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 Chapter 13
 The Faculty

This chapter lists faculty appointments for the spring semester 1997-1998.

College of Business Administration

Department of Accounting

Stephen Limberg, Chairman

Professors Emeritus

Frank D. Graydon, Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas Technological College, 1941; MBA, Northwestern, 1943; CPA, Texas, 1946

Charles Griffin, Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas, 1942; MBA, 1948; PhD, 1953; CPA, Texas, 1950; CPA, Illinois, 1959

Kermit D. Larson, Professor Emeritus
BBA, Iowa, 1962; MBA, 1963; DBA, Colorado (Boulder), 1966; CPA, Texas, 1968

Glenn Welsch, Professor Emeritus
BS, Northwestern State College, 1935; MS, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1949; PhD, Texas, 1952; CPA, Oklahoma, 1949; CPA, Texas, 1952

Charles Zlatkovich, Professor Emeritus
BSC, Texas Christian, 1938; MBA, 1939; PhD, Texas, 1952; CPA, Texas, 1947

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Michael G. Alles, Assistant Professor
BEco, Australian National, 1986; PhD, Stanford, 1991

Urton L. Anderson, Professor
BA, St. Olaf College, 1974; MA, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1977; PhD, 1985

Rowland K. Atiase, Professor
BSc, Ghana, 1973; MBA, California (Berkeley), 1975; MA(Econ), 1979; PhD, 1980

Gary M. Cadenhead, Senior Lecturer
BA, BBA, Southern Methodist, 1962; MBA, Harvard, 1964; PhD, Stanford, 1968; CPA, Texas, 1965

Michael B. Clement, Assistant Professor
BBA, Baruch College, 1980; MBA, Chicago, 1988; PhD, Stanford, 1997; CPA, New Jersey and New York, 1980

C. Bryan Cloyd, Assistant Professor
BS, Kentucky, 1983; PhD, Indiana (Bloomington), 1992; CPA, North Carolina, 1985

James W. Deitrick, Professor
BS, Grove City College, 1967; MS, Kent State, 1969; DBA, Tennessee (Knoxville), 1977

Anna C. Fowler, Professor
BS, Alabama, 1962; MBA, Texas (Austin), 1970; PhD, 1977; CPA, Georgia, 1964; CPA, Texas, 1993

Robert N. Freeman, Professor
BS, Tennessee (Knoxville), 1968; MAS, Illinois, 1969; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977; CPA, Tennessee, 1971

Michael H. Granof, Distinguished Teaching Professor
AB, Hamilton College, 1963; MBA, Columbia, 1965; PhD, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1972; CPA, New York, 1969; CPA, Texas, 1989

D. Eric Hirst, Associate Professor
BA, MAcc, Waterloo, 1985; CA, Ontario, 1986; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1992

Ross G. Jennings, Associate Professor
AB, California (Davis), 1974; MBA, California (Los Angeles), 1979; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1987

Steven J. Kachelmeier, Associate Professor
BBA, New Mexico, 1980; PhD, Florida, 1988; CPA, New Mexico, 1981

Lauren Kelly, Senior Lecturer
BS, Bridgeport, 1972; MBA, 1973; PhD, Alabama (Tuscaloosa), 1976

William R. Kinney Jr., Professor
BS, Oklahoma State, 1963; MS, 1966; PhD, Michigan State, 1968; CPA, Oklahoma, 1964

Lisa L. Koonce, Associate Professor
BSBA, Southern Illinois (Edwardsville), 1981; MAS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1982; PhD, 1990; CPA, Illinois, 1982; CMA, Illinois, 1984

Stephen Limberg, Professor
BA, Occidental College, 1972; MBA, San Diego State, 1975; PhD, Arizona State, 1982; CPA, California, 1978

Robert G. May, Professor
BA, Michigan State, 1965; PhD, 1970

Mary Lea McAnally, Assistant Professor
BComm, Alberta, 1981; CA, 1986; CIA, 1988; PhD, Stanford, 1994

D. Paul Newman, Professor
BBA, Texas Tech, 1972; MBA, North Texas State, 1974; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1977; CPA, Texas, 1975

David E. Platt, Assistant Professor
BS, Pennsylvania, 1981; MBA, Syracuse, 1989; PhD, Cornell, 1997; CPA, New York, 1986

Sue L. Porter, Assistant Professor
BS, Babson College, 1982; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1994

