Final exams | fall 04

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Course schedule | fall 04

Final exams

Final exam schedules on the Web and TEX

Students can access their final exam schedules for current semester classes via the Web or by calling TEX at (512) 475-9950, option 54. Identification and password are required. A public display of final exam information by unique number is also available. These services are available approximately one month before the end of the semester; until then please refer to the index of final exams below for the tentative schedule.

Index of final exams

Wednesday, December 8–Saturday, December 11
Monday, December 13–Tuesday, December 14

If your class meets...

Your final is...

Mon Wed Fri   8 to 9a

Tue 14 Dec, 2p to 5

9 to 10a

Tue 14 Dec, 9 to 12n

10 to 11a

Thu 9 Dec, 2p to 5

11 to 12n

Mon 13 Dec, 9 to 12n

12 to 1p

Wed 8 Dec, 2p to 5

1 to 2p

Sat 11 Dec, 7p to 10

2 to 3p

Fri 10 Dec, 9 to 12n

3 to 4p

Wed 8 Dec, 7p to 10

4 to 5p

Fri 10 Dec, 7p to 10

5 to 6p

Fri 10 Dec, 7 to 10p

Tue Thu   8 to 930a

Mon 13 Dec, 2p to 5

930 to 11a

Sat 11 Dec, 2p to 5p

11 to 1230p

Thu 9 Dec, 9 to 12n

1230 to 2p

Sat 11 Dec, 9 to 12n

2 to 330p

Wed 8 Dec, 9 to 12n

330 to 5p

Fri 10 Dec, 2p to 5

5 to 630p

Thu 9 Dec, 7 to 10p

Mon evenings

Mon 13 Dec, 7 to 10p

Tue evenings

Tue 14 Dec, 7 to 10p

Wed evenings

Wed 8 Dec, 7 to 10p

Thu evenings

Thu 9 Dec, 7 to 10p

Fri evenings

Fri 10 Dec, 7 to 10p

The final examination date and time for a class is determined by the class meeting time as listed in the above index. Final examinations for classes that meet at times not listed in the above index are normally scheduled with classes meeting at the indexed time that most closely corresponds to the beginning day and time of the class. For example, the exam for a class that meets T 3 to 6pm will be at the same time as exams for classes that meet TTH 330 to 5pm. If the beginning time of the class is halfway between two standard class beginning times, the class will be grouped with those meeting at the later time. For example, the exam for a class that meets MW 230 to 4pm will be at the same time as exams for classes that meet MWF 3 to 4pm.

Uniform examinations and their correspondent makeup exams are scheduled for certain courses that administer examinations at the same time for all students enrolled in the course. Generally, these examinations are given at times other than the regular examination time. A list of uniform and makeup examinations will be printed in the final examination schedule distributed prior to the end of the semester.

Questions about the final examination schedule should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at 475-7600.

Final examination policies

The following final examination policies are taken from General Information, chapter 4:

  • Class-related activities, with the exception of office hours, are prohibited on designated no-class days and during the final examination period. These dates are set aside for students to prepare for and take scheduled final examinations. During this period, papers and projects are not to be due, review sessions are not to be scheduled, quizzes are not to be given, and there are not to be any other class-related activities, with the exception of office hours ( Policy Memorandum 3.201). For the fall semester 2004, the no-class days are Monday, December 6; Tuesday, December 7; and Sunday, December 12. The final examination period is Wednesday, December 8, through Saturday, December 11, and Monday, December 13, through Tuesday, December 14.

  • Examinations should begin promptly at the scheduled hour and should not continue beyond the three hours allocated in the official schedule.

  • No final examinations may be given before the examination period begins, and no change in time from that printed in the official schedule is permitted. An instructor with a compelling reason to change the time of an examination must obtain the approval of the department chair and the dean of the college or school in which the course is taught before announcing an alternative examination procedure to the students.

    No substantial examinations may be given during the last class week or during the no-class days preceding the final examination period. An examination counting for more than 30 percent of the final course grade is considered to be substantial.

    A change in the room assignment for a final examination may be made only with the approval of the registrar.

  • With the approval of the department chair, an instructor may choose not to give a final examination. However, if an examination is given, all students must take it and no exemptions may be allowed except pursuant to a uniform exemption policy announced to the class.

  • For good cause, an instructor may give a student permission to take an examination with a different class section than the one in which the student is registered.

  • For good cause, a student may petition his or her academic dean for permission to change the time or place of an examination from that specified in the official schedule. If permission is given by the dean and the instructor, no penalty (such as a reduction in grade) may be assessed.

  • In a course extending over two semesters, when the subject matter is continuous, the second semester final examination may include the subject matter of the first semester.

  • A student may address complaints related to the final examination procedures in a course to the chair of the department or the dean of the college or school in which the course is offered, or to the Office of the Ombudsman.

There is no University policy that provides relief to students who have three examinations scheduled the same day; in that situation, students may seek the assistance of the course instructors, department chair, and/or dean of the college.

Grade reporting

Submission of grades to registrar

Paper grade sheets are due in departmental offices by 9am on their due date. All grades are due in the registrar's office by 10am on their due date regardless of the medium by which they are submitted.

Faculty are required to submit grade sheets according to the following schedule and policies:

final exam date

grade sheets are due by 10am on

Wed 8 December

Mon 13 December

Thu 9 December

Tue 14 December

Fri 10 December

Wed 15 December

Sat 11 December

Thu 16 December

Mon 13 December

Fri 17 December

Tue 14 December

Fri 17 December

  • Final grades for classes that have regularly scheduled meeting times but no final examinations are due at the same time they would have been if examinations had been scheduled.

  • Final grades for classes with no officially scheduled meeting times are due Wednesday, December 8.

Final grades for organized courses should be submitted on-line by the instructor of record by going to Grade Reporting. Organized courses are those that have regularly scheduled meeting times. On-line grade submission is available at all times during grade reporting except for short periods of routine maintenance.

Paper grade sheets may be delivered before or after office hours by using the mail slot in the hallway outside the registrar's office (Main Building, Room 1). The east and west doors on the ground floor of the Main Building will be open according to the following schedule:

Mon to Fri

7a to 11p


8a to 7p


9a to 11p

Grade reports to students

Grade reports are available to all students, except students in the School of Law, at the end of each semester and summer session on the Web. Printed grade reports are mailed to students who have had a change in scholastic status, earned University Honors, or requested a mailed copy prior to the end of the semester or summer session through the Web site listed above. Grade reports are mailed to the student's permanent address on file in the Office of the Registrar; however, at the student's request or if the permanent address is outside the United States and its territories, reports are mailed to the local address.

In addition, students enrolled in spring 1991 or later may listen to a report of their grades for any completed semester by calling TEX at (512) 475-9950, option 51. This service is available Monday through Saturday, 8am to 5pm and 6pm to midnight, except on occasional Saturdays and for other brief periods.

Final exams | fall 04

    Office of the Registrar     University of Texas at Austin 2004
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