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The center for students in recovery

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Q: Are there any requirements to become a member of the Center?
A: To become a member of the Center for Students in Recovery, you must be admitted to the University of Texas and we suggest you attend the CSR members meeting on Tuesday at 6:00 pm. However, some members are unable to make this meeting due to conflicting commitments. In this case, commit to attending a different meeting at CSR (such as Celebration of Recovery, There is a Solution, and AA Storytime), in addition to CSR service and/or social activities. Also, if you are unable to visit CSR for an extended period of time, you are ALWAYS welcome, regardless of how long you have been away.

Q: What is the difference between Students for Recovery, the Center for Students in Recovery, and Celebration of Recovery?
A: Students for Recovery is a University of Texas registered student organization. Students for Recovery (SFR) is tied to the Center for Students in Recovery, and allows the Center to become involved in the University. SFR participates in UT tabling events and hosts University-wide social events. The Center for Students in Recovery (CSR) is a physical space on campus where 12-step meetings are held. For the students, it acts as a meeting space, study space, and "club-house." Celebration of Recovery (COR) is an all-addictions 12-step meeting held at CSR on Tuesday at 7:15 pm.

Q: What can I expect from a 12-step meeting?
A: There are many different types of 12-step meetings, and many different 12-step meetings in Austin. Each meeting is run a little bit differently. The Celebration of Recovery meeting, which is held on Tuesday at 7:15 at the Center is an all-addictions meeting.

The most abundant 12-step meeting in Austin is AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). AA meetings are either "open" or "closed." Therefore, if the meeting is open, anyone is welcome at the meeting. However, typically the members only talk about alcohol during the meeting. "Closed" AA meetings are ONLY open to self-identified alcoholics. All of the meetings at the Center are open. There are also meetings of Narcotics anonymous, Opiate Addicts Anonymous, Dual Disorders Anonymous, Al-Anon, Co-dependents Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous, Sex-Addicts Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Gamers Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and so on. So pick your flavor! However, like I said, the Celebration of Recovery (COR) meeting is an all-addictions meeting.

Usually, at the beginning of the COR meeting we will recite the "Serenity Prayer." At the beginning of the meeting, the chair person (or the "leader" of the meeting) will ask if anyone in the room is attending their first AA meeting, if anyone is attending their first COR meeting, and if anyone has less than thirty days sober. You do not have to identify yourself if you are not comfortable. Then, someone will choose a topic, typically from the Big Book (the Alcoholics Anonymous text), and then share about the topic. After the topic has been shared, the meeting is open for anyone to share. You are not required to share. However, not all meetings are organized like this. Some meetings have a "round-robin" format. This means that the members of the meetings share in a circle. At these meetings, you can choose to share when it is your turn, or "pass." At the end of the meeting (after about 50 minutes have passed), a member of the group will pass out chips. Chips are tokens that you receive for various lengths of sobriety. The chip that you might be interested in is the "desire chip." This is a chip for newcomers.

At some point, the chairperson will ask if anyone is willing to be a sponsor. A sponsor is someone that takes a newcomer through the 12-steps. At the end of the meeting, the members will circle up (standing), and recite the "Serenity Prayer."

Q: What if I can only attend the Celebration of Recovery meeting, but not the Center for Students in Recovery members meeting?
A: You are always welcome to attend one meeting and not the other.

Q: Is the Center only for people who are recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction?
A: As mentioned above, the center is for anyone that is interested in learning more about recovery, interested in supporting their peers or a loved one, or is recovering from an addictive behavior. This could be behavior related to an eating disorder, self-mutilation, sex, gaming, gambling, co-dependency, use of substances (such as alcohol or drugs), shopping, exercise, etc.

Q: Do I need to do anything before I show up to the Center for Student's in Recovery members meeting, or any other meeting at the Center?
A: There are no pre-requisites to show up to any of the meetings at the Center.

Q: What if I'm not sure that I'm an addict, can I still come to a meeting?
A: As mentioned previously, anyone is welcome, even if you are just coming to learn more about addiction.

Q: Where is the Center for Students in Recovery located?
A: The Center is located in SSW 1.108, which is in the basement of the Social Work Building on San Jacinto Blvd. If you have trouble finding the Center, please contact one of the staff members. We would be happy to help you find your way!

Q: What about confidentiality? If we attend any of the meetings at CSR or become a member of CSR, does that information because public?
A: CSR is not affiliated with University Health Services at UT; therefore, when you attend a meeting, that information is not shared with any other entities or individuals at UT. Nor does that information become part of your health record. CSR does not keep public records of student attendance or membership. Therefore, your attendance and membership at CSR are confidential and anonymous.

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