Jack C. Robertson, Professor
BBA, Texas (Austin), 1965; MPA, 1967; PhD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1970; CPA, Texas, 1967; CFE, Texas, 1989

John R. Robinson, Associate Professor
BS, Colorado State, 1975; MS, 1976; JD, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1979; PhD, 1981; CPA, Colorado, 1976

Pamela A. Smith, Assistant Professor
BS, Ferris State, 1981; MBA, Texas (Dallas), 1989; PhD, North Texas, 1993; CPA, Texas, 1983

Christopher H. Stinson, Assistant Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1973; MA, College of William and Mary, 1977; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1982; MBA, 1984; PhD, Stanford, 1993

Edward Summers, Professor
BA, Rice, 1959; BSChE, 1960; MBA, Texas, 1962; PhD, 1965; CPA, Texas, 1965

Donald E. Tidrick, Senior Lecturer
BSBA, Ohio State, 1976; MBA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1977; PhD, Ohio State, 1987; CPA, Ohio, 1979; CMA, 1984; CIA, 1985

Senyo Y. Tse, Associate Professor
BSc, Ghana, 1975; MBA, Stanford, 1978; MA, California (Berkeley), 1981; PhD, 1983; CPA, Florida, 1984

Igor Vaysman, Assistant Professor
BS, Trinity, 1986; PhD, Stanford, 1993

Department of Finance

George W. Gau, Chairman

Professors Emeritus

William W. Cooper, Professor Emeritus
BA, Chicago, 1938; DSc (hon), Ohio State, 1970; MA (hon), Harvard, 1976; DSc (hon), Carnegie-Mellon, 1982

Lawrence Lee Crum, Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas, 1954; MBA, 1956; PhD, 1961

Charles Wilson Hackett Jr., Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1942; MBA, 1948; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1955

James Rudolph Kay, Professor Emeritus
BA, Birmingham-Southern College, 1938; PhD, Virginia, 1950

Ernest Winfield Walker, Professor Emeritus
BBA, MBA, Mississippi, 1948; DBA, Indiana, 1953

Harold Arthur Wolf, Professor Emeritus
BA, Oregon, 1951; MA, Michigan, 1952; PhD, 1958

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Patrick L. Brockett, Professor
BA, California State (Long Beach), 1970; MA, PhD, California (Irvine), 1975

Keith C. Brown, Associate Professor
BA, San Diego State, 1977; MS, Purdue, 1978; PhD, 1981

Murray D. Carlson, Instructor
BSc, Queen's, 1984; MBA, British Columbia, 1989; PhD, 1998

David A. Chapman, Assistant Professor
BA, Swarthmore College, 1982; MSBA, Rochester, 1990; PhD, 1992

R. Conrad Doenges, Professor
BA, Harvard, 1952; MBA, 1954; DBA, Colorado, 1965

Robert C. Duvic, Senior Lecturer
BA, Tulane, 1969; MS, Florida Institute of Technology, 1975; MBA, Texas (Austin), 1983; PhD, 1990

George W. Gau, Professor
BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1969; MS, 1971; PhD, 1975

Beverly L. Hadaway, Associate Professor
BBA, North Texas State, 1969; MA, Alabama (Tuscaloosa), 1970; PhD, 1981

Meeta Kothare, Assistant Professor
BC, Bombay, 1982; MBA, Georgia, 1986; MS, Rochester, 1988; PhD, 1992

Richard D. MacMinn, Associate Professor
BA, California (Los Angeles), 1967; MA, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1973; PhD, 1978

Stephen P. Magee, Professor
BA, Texas Technological College, 1965; MA, 1966; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969

John D. Martin, Professor
BS, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, 1967; MBA, 1968; PhD, Texas Tech, 1973

Robert D. Mettlen, Professor
BS, Kansas, 1958; MBA, Indiana, 1960; DBA, 1969

James A. Nolen Jr., Senior Lecturer
BBA, Texas (Austin), 1974; MBA, 1976

Robert Parrino, Assistant Professor
BSChE, Lehigh, 1978; MBA, College of William and Mary, 1980; MSBA, Rochester, 1991; PhD, 1992

Daniel W. Quan, Assistant Professor
BSc, British Columbia, 1979; MSc, 1983; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1989

Ramesh K. S. Rao, Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), 1974; MBA, Indiana (Bloomington), 1977; DBA, 1978

Ehud I. Ronn, Professor
BS, Technion--Machon Technology L'Israel, 1976; MS, 1978; PhD, Stanford, 1983

Andrew J. Senchack Jr., Professor
BSIndE, Texas Technological College, 1966; MBA, 1968; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1973

Lewis J. Spellman, Professor
BBA, Michigan, 1961; MBA, 1962; MA, Stanford, 1969; PhD, 1971

Laura T. Starks, Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1972; MBA, Texas (San Antonio), 1975; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1981

Dwight D. Steward, Senior Lecturer
BA, Texas (Austin), 1990; PhD, Iowa, 1995

Sheridan Titman, Professor
BS, Colorado (Boulder), 1975; MS, Carnegie Mellon, 1978; PhD, 1981

Klaus Bjerre Toft, Assistant Professor
Cand.con., Aarhus Universitet, 1989; MS, California (Berkeley), 1992; PhD, 1994

Susan V. White, Senior Lecturer
BA, Brown, 1971; MBA, State University of New York (Binghamton), 1979; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1990

Michael E. Williams, Senior Lecturer
BA, Austin College, 1969; MA, Southern Methodist, 1976; PhD, 1980

Adjunct Professors

Samuel C. Hadaway, Adjunct Associate Professor
BA, Southern Methodist, 1969; MBA, Texas (Austin), 1973; PhD, 1975

Charls E. Walker, Adjunct Professor
BBA, Texas, 1947; MBA, 1948; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1955

Department of Management

Victor L. Arnold, Chairman

Professors Emeritus

Floyd S. Brandt, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas Technological College, 1951; MBA, Michigan, 1952; DBA, Harvard, 1960

William W. Cooper, Professor Emeritus
BA, Chicago, 1938; DSc (hon), Ohio State, 1970; MA (hon), Harvard, 1976; DSc (hon), Carnegie-Mellon, 1982

Roy D. Harris, Professor Emeritus
BSME, Texas, 1958; MSME, 1960; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1965

Isadore B. Helburn, Professor Emeritus
BS, Wisconsin, 1960; MS, 1962; PhD, 1966

Charles C. Holt, Professor Emeritus
BS, MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1944; MA, Chicago, 1950; PhD, 1955

George Kozmetsky, Professor Emeritus
BA, Washington (Seattle), 1938; MBA, Harvard, 1947; DCS, 1957

Hampton Kent Snell, Professor Emeritus
BA, Wisconsin, 1925; MA, 1928; PhD, Yale, 1941

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Gautam Ahuja, Assistant Professor
BAHons, Delhi, 1984; PGDM, Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad), 1986; MA, MBA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1994; PhD, 1996

Edward Anderson, Assistant Professor
BA, Stanford, 1988; MBA, Michigan (Ann Arbor), 1993; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997

Victor L. Arnold, Professor
BS, Colorado State, 1965; MS, 1968; PhD, Wisconsin (Madison), 1971

Uttarayan Bagchi, Professor
BS, Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur), 1974; MS, 1976; MS, Washington State, 1978; PhD, Pennsylvania State, 1982

Janice M. Beyer, Professor
BMusic, Wisconsin, 1955; MS, Cornell, 1970; PhD, 1973

John Sibley Butler, Professor
BA, Louisiana State (Baton Rouge), 1969; MA, Northwestern, 1972; PhD, 1974

Gary M. Cadenhead, Senior Lecturer
BA, BBA, Southern Methodist, 1962; MBA, Harvard, 1964; PhD, Stanford, 1968; CPA, Texas, 1965

Albert M. Chammah, Associate Professor
BSIndE, Syracuse, 1951; MS, Michigan, 1963; PhD, 1969

Joseph H. Culver, Senior Lecturer
BBA, Texas, 1953; MBA, 1958

John Daly, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Maryland (College Park), 1973; MA, West Virginia, 1974; PhD, Purdue, 1977

Alison Davis-Blake, Associate Professor
BS, Brigham Young, 1979; MOB, 1982; PhD, Stanford, 1986

Janet M. Dukerich, Associate Professor
BS, Ohio State (Columbus), 1979; MA, 1981; PhD, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1985

James S. Dyer, Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1965; PhD, 1969

James Albert Fitzsimmons, Professor
BSE, Michigan, 1960; MBA, Western Michigan, 1965; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1970

