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FERPA questions for students

What are my rights under FERPA?   Under FERPA, you have a right to

  • inspect and review your educational records;
  • request to amend your educational records;
  • have some control over the disclosure of information from your educational records.

The University of Texas at Austin notifies students annually of their FERPA rights in Appendix C, Chapter 9, of the General Information catalog.  » to top

When do FERPA rights begin?   Your FERPA rights begin when you enroll; that is, when you have registered and paid and classes have begun.  » to top

Can my parents get information about me?   Without your express, written permission, your parents, like all other third parties, may have access only to your directory information. If you have restricted some or all of your directory information from access by the public, then those items of directory information are considered confidential, and cannot be released to your parents or other third parties.  » to top

Who can access my educational records?   Your educational records are confidential and may be disclosed

  • to appropriate University administrators, faculty members, or staff members who require access to educational records in order to perform their legitimate educational duties;
  • to those to whom you have given express, written permission;
  • if the release falls under one of the exceptions described in Chapter 9-202 of the General Information catalog.  » to top

How can I restrict access to public or directory information about me?   If you are currently enrolled, you may request that all or some of your directory information be made confidential by visiting the Restrict My Info service. Directory restriction is available to all students during the first twelve days of a fall or spring semester or during the first four days of a summer session. You may also do so by coming to the Office of the Registrar, Main Building 1, during the first twelve class days of any semester or the first four class days of any summer term and completing a form, Request to Restrict Release or Revoke Restriction of Directory Information. Any restriction will remain in effect until you revoke it. Only currently enrolled students may restrict their directory information, but students may revoke the restriction of their information at any time.  » to top

Whom should I contact with questions or concerns?   Direct general questions to the Office of Institutional Compliance, the vice president for student affairs, or the registrar, as appropriate. Send comments or suggestions to the registrar's office.

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