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14. The Faculty

College of Natural Sciences



This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 2003-2004; the directors and department chairs listed here also served in that semester.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

James A. Holcombe, Chair

Professors Emeritus

James E. Boggs, Professor Emeritus
AB, Oberlin College, 1943; MS, Michigan, 1944; PhD, 1953

Gerhard J. Fonken, Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus
BS, California (Berkeley), 1954; PhD, 1957

Norman Hackerman, Professor Emeritus
BA, Johns Hopkins, 1932; PhD, 1935

Boyd A. Hardesty, Professor Emeritus
BS, Washington State, 1954; PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1960

F. Albert Matsen, Professor Emeritus
BS, Wisconsin, 1937; PhD, Princeton, 1940

Petr Munk, Professor Emeritus
MS, Institute of Chemical Technology, 1956; PhD, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, 1960; DSc, 1967

Joanne M. Ravel, Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus
BSCh, Texas, 1944; MA, 1946; PhD, 1954

Lester J. Reed, Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus
BS, Tulane, 1943; PhD, Illinois, 1946

Daniel M. Ziegler, Professor Emeritus
BS, St. Benedict's College, 1949; PhD, Loyola of Chicago, 1955

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Eric V. Anslyn, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BS, California State (Northridge), 1982; PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1987

Dean R. Appling, Professor
BS, Texas A&M, 1977; PhD, Vanderbilt, 1981

Paul F. Barbara, Professor
BA, Hofstra, 1974; PhD, Brown, 1978

Allen J. Bard, Professor
BS, City College (New York), 1955; MA, 1957; PhD, Harvard, 1958

Nathan L. Bauld, Professor
BS, West Virginia, 1956; PhD, Illinois, 1959

Jennifer S. Brodbelt, Professor
BSCh, Virginia, 1983; PhD, Purdue, 1988

Karen Browning, Associate Professor
BSCh, Texas (Austin), 1975; PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1980

Alan Campion, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, New College, 1972; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1977

Alan H. Cowley, Professor
BS, Manchester, 1955; MS, 1956; PhD, 1958

Raymond E. Davis, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BS, Kansas, 1960; PhD, Yale, 1965

Andrew Ellington, Professor
BS, Michigan State (East Lansing), 1981; PhD, Harvard, 1988

Larry R. Faulkner, Professor
BS, Southern Methodist, 1966; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1969

John C. Gilbert, Professor
BS, Wyoming, 1961; MS, Yale, 1962; PhD, 1965

David E. Graham, Assistant Professor
AB, Cornell, 1995; MS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1998; PhD, 2000

Marvin L. Hackert, Professor
BA, Central College, 1966; PhD, Iowa State, 1970

David W. Hoffman, Associate Professor
BS, Massachusetts (Amherst), 1979; MS, 1982; PhD, Duke, 1986

James A. Holcombe, Professor
BA, Colorado College, 1970; MS, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1972; PhD, 1974

Brent L. Iverson, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BSCh, Stanford, 1982; PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1987

Kenneth A. Johnson, Professor
BS, Iowa, 1971; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1975

Richard A. Jones, Professor
BS, London, 1976; DIC, PhD, 1978

G. Barrie Kitto, Professor
BS, Victoria University of Wellington, 1961; MA, 1962; PhD, Brandeis, 1966

Denis A. Kohl, Associate Professor
BS, Iowa State, 1960; PhD, Indiana, 1966

Michael J. Krische, Assistant Professor
BS, California (Berkeley), 1989; PhD, Stanford, 1996

Richard J. Lagow, Professor
BA, Rice, 1967; PhD, 1969

Joseph J. Lagowski, Professor
BS, Illinois, 1952; MS, Michigan, 1954; PhD, Michigan State, 1957; PhD, Cambridge, 1959

Alan M. Lambowitz, Professor
BS, Brooklyn College, 1968; PhD, Yale, 1972

David A. Laude Jr., Distinguished Teaching Professor
BS, University of the South, 1979; MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1981; PhD, California (Riverside), 1984

Hung-Wen (Ben) Liu, Professor
BSCh, Tunghai, 1974; MA, Columbia, 1977; MPhil, PhD, 1981

Philip D. Magnus, Professor
BSc, Imperial College of Science and Technology, 1965; PhD, 1968; DSc, London, 1982

Lara K. Mahal, Assistant Professor
BA, California (Santa Cruz), 1995; PhD, California (Berkeley), 2000

