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14. The Faculty

College of Liberal Arts



This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 2003-2004; the directors and department chairs listed here also served in that semester.

Division of Rhetoric and Composition

John J. Ruszkiewicz, Director

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Larry D. Carver, Professor
BA, Wesleyan, 1966; PhD, Rochester, 1973

Davida H. Charney, Professor
BA, Brandeis, 1978; MA, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1981; PhD, Carnegie Mellon, 1985

Richard A. Cherwitz, Professor
BA, Iowa, 1974; MA, 1976; PhD, 1978

D. Diane Davis, Assistant Professor
BA. Midwestern, 1986; MA, Indiana (Fort Wayne), 1989; PhD, Texas (Arlington), 1995; PhD, The European Graduate School, 2003

Lester L. Faigley, Professor
BA, North Carolina State, 1969; MA, Miami (Ohio), 1972; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1976

Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Associate Professor
BA, Providence College, 1981; MA, Pennsylvania State, 1985; PhD, 1990

Robert D. King, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BS, MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1959; MA, Wisconsin, 1962; PhD, 1965

Mark G. Longaker, Assistant Professor
BA, Southern Louisiana, 1996; MA, Pennsylvania State, 1999; PhD, 2003

Edward D. Oliphant, Senior Lecturer
BA, Lamar State College of Technology, 1963; MA, Texas (Austin), 1966; PhD, Northern Illinois, 1975

Patricia Roberts-Miller, Assistant Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1981; MA, 1983; PhD, 1987

Sue Rodi, Senior Lecturer
BA, Marycrest College, 1965; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977

John J. Ruszkiewicz, Professor
BA, St. Vincent College, 1972; MA, Ohio State (Columbus), 1973; PhD, 1977

John M. Slatin, Professor
BA, Michigan, 1973; MA, Johns Hopkins, 1976; PhD, 1979

Clay Spinuzzi, Assistant Professor
BA, North Texas, 1991; MA, 1994; PhD, Iowa State, 1999

Margaret A. Syverson, Associate Professor
BA, Iowa, 1970; MA, California (San Diego), 1992; PhD, 1994

John Ralston Trimble, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Princeton, 1962; MA, California (Berkeley), 1964; PhD, 1971

Department of Air Force Science

Stuart C. Johnson, Chair

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Mark R. Fairchild, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force; Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1979; MS, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1988; MA, Naval War College, 2000

Gretchel Gealogo, Captain, United States Air Force; Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1998; MHR, Oklahoma, 2003

Stuart C. Johnson, Colonel, United States Air Force; Professor
BBA, Texas Tech, 1976; MS, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, 1988

John F. Landolt III, Major, United States Air Force; Associate Professor
BBA, Angelo State, 1992; MA, Webster, 2003

Michael A. Shannon, Captain, United States Air Force; Assistant Professor
BS, Texas (Austin), 1993; MS, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, 2003

Department of Military Science

Kathleen J. Taylor, Chair

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Darrell W. Dement, Major, United States Army; Associate Professor
BS, Southwest Texas State, 1987

Jason A. Fick, Captain, United States Army; Assistant Professor
BS, Ball State, 1995

Michael R. Segner, Major, United States Army; Assistant Professor
BS, Southwest Texas State, 1991; MBA, Dowling College, 1998

Sherri L. Shadrock, Captain, United States Army; Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1994

Charles D. Stampley, Captain, United States Army; Assistant Professor
BA, Louisiana State (Shreveport), 1996

Kathleen J. Taylor, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army; Professor
BA, Rutgers (New Brunswick), 1993; MA, Columbia, 1995

Department of Naval Science

Donald S. Inbody, Chair

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

William E. Ash, Commander, United States Navy; Associate Professor
BS, Houston (University Park), 1978; MS, Naval Postgraduate School, 1986

Indalecio M. Hernandez, Lieutenant, United States Navy; Assistant Professor
BSEE, Texas (Austin), 1997

Donald S. Inbody, Captain, United States Navy; Professor
BS, Wichita State, 1973; MS, 1975; MA, Naval Postgraduate School, 1983; MS, Naval War College, 1998

Kenneth R. Kassner, Major, United States Marine Corps; Assistant Professor
BS, Houston (University Park), 1991; MA, San Diego, 1996

Oscar J. Toledo, Lieutenant, United States Navy; Assistant Professor
BA, Houston (University Park), 1995

Justin K. Whitt, Lieutenant, United States Navy; Assistant Professor
BS, Hampton, 1997

Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

Thomas J. Garza, Director

Interdisciplinary courses in Russian, East European, and Eurasian studies are taught by faculty members from several departments, primarily in the College of Liberal Arts.

Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Gilbert C. Rappaport, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Sidney Monas, Professor Emeritus
BA, Princeton, 1948; MA, Harvard, 1951; PhD, 1955

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Thomas J. Garza, Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor
BA, Haverford College, 1980; MA, Bryn Mawr College, 1981; MA, Harvard, 1985; EdD, 1987

John Sotter Kolsti, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1957; MA, 1962; PhD, 1966

Elena D. Lifschitz, Senior Lecturer
BA, Leningrad State, 1970; MA, 1972

Keith A. Livers, Assistant Professor
BA, Williams College, 1985; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1989; PhD, 1995

Edward Manouelian, Assistant Professor
BA, Chicago, 1985; MA, Harvard, 1988; PhD, 1994

Leslie C. O'Bell, Associate Professor
BA, Radcliffe College, 1968; MA, Harvard, 1971; PhD, 1977

Hana Pichova, Associate Professor
BS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1984; MA, 1985; MA, 1987; PhD, 1991

Gilbert C. Rappaport, Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1975; PhD, 1979

Seth L. Wolitz, Professor
BA, Chicago, 1958; PhD, Yale, 1965

Department of Sociology

Debra Umberson, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Harley L. Browning, Professor Emeritus
BA, Kent State, 1949; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1962

Walter Irving Firey Jr., Professor Emeritus
BA, Washington (Seattle), 1938; MA, 1940; MA, Harvard, 1943; PhD, 1945

S. Dale McLemore, Professor Emeritus
BSEd, Texas, 1952; MA, 1956; PhD, Yale, 1960

Antonio Ugalde, Professor Emeritus
MA, Stanford, 1964; PhD, 1969

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Ronald J. Angel, Professor
BA, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1970; MS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1977; PhD, 1981

Cynthia J. Buckley, Associate Professor
BA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1985; MA, 1988; PhD, 1991

John Sibley Butler, Professor
BA, Louisiana State (Baton Rouge), 1969; MA, Northwestern, 1972; PhD, 1974

Mounira Charrad, Assistant Professor
BA, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), 1964; MA, École Pratique des Hautes Études, 1965; PhD, Harvard, 1980

Chiquita A. Collins, Assistant Professor
BA, Illinois (Chicago), 1990; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1993; PhD, 1996

Robert Crosnoe, Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1994; MA, Stanford, 1995; PhD, 1999

Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Professor
BA, Seattle Pacific College, 1966; MA, Washington (Seattle), 1968; PhD, 1971

Christopher G. Ellison, Professor
BA, Duke, 1982; PhD, 1991

Toni L. Falbo, Professor
BA, George Washington, 1968; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1969; PhD, 1973

W. Parker Frisbie, Professor
BA, Southwest Texas State College, 1969; MA, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1971; PhD, 1972

Omer R. Galle, Professor
BA, Bethel College (Kansas), 1959; MA, Chicago, 1962; PhD, 1968

Norval D. Glenn, Professor
BA, New Mexico, 1954; PhD, Texas, 1962

Gloria González-López, Assistant Professor
BA, Universidad Regiomontana, 1981; MA, Houston (Clear Lake), 1991; MA, Southern California, 1997; PhD, 2000

Nell H. Gottlieb, Professor
BA, Emory, 1966; MA, 1968; PhD, Boston, 1980

John C. Higley, Professor
BA, Norwich, 1960; MA, Connecticut, 1964; PhD, 1968

Robert A. Hummer, Associate Professor
BA, Adrian College, 1985; MA, Florida State, 1990; PhD, 1993

