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"Electrical and Computer Engineering"

Faculty & Staff

Baldick, Ross

Dr. Baldick's current research involves optimization and economic theory applied to electric power system operations, the public policy and technical issues associated with electric transmission under deregulation, and t... More

Development of a Solar-Powered Vehicle (EE 309S; EE 362S; ME 379M; ASE 379L)

Analysis, design, and construction of a solar-powered car for national competitions involving other universities. Study of electrical, mechanical, and aerodynamic systems. Electrical Engineering 309K (Topic: Development ... More
Faculty & Staff

Dodabalapur, Ananth

Dr. Dodabalapur's teaching interests are in the areas of electronic circuits (undergraduate), organic and polymer semiconductors (graduate), and charge transport in organic semiconductors (graduate). His current researc... More
Degree Plans & Curricula

Energy Systems and Renewable Energy Technical Core - Electrical and Computer Engineering (BS)

The Energy Systems and Renewable Energy Technical Core provides the foundation for a career in electric power systems, generation, grid operation, motors and drives, and renewable energy sources. This Core involves the s... More
Faculty & Staff

Goodenough, John

Dr. Goodenough's research into the relationships between the chemistry, structure, and electronic/ionic properties of solids addresses fundamental solid state problems in order to design new materials that can enable an ... More
Faculty & Staff

Grady, Mack

Dr. Grady's research interests are mainly in the area of electric power systems, with special focus on harmonics and power quality. He regularly teaches courses in power system engineering, power electronics, and circuit... More
Faculty & Staff

Hallock, Gary

Dr. Hallock's research is in plasma science and involves two different areas in this applied science field. The first involves high performance Hall-type plasma thrusters, which are being developed for stationkeeping of ... More
Research & Initiatives

IGERT: Sustainable Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Resources

A collaborative research and education project between UT-Austin and the Pecan Street Project in Austin is the basis for a recently funded NSF IGERT proposal, which is to train up to 12 graduate students per year. Alread... More
Faculty & Staff

Kwasinski, Alexis

Dr. Kwasinski’s research interests are in the broad areas of power electronics, energy conversion, and electromechanical systems, with emphasis on distributed generation (microgrids), nonlinear power electronics contro... More
Research & Initiatives

Office of Naval Research Electric Ship Program

The U.S. Navy is investing in technology for an electric naval force in order to increase affordability and military capability. This transformational war fighting capability is based on integrated electric power system ... More
Research & Initiatives

Pecan Street Project

UT faculty and students are providing research support for the DOE sponsored smart grid demonstration that was awarded to the Pecan Street Project ($10 million over five years). In the smart grid demonstration project at... More

Renewable Energy and Power Systems (EE 362R; EE 379K)

Introduction to renewable energy sources and their integration into power systems. Includes wind energy: resources, turbines, blades, rotor power characteristics, generators, active and reactive power, variability, and v... More
Faculty & Staff

Santoso, Surya

Dr. Surya Santoso's research interests include development of intelligent systems for enhancing the infrastructure of the electric power grid (e.g., autonomous intelligent monitoring and assessment systems, predictive ma... More

Solar Conversion Devices (EE 379K)

Research & Initiatives

University of Texas Solar Vehicles Team

The University of Texas Solar Vehicles Team is a student organization sponsored by the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. The team consists of a diverse range of students from the Cockre... More
Research & Initiatives

Wind Energy and Electricity Markets

Many jurisdictions are greatly increasing the amount of wind production, with the expectation that increasing renewables will reduce greenhouse emissions.  This paper discusses the interaction of increasing wind, transm... More
Faculty & Staff

Yu, Edward

Professor Yu directs a research laboratory concerned generally with the characterization, understanding, and application of physical phenomena and of solid-state material and device properties at nanometer to atomic leng... More