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The center for students in recovery

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Support The Center for Students in Recovery

Contribute! Any Dollar Amount Helps!

By making a donation to CSR, you are helping fund sober student activities and cover operating expenses. Any dollar amount helps! Whether it is $25...$100...$250...or more, each donation makes a difference in the lives of our students in recovery.

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Become a Champion for Collegiate Recovery

Your pledged donation of $1,200 per year (or $100 each month) toward the operating expenses of CSR will provide funding for CSR educational programs, volunteer activities, clean and sober social events, experiential outings, staffing and other forms of support for your student in recovery.

In return for your generous donation, you will be given a profile of the student you are championing, which will include the student's first name and last initial, hometown, academic degree program, class year and a personal note on successes and challenges in navigating the world of higher education while living free from alcohol and other drugs. You will also be invited to the annual "Breakfast of Champions" held each year in the fall. There, you will meet our students in recovery for whom participation with CSR has been a life-changing experience.

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"Having CSR at UT Austin has helped me not to feel alone in my sobriety in college. I am grateful that I always have a safe place to go to at school as a student in recovery." -- Kim, CSR Student
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Join our Sustainers Council

Our Sustainers Council is the reason that CSR is able to keep its doors open today. By joining this council with a pledged donation of $10,000 each year for a 5-year period, you will provide the funds necessary to continue operations while we raise permanent support through endowments.

Establish an Endowment

Make a sound investment in a better future by establishing an endowment to benefit The Center for Students in Recovery. Your endowed gift provides permanent support to CSR and, in doing so, saves lives. Choosing what your endowed gift will support is simply a matter of selecting an area within CSR that matches your interests. From program support to student activities or scholarships, your legacy can take almost any form.

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"CSR has been a social outlet where I have found other students who all share similar values, goals, and have gone through the same recovery process. I have made some of my best friends in CSR." -- Payton, CSR Alum
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"In honor of moms everywhere who have worried about their alcoholic children" -- Anonymous
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Please call:

Sierra Castedo

Sierra Castedo

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The University of Texas at Austin Center for Students in Recovery

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Other ways to Participate

  • Spread the news. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about our program and courageous students.
  • Host a small or large fundraising event in your city. We would love to attend to speak about how CSR changes lives.
  • Do you have an idea for a sober student activity that you would like to sponsor? We welcome your ideas, participation and support!
  • Underwrite events. Your helping to put on events for the Center for Students in Recovery provides a tremendous opportunity to engage more community members and move us to permanent sustainability.

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"It's crucial that [CSR] exists on our campus if we want to be considered as an innovative and forward-thinking university." -- Anonymous CSR student
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Many thanks to our Supporters

Endowment Donors
Dawn & Greg Crouch
Alexander Dickie
Carol & Jim Farnsworth
Donna & Steve Hicks
Jamie & Patrick Rosenthal
Max, Gene, Alice and Lynn Sherman
Payton Simpson

Sustainers Council
The Arbor
Murry Bowden
Caron Treatment Center
Dawn & Greg Crouch
Steve Hicks
John Knox
Harry Lucas
Red McCombs
Origins Recovery Centers
Bobby Stillwell
Terrell and Myles Sherman

Corporate & Foundation Partners
The Cain Foundation
The Cullen Foundation
The Cullen Trust for Higher Education
Dian Graves Owen Foundation
Harris & Eliza Kempner Fund
Douglas B. Marshall Jr. Family Foundation
Stacie Mathewson Foundation
The John M. O'Quinn Foundation
Dian Graves Owen Foundation
Transforming Youth Recovery
Trull Foundation

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Would you like to support a recovery-oriented community at UT-Austin? Get involved with our registered student organization Students For Recovery: you don't have to be in recovery, just a supporter! facebook hornslink
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