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The center for students in recovery

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We provide students in all stages of recovery comprehensive, on-going services for personal and academic success, creating a safer campus that celebrates recovery and saves lives.

While CSR is not a treatment facility and does not offer clinical services, students can be connected to recovery-related resources including safe and sober living, additional community support groups, and inpatient or outpatient treatment.
The University of Texas at Austin Center for Students in Recovery

star graphicWe HELP students new to recovery find resources for wellness, sobriety, and support.
star graphicWe CONNECT students living lives of recovery into our welcoming, inclusive, compassionate campus community, as well as the broader Austin recovery community.
star graphicWe LINK our students to academic resources: tutors, advisors, mentors, professional development and career specialists.
star graphicWe ENGAGE students in recovery by offering fun sober social activities and wellness events and service opportunities to engage the UT-Austin community and increase the visibility of the recovery community.
star graphicWe OFFER programming to help students integrate the principles of recovery into their daily lives, including 12-step meetings conveniently located on and around campus.

We serve ALL students: undergraduate, master's, and doctoral.

star graphicStaff/faculty and prospective UT students are also welcome to attend our 12-step meetings.

We serve our campus and community to demonstrate that recovery is about living an exciting life of healing and hope.

star graphicWe provide information on addiction, treatment, substance use research, and recovery. Our students regularly share their stories to help educate future medical professionals, adolescents, and collegiate peers.

star graphicWe provide a facilitated dialogue, which fosters safe spaces for participants to explore how we manage stressful emotions. We provide an arena for exploring the continuum of compulsive behaviors, addictions and coping skills. We offer education on the nature of addiction, trending research and present healthy solutions for recovery. Audiences have called the CSR students "courageous," and the experience "life-changing." To request a Request a panel of CSR students to tell their stories to your class, organization, or other assembly click the button below.

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Tour The Center for Students in Recovery

Are you a parent or a prospective student looking for a tour of The Center for Students in Recovery with a current CSR student? Please email us and we will pair you up with one of our amazing students in recovery!

Our students vary greatly in terms of age, interests, and stage of recovery. We are open to all students interested in a clean and sober campus community. All students are welcome to be part of the CSR community. All of our meetings and events are open, unless otherwise noted online. Simply email us, if you have any questions.

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Would you like to support a recovery-oriented community at UT-Austin? Get involved with our registered student organization Students For Recovery: you don't have to be in recovery, just a supporter! navigate to our Facebook page navigate to our Hornslink page
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