James W. Fredrickson, Associate Professor
BBA, Wake Forest, 1969; MBA, 1973; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1980

Robert B. Freund, Assistant Professor
BSME, Texas (Austin), 1985; MS, Cornell, 1991; PhD, 1995

Brian E. Graham-Moore, Professor
BA, Northwestern, 1961; MA, Washington (St. Louis), 1967; PhD, 1970

Genaro J. Gutiérrez, Associate Professor
IIS, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, 1978; MS, Stanford, 1983; PhD, 1988

George P. Huber, Professor
BSME, Missouri (Columbia), 1958; MSIE, 1961; PhD, Purdue, 1966

David B. Jemison, Professor
BS, Ohio State, 1969; MBA, 1970; PhD, Washington (Seattle), 1978

Viswanathan Krishnan, Assistant Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), 1988; ME, Carnegie Mellon, 1990; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993

Hirofumi Matsuo, Professor
Kogakushi, Kyoto Daigaku, 1977; Kogakushushi, 1979; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984

Jeffrey T. Polzer, Assistant Professor
BS, Wisconsin (Stevens Point), 1988; MBA, Texas Christian, 1990; PhD, Northwestern, 1994

David A. Schkade, Associate Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1978; MBA, 1980; MS, Carnegie Mellon, 1982; PhD, 1985

James Schmidtke, Assistant Professor
BBA, Wisconsin (Madison), 1987; PhD, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1997

Robert H. Schwartz, Senior Lecturer
BS, Oklahoma, 1959; MBA, Harvard, 1961

Marc-David Seidel, Assistant Professor
BA, Cornell, 1990; MBA, 1991; MS, California (Berkeley), 1993; PhD, 1997

Robert C. Solomon, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Pennsylvania, 1963; MA, Michigan, 1965; PhD, 1967

Devanath Tirupati, Associate Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), 1971; PGDM, Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta), 1976; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987

James Westphal, Assistant Professor
BA, California (Davis), 1988; MS, Northwestern, 1993; PhD, 1996

Adjunct Professors

John N. Doggett, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Claremont Men's College, 1969; JD, Yale, 1972; MBA, Harvard, 1981

Department of Management Science and Information Systems

Patrick Jaillet, Chairman

Professors Emeritus

Charles T. Clark, Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas, 1938; MBA, 1939; PhD, 1956

William W. Cooper, Professor Emeritus
BA, Chicago, 1938; DSc (hon), Ohio State, 1970; MA (hon), Harvard, 1976; DSc (hon), Carnegie-Mellon, 1982

F. Lanier Cox, Ashbel Smith Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas, 1935; JD, 1937

Michael A. Kirk-Duggan, Professor Emeritus
BS, College of the Holy Cross, 1953; JD, Boston College, 1956; MPatentL, Georgetown, 1959

William Jackson Lord Jr., Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas, 1950; MBA, 1953; PhD, Illinois, 1961

Francis Barns May, Professor Emeritus
BBA, Texas, 1941; MBA, 1943; PhD, 1957

Eugene Walter Nelson, Professor Emeritus
JD, Texas, 1939

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

John R. Allison, Professor
JD, Baylor, 1972

Mark B. Baker, Associate Professor
BBA, Miami (Florida), 1968; JD, Southern Methodist, 1974

Anitesh Barua, Associate Professor
BE, Jadavpur, 1984; MS, Carnegie Mellon, 1987; PhD, 1990

Patrick L. Brockett, Professor
BA, California State (Long Beach), 1970; MA, PhD, California (Irvine), 1975

Richard L. Byars, Senior Lecturer
BA, Texas (Austin), 1968; MA, 1973

Frank B. Cross, Professor
BA, Kansas, 1977; JD, Harvard, 1980

Thomas H. Davenport, Professor
BA, Trinity, 1976; MA, Harvard, 1979; PhD, 1980

James S. Dyer, Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1965; PhD, 1969

Edward I. George, Professor
BA, Cornell, 1972; MS, State University of New York (Stony Brook), 1976; PhD, Stanford, 1981

Stefano Grazioli, Instructor
Laurea, Università Commerciale "Luigi Bocconi," 1985; MSCS, Minnesota, 1990; PhD, 1995

Robert T. Green, Professor
BA, Pennsylvania State, 1965; MBA, State University of New York (Buffalo), 1967; PhD, Pennsylvania State, 1971

