TEX - The Telephone Enrollment eXchange

TEX is an automated telephone system comprising various services. Using a touch-tone telephone, dial the appropriate phone number and use the 2-digit codes listed here to access the desired service.

(512) 475-9950

Except where noted, these services are generally available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. to midnight, Monday through Saturday.
22 Fee Bills and Loans - Payments and Balances
Call TEX to obtain the current balance of your fee bill, emergency loan, or tuition loan. The date and amount of the most recent payment is also available. You may access tuition and fee bill information for the last three semesters.

23 Financial Bar Clearance
Call TEX to clear financial bars before or during registration by charging the total amount due to your credit card. If payment is approved, TEX will give you an authorization code confirming the transaction.

24 Pay Tuition and Fees
Call TEX to pay your tuition and fees with your financial aid award, by electronic funds transfer from your bank, or by credit card. Pay close attention to the payment deadlines printed in the Course Schedule. If your tuition and fee amount is zero, you may also use this service to complete your registration.

33 Tuition Loans and Emergency Loans
Call TEX for a tuition loan or for an emergency cash loan up to $300. If your loan is approved, go to the cashiers' windows in the Main Building by 4:30 p.m. the same day, if it is a business day, or the following business day to sign a promissory note and receive your loan.

52 Verify Semesters Enrolled and Degrees Awarded
TEX will verify enrollment and degrees awarded for all students whose academic records have been computerized. You will need the student's 9-digit student ID number to access this information.

54 Final Exam Schedule
Call TEX to hear a listing of your final exam schedule by unique number. You will need your student identification number and PIN. Exam information on TEX supersedes the printed exam schedule.

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