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The Faculty
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John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences

Department of Geological Sciences

Clark R. Wilson, Chair

Professors Emeritus

Milo M. Backus, Professor Emeritus

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1952; PhD, 1956

Daniel S. Barker, Professor Emeritus

BS, Yale, 1956; MS, California Institute of Technology, 1958; PhD, Princeton, 1961

Robert E. Boyer, Professor Emeritus

BA, Colgate, 1951; MA, Indiana, 1954; PhD, Michigan, 1959

Leonard Franklin Brown Jr., Professor Emeritus

BS, Baylor, 1951; MS, Wisconsin, 1953; PhD, 1955

Stephen Edmund Clabaugh, Professor Emeritus

BSGeo, Texas, 1940; MA, 1941; PhD, Harvard, 1950

Peter T. Flawn, Professor Emeritus

BA, Oberlin College, 1947; MS, Yale, 1948; PhD, 1951

Robert Louis Folk, Professor Emeritus

BS, Pennsylvania State College, 1946; MS, 1950; PhD, 1952

William E. Galloway, Professor Emeritus

BS, Texas A&M, 1966; MA, Texas (Austin), 1968; PhD, 1971

Edward C. Jonas, Professor Emeritus

BS, Rice Institute, 1944; MS, Illinois, 1952; PhD, 1954

Lynton S. Land, Professor Emeritus

BA, Johns Hopkins, 1962; MA, 1963; PhD, Lehigh, 1966

Wann Langston Jr., Professor Emeritus

BS, Oklahoma, 1943; MS, 1947; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1952

Ernest L. Lundelius Jr., Professor Emeritus

BSGeo, Texas, 1950; PhD, Chicago, 1954

Arthur Maxwell, Professor Emeritus

BS, New Mexico, 1949; MS, California (San Diego), 1952; PhD, 1959

Earle F. McBride, Professor Emeritus

BA, Augustana College (Illinois), 1954; MA, Missouri, 1956; PhD, Johns Hopkins, 1960

William R. Muehlberger, Professor Emeritus

BS, California Institute of Technology, 1949; MS, 1950; PhD, 1954

Amos Salvador, Professor Emeritus

BS, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1945; PhD, Stanford, 1950

Douglas Smith, Professor Emeritus

BS, California Institute of Technology, 1962; MA, Harvard, 1963; PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1969

John Andrew Wilson, Professor Emeritus

BA, Michigan, 1937; PhD, 1941

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Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Jay L. Banner, Professor

BA, Pennsylvania, 1978; MSEarthSci, State University of New York (Stony Brook), 1981; PhD, 1986

Christopher J. Bell, Associate Professor

BS, College of William and Mary, 1988; MS, Northern Arizona, 1990; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1997

Philip C. Bennett, Professor

BS, The Evergreen State College, 1981; MS, Syracuse, 1985; PhD, 1988

William D. Carlson, Professor

BS, Stanford, 1974; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1980

Mark P. Cloos, Professor

BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1976; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1981

James N. Connelly, Associate Professor

BSc(Hons), Carleton, 1983; MSc, Queen's (Kingston), 1986; PhD, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1991

Ian W. D. Dalziel, Professor

BS, Edinburgh, 1959; PhD, 1963

Robert J. Ferguson, Assistant Professor

BS, British Columbia, 1989; MS, Calgary, 1996; PhD, 2000

William L. Fisher, Professor

BS, Southern Illinois, 1954; MS, Kansas, 1958; PhD, 1961; DSc (hon), Southern Illinois, 1986; DE (hon), Colorado School of Mines, 2002

James E. Gardner, Associate Professor

BS, Southern Methodist, 1985; MA, Washington (Seattle), 1987; PhD, Rhode Island, 1993

Omar Ghattas, Professor

BS, Duke, 1984; MS, 1986; PhD, 1988

Stephen P. Grand, Professor

BS, McGill, 1978; PhD, California Institute of Technology, 1986

Charles G. Groat, Professor

AB, Rochester, 1962; MS, Massachusetts, 1967; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1970

Mark A. Helper, Senior Lecturer

BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1978; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1985

Charles Kerans, Professor

BS, St. Lawrence, 1977; PhD, Carleton, 1982

Gary A. Kocurek, Professor

BS, Houston (University Park), 1975; MS, 1977; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1980

J. Richard Kyle, Professor

BS, Tennessee Technological, 1970; MS, Tennessee (Knoxville), 1973; PhD, Western Ontario, 1977

John C. Lassiter, Assistant Professor

BA, Brown, 1989; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1995

Leon E. Long, Distinguished Teaching Professor

BS, Wheaton College, 1954; MA, Columbia, 1958; PhD, 1959

Floyd J. Lucia, Senior Lecturer

BS, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1953; MS, 1954

Randall A. Marrett, Associate Professor

BS, California (Santa Cruz), 1984; PhD, Cornell, 1990

Sharon Mosher, Professor

BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1973; MS, Brown, 1975; PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1978

Timothy B. Rowe, Professor

BA, Occidental College, 1975; MS, Chicago, 1981; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1986

Mrinal K. Sen, Professor

BS, Indian School of Mines, 1977; MS, 1979; PhD, Hawaii (Manoa), 1987

John M. Sharp Jr., Professor

BGeoE, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1967; MS, PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1974

James T. Sprinkle, Professor

BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965; MA, Harvard, 1966; PhD, 1971

Ronald J. Steel, Professor

BS, Glasgow, 1967; PhD, 1970

Paul L. Stoffa, Professor

BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1970; PhD, Columbia, 1974

Robert H. Tatham, Professor

BS, California State (Northridge), 1967; MS, Houston, 1970; PhD, Columbia, 1975

Scott W. Tinker, Professor

BS, Trinity, 1982; MS, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1985; PhD, Colorado (Boulder), 1996

W. C. J. van Rensburg, PE, Professor

BS, Universiteit van Pretoria, 1960; BS(Hons), 1961; MS, 1963; PhD, Wisconsin, 1965

Clark R. Wilson, Professor

BA, California (San Diego), 1970; MS, 1973; PhD, 1975

Zong-Liang Yang, Associate Professor

BS, Nanjing Institute of Meteorology, 1984; MS, Melbourne, 1989; PhD, Macquarie, 1992

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Adjunct Professors

William H. Asquith, Adjunct Assistant Professor

BSCE, Texas (Austin), 1992; MSE, 1994; PhD, 2003

Barbara J. Mahler, Adjunct Assistant Professor

BMusic, Boston, 1981; MA, Texas (Austin), 1991; PhD, 1997

Thomas J. Serenko, Adjunct Assistant Professor

BS, Youngstown State, 1985; MS, Colorado School of Mines, 1988; PhD, Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1994

This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 2005-2006; the directors and department chairs listed here also served in that semester.

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Undergraduate Catalog | 2006-2008
The Faculty
page 7 of 16 in Chapter 16
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