Dmitrii E. Makarov, Assistant Professor
BSPhy, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1990; PhD, Institute of Chemical Physics (Moscow), 1992

Edward M. Marcotte, Assistant Professor
BSMicro, Texas (Austin), 1990; PhD, 1995

Stephen F. Martin, Professor
BS, New Mexico, 1968; MA, Princeton, 1970; PhD, 1972

John T. McDevitt, Professor
BSCh, California Polytechnic State, 1982; PhD, Stanford, 1987

Stephen A. Monti, Professor
BS, California (Berkeley), 1961; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964

Brian L. Pagenkopf, Assistant Professor
BS, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1991; PhD, Montana State (Bozeman), 1996

Jon D. Robertus, Professor
BA, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1967; PhD, California (San Diego), 1972

Peter J. Rossky, Professor
BA, Cornell, 1971; MA, Harvard, 1972; PhD, 1978

Rick Russell, Assistant Professor
BA, Earlham College, 1991; PhD, Johns Hopkins, 1997

Jonathan L. Sessler, Professor
BS, California (Berkeley), 1977; PhD, Stanford, 1982

Jason B. Shear, Associate Professor
BSCh, Texas (Austin), 1989; PhD, Stanford, 1994

Ruth I. Shear, Senior Lecturer
BS, Griffith, 1983; PhD, 1991

John F. Stanton, Professor
BGS, MS, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1984; PhD, Harvard, 1989

Keith J. Stevenson, Assistant Professor
BA, Puget Sound, 1989; PhD, Utah, 1997

John J. G. Tesmer, Assistant Professor
BA, Rice, 1990; PhD, Purdue, 1995

David A. Vanden Bout, Associate Professor
BS, Duke, 1990; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1995

Stephen E. Webber, Professor
BA, Washington (St. Louis), 1962; PhD, Chicago, 1965

John M. White, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BS, Harding College, 1960; MS, Illinois, 1962; PhD, 1966

C. Grant Willson, Professor
BS, California (Berkeley), 1962; MS, California State (San Diego), 1969; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1973

Robert E. Wyatt, Professor
BS, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1961; MA, Johns Hopkins, 1963; PhD, 1965

Y. Whitney Yin, Assistant Professor
MD, Tianjin Medical College, 1988; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1996

Adjunct Professors

Angela M. Belcher, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, California (Santa Barbara), 1991; PhD, 1997

Robert L. Hance, Adjunct Professor
BS, Abilene Christian College, 1966; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970

Norman S. Kaderlan, Adjunct Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965; MS, Wisconsin, 1966; PhD, 1971

Kent K. Stewart, Adjunct Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1956; PhD, Florida State, 1967

Department of Computer Sciences

J Strother Moore, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Harvey G. Cragon, Professor Emeritus
BSEE, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, 1950

A. G. Dale, Professor Emeritus
BA, Oxford, 1951; MBA, Texas, 1953; PhD, 1961

John C. Loehlin, Professor Emeritus
BA, Harvard, 1947; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1957

Norman Marshall Martin, Professor Emeritus
MA, Chicago, 1947; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1952

David M. Young Jr., Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus
BS, Webb Institute, 1944; MA, Harvard, 1947; PhD, 1950

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

J. K. Aggarwal, PE, Professor
BS, Bombay, 1956; BE, Liverpool, 1960; MSEE, Illinois, 1961; PhD, 1964

Lorenzo Alvisi, Associate Professor
Laurea, Università degli Studi di Bologna, 1987; MS, Cornell, 1994; PhD, 1995

Chandrajit L. Bajaj, Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi), 1980; MS, Pittsburgh, 1981; MS, Cornell, 1983; PhD, 1984

Don S. Batory, Professor
BS, Case Western Reserve, 1975; MS, 1977; PhD, Toronto, 1980

Robert S. Boyer, Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1967; PhD, 1971

James C. Browne, Professor
BA, Hendrix College, 1956; PhD, Texas, 1960

Jeffrey A. Brumfield, Senior Lecturer
BS, Georgia, 1975; MA, 1977; MS, Purdue, 1979; PhD, 1982

Douglas C. Burger, Assistant Professor
BS, Yale, 1991; MS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1993; PhD, 1998

Alan K. Cline, Professor
BS, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1967; MA, 1968; PhD, 1970

William R. Cook, Assistant Professor
BS, Tulane, 1984; MS, Brown, 1985; PhD, 1989

