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This page shows how to start adding a course using the online Request for Change in Course Inventory system. Key terms link to a glossary, which explains concepts more fully. Help for other pages is available through the Get Help link in the left navigation bar of every page.

See the glossary for details about our deadlines, using *NRCRIN, or for information not specific to adding a course.

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In five quick steps, you'll start adding a course. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Choose an effective date.

  • The choices available in the pulldown menu are set by Coordinating Board deadlines. You can only choose the academic year in which the course will be added and reported to the Coordinating Board.
  • A course can only be added in the fall, such as fall 2009-2010. You can't select a specific semester.

Step 2

Enter a field of study and a course number.

  • Field of study. Add courses in fields for which you are authorized. You'll get an error message if you try adding to an unauthorized field, and you won't be allowed to continue. Authorizations are based on your academic unit. For example,
    If you work in the Department of Mathematics, you are authorized to submit forms in three fields of study: ACF actuarial foundations, MST mathematical statistics, and M mathematics.
    Field of study abbreviations contain three characters. If your field contains only two letters, you may have to enter a blank space to indicate the third character.
    To enter C S computer sciences, type C space S.
  • Course number. Type the course number in the box next to the field of study.

    You must enter a course number in this box. Press the See Available Numbers link if you aren't sure what numbers are available. This will open a page where you can choose your field of study and see a chart of available numbers.
    To add Biology 345, type BIO in the first box and 345 in the second box.
    If the course will have multiple semester-hour values, enter any value. You will choose all the values in the next step.
    To add BIO 137, 237, 337, and 437, type 137 in the second box.

Step 3

Is this a multiple value course?

  • Semester-hour value is the number of hours of credit a student receives for completing a course. In the University's course numbering system, the value is represented by the first digit of the course number.
    If your department will offer the course with more than one value in semester hours, such as BIO 137, 237, 337, and 437, check the Yes box.
    Once you select Yes, a new row of options will appear. Check the box next to each value that will be valid for the course.
    To add the BIO course mentioned above, check the 137, 237, 337, and 437 boxes.

Step 4

Enter the course's level.

  • Choose the level by selecting one of four options from the pulldown menu: lower-division, upper-division, graduate, and professional. The level must correspond to the course number according to this scheme:
    Course numbers X01 to X19: lower-division
    Course numbers X20 to X79: upper-division
    Course numbers X80 to X99: graduate
    Course numbers X20 to X99: professional
    Professional courses are only offered by the School of Law and the College of Pharmacy.

Step 5

Enter the courses, if any, this course will replace.

  • If the course you are adding is replacing other courses, enter those courses here. For example:
    If you are adding a new course to replace GRC 309K, enter GRC 309K in the boxes here.
  • Replacement course information is important because a student usually can't get credit for both the new course and the old course. When you enter a course and save it here, a popup message will suggest that you add a degree plan statement to the form to make clear that the new and old courses may not both be counted.
  • Entering a course number in this field won't affect the old course. If you want it dropped from the inventory, submit a separate drop form to do so.
  • See the system overview for common reasons why one course is replaced by another.
  • When you've entered all your information on the Start page, press the Save and Continue button. This takes you to the Summary page.

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Help | Add course
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