3. Red McCombs School of Business



1.Texas Common Course Numbers BCIS 1305 and 1405 transfer as Management Information Systems 310.

2. Students who minor in management information systems must take Management Information Systems 301, 304, 325, and a fourth course selected from a list approved by the department.

3. The following are the "business core courses": Accounting 311 and 312, Business Administration 324, Finance 354 and 357, Legal Environment of Business 323, Management 335 or 336, Management Information Systems 301, Marketing 337, and Statistics 309.

4. These are the upper-division courses in the major in each program:

Accounting (BBA): Accounting 326, 327, 329, 362, and 364.

Engineering route to the BBA: Management 367 and 374, and nine hours in one of the business block options given in this chapter.

Finance: Finance 357, 367, 370, and the additional courses required for the student's track.

Honors program: Business Administration 324H, Finance 357H, Legal Environment of Business 323H, Management 335H, 336H, and 374H, Management Science 371H, and Marketing 337H.

International business: International Business 350 and 378, and the courses specified in items 4 and 6 in the section "International Business" in this chapter.

General management: Management 335, 336, and 374, and twelve hours chosen from Management 325, 337, 367, 368, and Mechanical Engineering 366L.

Supply chain management: Management 335, 336, 367, 368, 374, and six hours chosen from the following courses: Management 337 (Topic 14: Total Quality Management), 337 (Topic 17: Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization), 337 (Topic 18: Procurement and Supplier Management), 337 (Topic 19: Information Systems for Operations).

Management information systems: Management Information Systems 325, 333K, 365, 374, and 375.

Marketing: International Business 350, Marketing 460 and 370, and nine hours chosen from the following courses: Marketing 338, 363, 370K, and 372.

5. The PPA student must complete the graduate-level internship, even if he or she has taken the undergraduate internship course before entering the PPA. Only the graduate internship is counted toward the BBA and MPA degrees.

6. Only students in the Financial Analyst Program may register for Finance 366P and Finance 377 (Topic 3: Security Analysis).