Michael D. Dahlin, Associate Professor
BS, Rice, 1991; MS, California (Berkeley), 1993; PhD, 1995

Inderjit S. Dhillon, Assistant Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), 1989; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1997

Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan, Senior Lecturer
BA, Texas (Austin), 1974; MA, 1980

E. Allen Emerson II, Professor
BSMath, Texas (Austin), 1976; MS, Harvard, 1978; PhD, 1981

Donald S. Fussell, Professor
BA, Dartmouth College, 1973; MSCS, Texas (Dallas), 1977; PhD, 1980

Anna Gal, Assistant Professor
Diploma, Moskovskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet, 1983; MS, Chicago, 1990; PhD, 1995

Mohamed G. Gouda, Professor
BSAsE, Cairo, 1968; BSMath, 1971; MA, York, 1972; MMath, Waterloo, 1973; PhD, 1977

Warren A. Hunt Jr., Professor
BS, Rice, 1980; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1985

Roy M. Jenevein Jr., Senior Lecturer
BS, Louisiana State, 1964; PhD, Louisiana State (Medical Center), 1969

Stephen W. Keckler, Assistant Professor
BS, Stanford, 1990; SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992; PhD, 1998

David R. Kincaid, Senior Lecturer
BS, Lamar, 1965; MA, Texas (Austin), 1971

Benjamin Jack Kuipers, Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1970; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977

Simon S. Lam, Professor
BS, Washington State, 1969; MS, California (Los Angeles), 1970; PhD, 1974

Vladimir Lifschitz, Professor
Matematik, Leningradskij Gosudarstvennyj Universitet, 1968; Kandidat, Matematicheski Institut Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1971

Calvin Lin, Associate Professor
BSE, Princeton, 1985; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1992

Gerald Jack Lipovski, PE, Professor
BA, BSEE, Notre Dame, 1966; MS, Illinois, 1967; PhD, 1969

William Mark, Assistant Professor
BA, Rice, 1992; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1999

Kathryn S. McKinley, Associate Professor
BA, Rice, 1985; MA, 1990; PhD, 1992

Risto Miikkulainen, Professor
BA, Southwestern, 1984; Diplomi-insinööri, Teknillinen korkeakoulu, 1986; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1990

Daniel P. Miranker, Associate Professor
BSMath, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1979; MS, Columbia, 1983; PhD, 1986

Jayadev Misra, Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), 1969; PhD, Johns Hopkins, 1973

Aloysius K. Mok, Professor
BS, MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977; PhD, 1982

Raymond J. Mooney, Professor
BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1983; MS, 1985; PhD, 1987

J Strother Moore, Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1970; PhD, Edinburgh, 1973

Karam M. Mossaad, Senior Lecturer
BS, Cairo High Institute of Technology, 1968; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1989

Gordon S. Novak Jr., Professor
BSEE, Texas (Austin), 1969; MA, 1971; PhD, 1976

Yale N. Patt, Professor
BS, Northeastern, 1962; MS, Stanford, 1963; PhD, 1966

Charles Gregory Plaxton, Professor
BSc, Toronto, 1985; PhD, Stanford, 1989

Bruce W. Porter, Professor
BS, California (Irvine), 1977; MS, 1982; PhD, 1984

Vijaya Ramachandran, Professor
BE, Indian Institute of Science, 1977; MSE, 1979; PhD, Princeton, 1983

Elaine A. Rich, Senior Lecturer
AB, Brown, 1972; PhD, Carnegie-Mellon, 1979

Hamilton Richards Jr., Senior Lecturer
BA, Harvard, 1960; BS, 1962; MS, Stanford, 1966; PhD, Iowa State, 1976

Peter H. Stone, Assistant Professor
BS, Chicago, 1993; MS, Carnegie Mellon, 1995; PhD, 1998

Robert van de Geijn, Professor
BS, Wisconsin (Madison), 1981; PhD, Maryland (College Park), 1987

Harrick M. Vin, Associate Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), 1987; MS, Colorado State, 1988; PhD, California (San Diego), 1993

Tandy Warnow, Professor
BA, California (Berkeley), 1984; PhD, 1991

Andrew B. Whinston, Professor
BA, Michigan, 1957; MS, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1960; PhD, 1962

Emmett Witchel, Assistant Professor
BA, BS, Stanford, 1992; MS, 1994; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004

David Zuckerman, Professor
AB, Harvard, 1987; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1991

Adjunct Professors

Donald G. Baker, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Rice, 1985; PhD, 1997

