Plants: The Future of Energy?
A group of first-year students are examining the viability of switchgrass as an alternative energy source. Watch a video about diving into research through the Freshman Research Initiative.
#ReportingUT Puts Student Journalists on Assignment
Journalism students at UT get hands-on reporting experience outside the classroom. Follow them at #reportingUT.
The Other Rankings
Take a look at rankings that show what UT offers outside the classroom, from happiness to health, social mobility to social media, and millionaires to money-saving.
Campaign for Texas Goes Out with a Bang
The state's most ambitious fundraising campaign to date concluded Aug. 31, topping its $3 billion goal by $115 million and breaking records in the process.
100 Facts about Bevo for Bevo XIV's 100th Win
For nearly 100 years, Bevo has been a beloved UT symbol. Bevo XIV now has his 100th win, so here are 100 things to know about our live mascot.
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Academic Dates & Deadlines

October 22, Wednesday: Last day a graduate student may change registration in a class to or from the credit/no credit basis.
October 22, Wednesday: Last day to apply for a law degree.
October 22, Wednesday: Last day a law student may register in absentia.


Tuesday, Oct. 21, All-day:
Tuesday, Oct. 21, 6 p.m. -7 p.m.:
Tuesday, Oct. 21, 8 a.m. -8 p.m.: