Communication Courses

The faculty has approval to offer the following courses in the academic years 1996 - 1997 and 1997 - 1998; however, all courses are not taught each semester or summer session. Students should consult the Course Schedule, published before registration, and the supplement to the Course Schedule, published before classes begin, to determine which courses will be offered during a particular semester or summer session. These publications also may reflect changes that have been made to the courses listed here since this catalog was printed.

A full explanation of course numbers is given in General Information. In brief, the first digit of a course number indicates the semester hour value of the course. The second and third digits indicate the rank of the course: if they are 01 through 19, the course is of lower-division rank; if 20 through 79, of upper-division rank; if 80 through 99, of graduate rank. The letter A following a course number identifies the first half of a two-semester course; the letter B, the second half.

Department of Advertising
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Department of Journalism
Department of Radio-Television-Film
Department of Speech Communication

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