Ajay V. Bhargava, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Mumbai), 1984; MS, Texas (Arlington), 1992

Richard S. Brice, Adjunct Professor
BS, East Texas State, 1959; MS, North Texas State, 1968; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1973

Phillip E. Cannata, Adjunct Professor
BS, Notre Dame, 1972; PhD, 1980

E. N. Elnozahy, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, Cairo, 1984; MS, 1987; MS, Rice, 1990; PhD, 1994

Ahmed Gheith, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Alexandria, 1981; MS, Ohio State (Columbus), 1988; PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1990

Donald I. Good, Adjunct Professor
BA, Kansas, 1965; MS, Wisconsin, 1967; PhD, 1970

Alfred C. Hartmann, Adjunct Professor
BS, Carnegie-Mellon, 1969; MS, California Institute of Technology, 1971; PhD, 1976

Neil A. Iscoe, Adjunct Associate Professor
BSIndE, Wisconsin (Madison), 1977; MSCS, Texas (Austin), 1986; PhD, 1990

Mark S. Johnstone, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, California (Davis), 1987; MSCS, Texas (Austin), 1992; PhD, 1997

Greg Lavender, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, Georgia, 1983; MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1988; PhD, 1993

Alan G. Lee, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, New Mexico, 1991; PhD, Yale, 2001

Bruce F. Naylor, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1975; MS, Texas (Dallas), 1979; PhD, 1981

Glen Q. Nuckolls, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Grinnell College, 1993; MS, Auburn, 1995; MS, California (Davis), 2001; PhD, 2003

Ronald L. Rockhold, Adjunct Associate Professor
BS, Purdue, 1969; MS, Syracuse, 1974; PhD, Florida Institute of Technology, 1993

Herbert DeWitt Schwetman Jr., Adjunct Professor
BS, Baylor, 1961; MS, Brown, 1965; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1970

Amy Unruh, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, California (Santa Barbara), 1984; PhD, Stanford, 1993

Ishaq H. Unwala, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, West Virginia, 1984; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1998

William D. Young, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1976; PhD, 1988

Yongguang Zhang, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) University Guangzhou, 1987; PhD, Purdue, 1994

Department of Geological Sciences

Gary Kocurek, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Milo M. Backus, Professor Emeritus
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1952; PhD, 1956

Daniel S. Barker, Professor Emeritus
BS, Yale, 1956; MS, California Institute of Technology, 1958; PhD, Princeton, 1961

Robert E. Boyer, Professor Emeritus
BA, Colgate, 1951; MA, Indiana, 1954; PhD, Michigan, 1959

Leonard Franklin Brown Jr., Professor Emeritus
BS, Baylor, 1951; MS, Wisconsin, 1953; PhD, 1955

Stephen Edmund Clabaugh, Professor Emeritus
BSGeo, Texas, 1940; MA, 1941; PhD, Harvard, 1950

Peter T. Flawn, Professor Emeritus
BA, Oberlin College, 1947; MS, Yale, 1948; PhD, 1951

Robert Louis Folk, Professor Emeritus
BS, Pennsylvania State College, 1946; MS, 1950; PhD, 1952

William E. Galloway, Professor Emeritus
BS, Texas A&M, 1966; MA, Texas (Austin), 1968; PhD, 1971

Edward C. Jonas, Professor Emeritus
BS, Rice Institute, 1944; MS, Illinois, 1952; PhD, 1954

Lynton S. Land, Professor Emeritus
BA, Johns Hopkins, 1962; MA, 1963; PhD, Lehigh, 1966

Wann Langston Jr., Professor Emeritus
BS, Oklahoma, 1943; MS, 1947; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1952

Ernest L. Lundelius Jr., Professor Emeritus
BSGeo, Texas, 1950; PhD, Chicago, 1954

Arthur Maxwell, Professor Emeritus
BS, New Mexico, 1949; MS, California (San Diego), 1952; PhD, 1959

John C. Maxwell, Professor Emeritus
BA, DePauw, 1936; MA, Minnesota, 1937; PhD, Princeton, 1946

William R. Muehlberger, Professor Emeritus
BS, California Institute of Technology, 1949; MS, 1950; PhD, 1954

Amos Salvador, Professor Emeritus
BS, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1945; PhD, Stanford, 1950

Douglas Smith, Professor Emeritus
BS, California Institute of Technology, 1962; MA, Harvard, 1963; PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1969

