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The Summary form.

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The Summary page simply shows you all of the information that is currently in the inventory for the course or topic you are dropping. You should review this information to make sure you are dropping the correct course. For numbered topics, the base course information appears at the top of the page.

You cannot drop and change a course at the same time, so the system will not allow you to make any changes to the course.

If your course is offered with multiple semester-hour values, all of the values will be dropped by this request. To drop only one or more values but not the entire course, you should withdraw this request, then start over with Change a course or numbered topic and change the semester-hour values.

If you selected the base course, all the topics under this number will also be dropped. You do not have to submit individual requests for each topic. If you intended to drop only one or more topics but not the base course, you should withdraw this request, then start over with Change a course or numbered topic and select only the topic you intend to drop.


You must enter a justification for dropping this course.

A justification is required on every request. It should explain why the course or topic is being dropped. It is seen by all the administrators who approve your request, and sometimes by the Coordinating Board.

Official Publications uses this information to help understand your request. If your justification helps explain what you're trying to do, it may prevent delays in processing your form.

Examples of clear justifications for dropping a course:

The course has become obsolete and is no longer taught.

This topic has become an integral part of the curriculum and is being dropped so that it can be given its own course number.

The department curriculum committee has decided that this subject matter should be offered not as a lower-division course but as an upper-division course, to be taken after students have completed introductory coursework in the major.


Some unclear justifications:

Request of instructor.

Curriculum update.


In this box, you can type a note to another person in your routing scheme or to Official Publications. Comments will be seen by all of the approvers; as the originator, you can write a note to the chair, who can add a note to the dean, and so on. Please keep in mind that the comments, like the rest of the request, can also be viewed by anyone with access to the system.

Saving the form.

Save your justification (and comments) by pressing the Save and continue button at the bottom of the page. Then press Sign and send forward. You can also press Withdraw/Deny request if you want to delete the request entirely.

When you've sent the request forward, the system will tell you the request has moved to the next approver in your routing scheme. The approver won't be notified. It is your responsibility to make sure your approvers check their system inboxes regularly.

Approvers can add additional comments. They can also deny your request, which makes the form permanently inactive. Notification copies of denied requests will be sent to your inbox.

To check the status of a request that has been sent forward, you can search the system by using Forms In Progress. This link can be found in the left navbar or on the system homepage.

If you're not ready to send your request forward, save it to your inbox by pressing Save changes, then log off of the system. You can get back to the request and continue working on it at any time, so long as the request reaches Official Publications before the deadline.


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Help | Drop course
Summary form
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