boulder), 1979

Terrell M. Kashner, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Northwestern, 1973; MPH, Oklahoma, 1974; MA, Michigan, 1979; PhD, 1981; JD, Oklahoma City, 1987

Michael C. Macleod, Adjunct Professor
BS, California Institute of Technology, 1969; PhD, Oregon, 1974

John T. O'Neill, Adjunct Assistant Professor
LCDC, Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse; NCAC, National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Augustus J. Rush, Adjunct Professor
BA, Princeton, 1964; MD, Columbia, 1968

James E. Smeeding, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BSPhr, State University of New York (Buffalo), 1973; MBA, Texas (Austin), 1989

John F. Villanacci, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Queens College, City University of New York, 1976; MS, Michigan, 1978; PhD, 1983

Cheryl L. Walker, Adjunct Professor
BA, Colorado (Boulder), 1977; PhD, Texas Health Science Center (Dallas), 1984

Paul K. Y. Wong, Adjunct Professor
BSc(Hons), Manitoba, 1968; MSc, 1969; PhD, 1972

School of Social Work

Professors Emeritus

David M. Austin, Professor Emeritus
BA, Lawrence College, 1943; MS, Western Reserve, 1948; PhD, Brandeis, 1969

Donald J. Blashill, Associate Professor Emeritus
BS, Augustana College (South Dakota), 1958; MSSW, Texas, 1961

Ronald C. Bounous, Professor Emeritus
BA, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1956; MSW, 1958; PhD, 1965

Chester L. Chiles, Associate Professor Emeritus
BA, Willamette, 1949; MSW, Denver, 1952; PhD, Florida State, 1963

W. Joseph Heffernan Jr., Professor Emeritus
BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1953; MA, Duke, 1955; MSSW, Michigan, 1959; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1964

George K. Herbert, Professor Emeritus
BA, Louisville, 1949; MA, Chicago, 1951; JD, Cleveland State, 1957; PhD, Tulane, 1970

John McNeil, Professor Emeritus
BA, Storer College, 1948; MSW, Atlanta, 1951; DSW, Southern California, 1964

Jack Otis, Professor Emeritus
BA, Brooklyn College, 1946; MSW, Illinois, 1948; MEd, 1955; PhD, 1957

Guy E. Shuttlesworth, Professor Emeritus
BS, Stephen F. Austin State College, 1957; MS, Texas College of Arts and Industries, 1962; MSW, Worden School of Social Service, 1962; PhD, Pittsburgh (Main Campus), 1970

Martha S. Williams, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1957; MA, 1962; PhD, 1963

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Marilyn P. Armour, Assistant Professor
BA, Bard College, 1965; MSW, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1968; PhD, 2000

Noel B. Busch, Assistant Professor
BA, High Point, 1988; MSW, South Carolina (Columbia), 1993; MPA, 1996; PhD, 2000

King E. Davis, Professor
BSW, California State, 1964; MSW, 1966; PhD, Brandeis, 1971

Diana M. DiNitto, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Barry College, 1971; MSW, Florida State, 1974; PhD, 1980

Michael J. Ferguson, Assistant Professor
BS, Arizona, 1987; MA, 1990; MSW, PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1999

Cynthia G. Franklin, Professor
BSW, Texas Woman's, 1980; MSSW, Texas (Arlington), 1981; MA, Spalding, 1986; PhD, Texas (Arlington), 1989

Dorie J. Gilbert, Assistant Professor
BBA, Texas (Austin), 1983; MSSW, 1992; PhD, 1996

Darlene Grant, Associate Professor
BA, Wittenberg, 1982; MSSA, Case Western Reserve, 1984; PhD, Tennessee (Knoxville), 1993

Dennis T. Haynes, Associate Professor
BS, Brigham Young, 1973; MSW, California State (Fresno), 1977; PhD, Florida State, 1993

Lori Kay Holleran, Assistant Professor
BA, Duke, 1987; MSW, Pennsylvania, 1989; PhD, Arizona State (Tempe), 2000

Michael L. Lauderdale, Professor
BA, Oklahoma, 1963; MS, 1964; PhD, 1967

Laura Lein, Professor
BS, Swarthmore College, 1969; MA, Harvard, 1970; PhD, 1973

Ruth G. McRoy, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Kansas, 1968; MSW, 1970; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1981

James Alan Neff, Professor
BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1974; MS, Florida State, 1975; PhD, 1977; MPH, Texas Health Science Center (Houston), 1995

Yolanda C. Padilla, Associate Professor
BA, BSW, Texas (Austin), 1979; MSSW, 1980; MA, Michigan, 1990; PhD, 1992

Elizabeth Pomeroy, Associate Professor
BA, North Carolina (Asheville), 1980; MSW, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1984; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1994

Dennis L. Poole, Professor
BA, St. Anselm College, 1973; MSW, West Virginia, 1975; PhD, Brandeis, 1979

Allen Rubin, Professor
BS, Pennsylvania State, 1965; MSW, Pittsburgh (Main Campus), 1969; PhD, 1976

A. James Schwab Jr., Professor
BA, North Texas State, 1969; MSSW, Texas (Austin), 1971; PhD, 1981

Clayton T. Shorkey, Professor
BA, Michigan, 1964; MSW, 1966; PhD, 1968

David W. Springer, Associate Professor
BA, Florida State, 1990; MSW, 1992; PhD, 1997

Calvin L. Streeter, Professor
BS, Kearney State College, 1982; MSW, Washington (St. Louis), 1983; PhD, 1989

Dorothy Van Soest, Professor
BA, North Park College, 1964; MSW, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1975; DSW, Catholic University of America, 1994

Barbara W. White, Professor
BS, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical, 1964; BS, Florida State, 1974; MSW, 1975; PhD, 1986

Barbara E. Williams, Associate Professor
BA, Lamar State College of Technology, 1959; MSW, State University of New York (Buffalo), 1962; PhD, Texas (Medical Branch), 1981

Adjunct Professors

Allison H. Benesch, Adjunct Professor
BA, George Washington, 1975; MSW, Maryland (Baltimore), 1980; JD, Southern Methodist, 1985


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