Anne E. Kane, Assistant Professor
BA, California (Santa Cruz), 1978; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1985; PhD, 1994

William R. Kelly, Professor
BA, Indiana (Bloomington), 1972; MA, 1977; PhD, 1978

Lester R. Kurtz, Professor
BA, Westmar College, 1972; MAR, Yale, 1974; PhD, Chicago, 1980

Susan E. Marshall, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Denver, 1972; MA, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1977; PhD, 1980

John Mirowsky, Professor
BA, South Florida, 1975; MA, Yale, 1978; PhD, 1981

Chandra Muller, Associate Professor
BA, California (Santa Barbara), 1975; MEd, Stanford, 1976; MA, Chicago, 1983; PhD, 1991

Marc Musick, Assistant Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1992; MA, Duke, 1994; PhD, 1997

Joseph E. Potter, Professor
BA, Yale, 1968; MPA, Princeton, 1973; PhD, 1975

Daniel A. Powers, Associate Professor
BA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1976; MS, 1984; PhD, 1991

Thomas W. Pullum, Professor
BA, Stanford, 1964; MA, Chicago, 1967; MS, 1968; PhD, 1971

Ruthine K. Raley, Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1989; MS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1991; PhD, 1994

Mark Regnerus, Assistant Professor
BA, Trinity Christian College, 1993; MA, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1997; PhD, 2000

Bryan R. Roberts, Professor
BA, Oxford, 1961; MA, Chicago, 1963; PhD, 1964

Mary Rose, Assistant Professor
BA, Stanford, 1991; MA, Duke, 1996; PhD, 1998

Catherine Ross, Professor
BA, Carleton College, 1975; MA, Yale, 1977; PhM, 1977; PhD, 1980

Sharmila Rudrappa, Assistant Professor
BS, Agricultural Sciences (Bangalore), 1989; MS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1996; PhD, 2001

Arthur Sakamoto, Associate Professor
BA, Harvard, 1981; MS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1985; PhD, 1988

Gideon A. Sjoberg, Professor
BA, New Mexico, 1946; MA, 1947; PhD, Washington State, 1949

Mark C. Stafford, Professor
BA, Southern Methodist, 1971; MA, Arizona, 1974; PhD, 1979

Teresa A. Sullivan, Professor
BA, Michigan State, 1970; MA, Chicago, 1972; PhD, 1975

Debra Umberson, Professor
BA, Arkansas (Little Rock), 1980; MSW, 1981; MA, Vanderbilt, 1983; PhD, 1985

Andres Villarreal, Assistant Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989; MS, 1991; MA, California (San Diego), 1994; PhD, Chicago, 2002

Peter Ward, Professor
BA, Hull, 1973; PhD, Liverpool, 1976

E. Mark Warr, Professor
BA, Pacific Lutheran, 1974; MA, Arizona, 1976; PhD, 1979

Christine L. Williams, Professor
BA, Oklahoma, 1980; MA, California (Berkeley), 1982; PhD, 1986

Robert D. Woodberry, Instructor
BA, Wheaton College, 1987; MA, Fuller Seminary, 1993; MA, Notre Dame, 1997; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 2003

Michael Young, Assistant Professor
BA, Columbia, 1989; PhD, New York, 2000

Adjunct Professors

Ralph E. Culler III, Adjunct Professor
BS, Loyola, 1969; MA, 1974; MS, Texas (Austin), 1975; PhD, 1978

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Leopoldo M. Bernucci, Chair

Professors Emeritus

P. Beltrán de Heredia, Associate Professor Emeritus
Bach, Instituto de San Isidro, 1941; Lic, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1941

Mildred Vinson Boyer, Professor Emeritus
BA, Baylor, 1947; MA, 1949; PhD, Texas, 1956

Robert Brody, Professor Emeritus
BA, Rutgers (New Brunswick), 1962; MA, Illinois, 1963; PhD, Harvard, 1971

Fred P. Ellison, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1941; MA, California (Berkeley), 1948; PhD, 1952

Miguel Ergio González-Gerth, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1950; MA, 1955; MA, Princeton, 1960; PhD, 1973

Joseph H. Matluck, Professor Emeritus
BA, Brooklyn College, 1940; MA, Mexico City College, 1949; Doctor en Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1951

Douglass M. Rogers, Associate Professor Emeritus
BA, Oberlin College, 1951; MA, Wisconsin, 1953; PhD, 1964

George D. Schade Jr., Professor Emeritus
BA, Oregon, 1945; MA, 1947; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1953

Yolanda Solé, Professor Emeritus
BS, Georgetown, 1961; MA, 1962; PhD, 1966

K. Carter Wheelock, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas Technological College, 1949; MA, 1950; PhD, Texas, 1966

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Matthew Bailey, Associate Professor
BA, Maine (Orono), 1977; MA, Tulane, 1984; PhD, 1989

Leopoldo M. Bernucci, Professor
BA, Universidade de São Paulo, 1977; MA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1980; PhD, 1986

Enylton J. de Sá Rego, Associate Professor
BS, Louisiana State (Baton Rouge), 1977; MA, 1979; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1984

Jabier Elorrieta Puente, Assistant Professor
Licenciado, Universidad de Deusto, 1987; MA, Texas (Austin), 1990; PhD, 1996

Enrique Fierro, Associate Professor
Bachiller, Instituto Vasquez Acevedo, 1959; Profesor, Instituto de Profesores, Acevedo, 1966; Licenciado, Universidad de la República (Uruguay), 1967; Profesor Agregado, 1973

Michael Paul Harney, Associate Professor
BA, California (Los Angeles), 1971; MA, California (Berkeley), 1975; PhD, 1983

Frederick G. Hensey, Professor
BA, Mexico City College, 1956; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1967

Virginia Higginbotham, Associate Professor
BA, Southern Methodist, 1957; MA, 1962; PhD, Tulane, 1966

R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, Professor
BSEd, Texas, 1953; MA, New Mexico Highlands, 1963; PhD, Illinois, 1969

Vance R. Holloway, Associate Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1979; MA, 1985; PhD, 1990

Orlando Rene Kelm, Associate Professor
BA, Brigham Young, 1983; MA, 1985; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1989

Dale April Koike, Associate Professor
BA, California State (Los Angeles), 1972; MA, New Mexico, 1974; PhD, 1981

Naomi Lindstrom, Professor
BA, Chicago, 1971; MA, Arizona State, 1972; PhD, 1974

Lily Litvak, Professor
BS, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1967; MA, Tufts, 1969; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1972

Marta Luján, Professor
PhD, Texas (Austin), 1972

James R. Nicolopulos, Associate Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1985; MA, 1987; PhD, 1992

Chiyo Nishida, Associate Professor
BA, Jochi Daigaku, 1971; MA, 1979; MA, Arizona, 1984; PhD, 1987

Cory A. Reed, Associate Professor
BA, Dartmouth College, 1984; MA, Princeton, 1987; PhD, 1989

Sonia Roncador, Assistant Professor
Licenciatura, Universidade de Brasília, 1989; MA, 1992; PhD, New York, 1999

César Augusto Salgado, Associate Professor
BA, Harvard, 1984; PhM, Yale, 1988; PhD, 1993

Nicolas Shumway, Professor
BA, Brigham Young, 1969; MA, California (Los Angeles), 1971; PhD, 1976

Carlos A. Solé, Professor
BSL, Georgetown, 1960; PhD, 1966

Madeline Sutherland-Meier, Associate Professor
BA, MA, Stanford, 1974; PhD, California (San Diego), 1983

Arnold C. Vento, Associate Professor
BA, Texas, 1961; MA, New Mexico Highlands, 1962; PhD, Missouri (Columbia), 1972

Stanislav Zimic, Professor
Diploma B-Italijanscina, Univerza "Edvarda Kardelja" v Ljubljani, 1955; MA, Miami (Florida), 1958; PhD, Duke, 1964

Center for Women's and Gender Studies

Janet Staiger, Director

Interdisciplinary courses in women's and gender studies are taught by faculty members from several departments, primarily in the Colleges of Communication, Liberal Arts, and Natural Sciences.


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