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Faculty & Staff

Dangel, Ulrich

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in Design, Construction, Architectural Detailing, Structural Design. Thermal Lab experimental research and simulation of architectural components. More
Degree Plans & Curricula

Environmental Planning for Sustainable Communities Specialization - Community and Regional Planning (MSCRP)

The specialization in environmental and natural resources planning, within the Community and Regional Planning Masters Degree Program, provides students with a grounding in the scientific/technical dimensions, policy asp... More
Faculty & Staff

Garrison, Michael

Professor Michael Garrison is currently active in the design and construction of sustainable buildings. He has served as the faculty sponsor of the 2002, 2005, and 2007 Solar Decathlon competitions administered by the U.... More

Informality: The Global Housing Challenge (ARC 350R; ARC 386M)

Approximately 2 billion people of the world's population live in substandard housing; 1 billion of these people reside in urban slums (UN Habitat). In the US alone about 40 million people live below the poverty line (Uo... More
Degree Plans & Curricula

Land Use, Transportation, and Infrastructure Planning Specialization - Community and Regional Planning (MSCRP)

The transportation specialization, within the Community and Regional Planning Masters Degree Program, is designed to provide students with an understanding of transportation planning methods and techniques, the structure... More
Faculty & Staff

Moore, Steven A.

I teach design and courses related to the philosophy, history, and application of sustainable technology. In my research I employ the related fields of the Philosophy of Technology and Science and Technology Studies (STS... More
Research & Initiatives

Pecan Street Project

UT faculty and students are providing research support for the DOE sponsored smart grid demonstration that was awarded to the Pecan Street Project ($10 million over five years). In the smart grid demonstration project at... More

Solar Geometry/Energy Flow In Building (ARC 386M)

This course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of the interaction of buildings and their energetic environment, i.e. the natural energy that flows around and through them. Developing an i... More
Research & Initiatives

Sustainable Cities Doctoral Research Initiative

The Sustainable Cities Doctoral Research Initiative focus on the integration of cutting edge research and practice in the fields of urban planning, architecture, environmental and architectural engineering, landscape arc... More

Timber Technologies (ARC 350R / ARC 386M)

This course explores recent innovations in timber construction technology and their impact on the current and future discourse of architecture. By assessing the development of sustainable forestry practices over the last... More
Faculty & Staff

Whitsett, Dason

Dason Whitsett is a Principal of Pollen Architecture in Austin and serves as Ajunct Lecturer in the Graduate Program in Sustainable Design. His teaching and research center on solar geometry, the thermal modeling and tec... More