Tips and Tricks

Friday, September 12 – Important Deadlines:

Twelfth class day; this is the date the official enrollment count is taken.

Payment for added classes (add bill) due by 5:00 pm.

Last day an undergraduate student may add a class except for rare and extenuating circumstances. 

Last day to drop a class for a possible refund.

Last day a graduate student may, with the required approvals, add a class.

Last day a law student may add a class. Last day a law student may drop a class without the approval of the dean.


To add and drop classes:

Undergraduate Students: Use the online registration system to drop or change the grading status of classes. To add a class, you must go to the department offering it. 

Graduate Students: Go to the department offering the class to make any changes.


Questions? Give us a call! (512) 471-3825


Source: Office of the Registrar, General Information Catalog