Betsy S. Greenberg, Associate Professor
BS, Brown, 1978; MS, California (Berkeley), 1981; PhD, 1986

Patrick Jaillet, Professor
ITPE, École nationale des Travaux publics de l'État, 1981; MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982; PhD, 1985

Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, Professor
BSBA, Bowling Green State, 1981; MBA, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1982; PhD, 1986

Gaylord A. Jentz, Professor
BA, Wisconsin, 1953; JD, 1957; MBA, 1958

Peter W. M. John, Professor
BA, Oxford, 1944; MA, 1948; Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics, 1949; PhD, Oklahoma, 1955

Eleanor W. Jordan, Professor
BA, Texas (Austin), 1967; MA, 1976; PhD, 1978

Jonathan Jay Koehler, Associate Professor
BA, Pomona College, 1982; MA, Chicago, 1985; PhD, 1989

Prabhudev Konana, Assistant Professor
BTech, Mysore, 1983; MBA, Arizona, 1991; PhD, 1995

Leon S. Lasdon, Professor
BS, Syracuse, 1960; MS, Case Institute of Technology, 1962; PhD, 1964

Hani S. Mahmassani, PE, Professor
BSCE, Houston (University Park), 1976; MSCE, Purdue, 1978; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1981

Reuben R. McDaniel Jr., Professor
BS, Drexel, 1964; MSEd, Akron, 1968; EdD, Indiana, 1971

Douglas J. Morrice, Associate Professor
BA, Carleton, 1985; MA, Cornell, 1988; PhD, 1990

John R. Mote, Associate Professor
BBA, Texas (Austin), 1975; PhD, 1979

Paula C. Murray, Associate Professor
BA, Baylor, 1977; JD, Texas (Austin), 1980

Soren S. Nielsen, Assistant Professor
CandScient, Københavns Universitet, 1985; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1992

Keri Ellen Pearlson, Assistant Professor
BS, MS, Stanford, 1980; PhD, Harvard, 1992

Robert A. Prentice, Distinguished Teaching Professor
BA, Kansas, 1972; JD, Washburn University of Topeka, 1975

Timothy W. Ruefli, Professor
BA, Wesleyan, 1964; MS, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1967; PhD, Carnegie-Mellon, 1969

Thomas W. Sager, Professor
BA, Iowa, 1968; MS, 1971; PhD, 1973

Steven R. Salbu, Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor
BA, Hofstra, 1977; MA, Dartmouth College, 1980; JD, College of William and Mary, 1980; MA, PhD, Pennsylvania, 1990

Judy E. Scott, Assistant Professor
BSc, Sydney, 1967; MBA, California, (Irvine), 1988; PhD, 1995

Bill Shaw, Professor
BBA, Louisiana Tech, 1962; JD, Tulane, 1965; MBA, Louisiana Tech, 1968; LLM, Texas (Austin), 1972

Thomas S. Shively, Associate Professor
BA, Middlebury College, 1981; MBA, Chicago, 1984; PhD, 1986

David B. Spence, Assistant Professor
BA, Gettysburg College, 1980; JD, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1984; PhD, Duke, 1997

Jan Stallaert, Assistant Professor
Commercial Engineer, Catholic University of Leuven, 1987; PhB, 1988; PhD, California (Los Angeles), 1992

S. Lynne Stokes, Professor
BA, University of the South, 1972; MS, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 1974; PhD, 1976

Emerson H. Tiller, Assistant Professor
BA, Indiana, 1984; JD, 1987; PhD, California (Berkeley), 1994

Andrew B. Whinston, Professor
BA, Michigan, 1957; MS, Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1960; PhD, 1962

Henry C. Wurts, Instructor
BA, Brigham Young, 1988; MS, 1993

Gang Yu, Associate Professor
BS, Wuhan University, 1982; MS, Cornell, 1985; PhD, Pennsylvania, 1989

Department of Marketing Administration

Linda L. Golden, Chairman

Professors Emeritus

Stanley A. Arbingast, Professor Emeritus
BEd, Winona State College, 1934; MA, Washington (Seattle), 1948; PhD, 1956

Calvin Patton Blair, Professor Emeritus
BA, Texas, 1949; MA, 1953; PhD, 1957

Edward W. Cundiff, Professor Emeritus
BA, Stanford, 1940; MBA, 1942; EdD, 1952

Professors, Instructors, and Senior Lecturers

Mark I. Alpert, Professor
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964; MBA, Southern California, 1965; MS, 1967; DBA, 1968

Sridhar Balasubramanian, Assistant Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur), 1989; MBA, Bangalore, 1991; MA, MPhil, Yale, 1994; PhD, 1997

Richard A. Briesch, Assistant Professor
BS, Carnegie-Mellon, 1981; MBA, Rice, 1991; PhD, Northwestern, 1995

Susan M. Broniarczyk, Assistant Professor
BS, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), 1987; PhD, Florida, 1992

Bart J. Bronnenberg, Assistant Professor
MS, Universiteit Twente, 1987; MS, PhD, Institute Supérior Europeéne d'Administration, 1994

Eli P. Cox III, Professor
BA, Michigan State, 1964; MBA, 1966; DBA, Indiana (Bloomington), 1973

William H. Cunningham, Professor
BA, Michigan State, 1966; MBA, 1967; PhD, 1970

Linda V. Gerber, Senior Lecturer
BBA, Texas (Austin), 1973; PhD, 1983

Kate Gillespie, Associate Professor
BA, Harvard, 1974; MBA, Virginia, 1976; PhD, London, 1983

Linda L. Golden, Professor
BSBA, Florida, 1971; MA, 1972; PhD, 1975

Robert T. Green, Professor
BA, Pennsylvania State, 1965; MBA, State University of New York (Buffalo), 1967; PhD, Pennsylvania State, 1971

Karl Eugene Henion II, Professor
BME, Michigan, 1949; MBA, Harvard, 1955; PhD, Texas (Austin), 1967

Wayne D. Hoyer, Professor
BA, Purdue, 1976; MS, 1979; PhD, 1980

David L. Huff, Professor
BS, Oregon, 1955; MBA, Washington (Seattle), 1957; PhD, 1960

Ajay K. Kohli, Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur), 1975; PGDM, Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta), 1977; PhD, Pittsburgh (Main Campus), 1986

Masaaki Kotabe, Professor
BSS, University of Chiba, 1976; MBA, Michigan State, 1980; PhD, 1987

Tomasz Lenartowicz, Assistant Professor
BS, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, 1969; MA, Universidade de São Paulo, 1972; PhD, South Carolina (Columbia), 1996

Vijay Mahajan, Professor
BS, Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), 1970; MSE, Texas (Austin), 1972; PhD, 1975

Leigh M. McAlister, Professor
BS, Oklahoma, 1972; MS, Stanford, 1975; PhD, 1978

Herbert A. Miller, Senior Lecturer
BS, Hartford, 1968

Donald A. Paley, Senior Lecturer
BSEE, Pennsylvania State, 1959

Robert A. Peterson, Professor
BSB, Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), 1966; MS, 1968; PhD, 1970

Tasadduq A. Shervani, Assistant Professor
BC, Aligarh Muslim University, 1982; PGDBM, Xavier Labor Relations Institute (Jamshedpur), 1984; PhD, Southern California, 1990

Rajendra K. Srivastava, Professor
BTech, Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), 1972; MS, Rhode Island, 1974; MBA, PhD, Pittsburgh (Main Campus), 1979

Patricia M. West, Assistant Professor
BS, Elmhurst College, 1981; AM, Chicago, 1988; PhD, 1993

Robert E. Witt, Professor
BA, Bates College, 1962; MBA, Dartmouth College, 1964; PhD, Pennsylvania State, 1968

Philip C. Zerrillo, Assistant Professor
BBA, Texas (Austin), 1989; PhD, Northwestern, 1995

Adjunct Professors

William J. Carner, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Drury College, 1970; MBA, 1972; PhD, Missouri (Columbia), 1989

Shelby H. Carter Jr., Adjunct Professor
BBA, Texas, 1953

John N. Doggett, Adjunct Assistant Professor
BA, Claremont Men's College, 1969; JD, Yale, 1972; MBA, Harvard, 1981

Audie L. Johnson Jr., Adjunct Professor
BBA, North Texas State College, 1954

Elizabeth W. King, Adjunct Professor
BA, Oberlin College, 1980; MPPM, Yale, 1988

Thomas J. Meredith, Adjunct Professor
BA, St. Francis College (Pennsylvania), 1972; JD, Duquesne, 1975; LLM, Georgetown, 1977

James E. Stafford, Adjunct Professor
BA, Texas, 1960; MBA, 1962; PhD, 1965

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