Faculty Connection Week

close up of chalk board

During Faculty Connection Week, students were encouraged to invite a faculty member to their 360 Connections group meetings. Faculty members who attended were asked to share wisdom about adjusting to college life and success in the classroom in order to enrich the students' experience on the 40 Acres.

In addition to the invaluable wisdom passed from faculty to student, the week was highlighted with an event held at various campus locales in which students could write the name of an inspirational or favorite professor on a chalkboard for all to see.

Thank you to all of the students and faculty who participated in the Faculty Connection Week events!

Selected images from the event can be seen below. If you are interested in higher resolution photos or would like to see more of the gallery from this event please send an email requesting the link to the online gallery.


Student writes their favorite professors name on a chalkboard     close up of faculty week chalkboard     two students sign chalkboard

writing on chalk board     student hand writing on chalkboard     student writing on the chalk board

Student writes on the chalk board     Students writes on chalk board with tower in background     view of chalkboard and student writing

Chalk board with student's favorite professors written on it     Chalk board with student's favorite professors written on it day 2     Chalk board with student's favorite professors written on it day three