John Andrew Wilson, Professor Emeritus
BA, Michigan, 1937; PhD, 1941

Keith P. Young, Professor Emeritus
BA, Wyoming, 1940; MA, 1942; PhD, Wisconsin, 1948

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Jay L. Banner, Professor
BA, Pennsylvania, 1978; MSEarthSci, State University of New York (Stony Brook), 1981; PhD, 1986

Christopher J. Bell, Associate Professor
BS, College of William and Mary, 1988; MS, Northern Arizona, 1990; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1997

Philip C. Bennett, Professor
BS, The Evergreen State College, 1981; MS, Syracuse, 1985; PhD, 1988

William D. Carlson, Professor
BS, Stanford, 1974; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1980

Mark P. Cloos, Professor
BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1976; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1981

James N. Connelly, Associate Professor
BSc(Hons), Carleton, 1983; MSc, Queen's (Kings--ton), 1986; PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1991

Ian W. D. Dalziel, Professor
BS, Edinburgh, 1959; PhD, 1963

Robert J. Ferguson, Assistant Professor
BS, British Columbia, 1989; MS, Calgary, 1996; PhD, 2000

William L. Fisher, Professor
BS, Southern Illinois, 1954; MS, Kansas, 1958; PhD, 1961; DSc (hon), Southern Illinois, 1986

James E. Gardner, Associate Professor
BS, Southern Methodist, 1985; MA, Washington (Seattle), 1987; PhD, Rhode Island, 1993

Wulf A. Gose, Senior Lecturer
Vordiplom, Universität Gottingen, 1961; Diplom, 1964; PhD, Southern Methodist, 1970

Stephen P. Grand, Professor
BS, McGill, 1978; PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1986

Mark A. Helper, Senior Lecturer
BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1978; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1985

Gary A. Kocurek, Professor
BS, Houston (University Park), 1975; MS, 1977; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1980

J. Richard Kyle, Professor
BS, Tennessee Technological, 1970; MS, Tennessee (Knoxville), 1973; PhD, Western Ontario, 1977

Leon E. Long, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BS, Wheaton College, 1954; MA, Columbia, 1958; PhD, 1959

Randall A. Marrett, Associate Professor
BS, California (Santa Cruz), 1984; PhD, Cornell, 1990

Earle F. McBride, Professor
BA, Augustana College (Illinois), 1954; MA, Missouri, 1956; PhD, Johns Hopkins, 1960

John E. McCray, Associate Professor
BS, West Virginia, 1986; MS, Clemson, 1994; PhD, Arizona, 1998

Fred W. McDowell, Senior Lecturer
AB, Lafayette College, 1961; PhD, Columbia, 1966

Sharon Mosher, Professor
BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1973; MS, Brown, 1975; PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1978

Yosio Nakamura, Professor
Rigakushi, Tohuku Daigaku, 1956; MS, 1958; PhD, Pennsylvania State, 1963

Timothy B. Rowe, Professor
BA, Occidental College, 1975; MS, Chicago, 1981; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1986

John M. Sharp Jr., Professor
BGeoE, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1967; MS, PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1974

James T. Sprinkle, Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965; MA, Harvard, 1966; PhD, 1971

Ronald J. Steel, Professor
BS, Glasgow, 1967; PhD, 1970

Libby A. Stern, Assistant Professor
BA, Pomona College, 1989; MS, Dartmouth College, 1991; PhD, 1996

Paul L. Stoffa, Professor
BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1970; PhD, Columbia, 1974

Robert H. Tatham, Professor
BS, California State (Northridge), 1967; MS, Houston, 1970; PhD, Columbia, 1975

Scott W. Tinker, Professor
BS, Trinity, 1982; MS, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1985; PhD, Colorado (Boulder), 1996

W. C. J. van Rensburg, PE, Professor
BS, Universiteit van Pretoria, 1960; BS(Hons), 1961; MS, 1963; PhD, Wisconsin, 1965

Clark R. Wilson, Professor
BA, California (San Diego), 1970; MS, 1973; PhD, 1975

Zong-Liang Yang, Assistant Professor
BS, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, 1984; MS, Melbourne, 1989; PhD, Macquarie, 1992

Adjunct Professors

Barbara J. Mahler, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BMusic, Boston, 1981; MA, Texas (Austin), 1991; PhD, 1997

Thomas J. Serenko, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BS, Youngstown State, 1985; MS, Colorado School of Mines, 1988; PhD, Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1994


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