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Mega-Region Freight Issues in Texas: A Synopsis

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Engineering, Cockrell School of

Civil, Architectural,and Environmental Engineering

Megaregions originate from the work of French geographer Jean Gottmann, which described a new urban form, Megalopolis, to characterize the network of interconnected cities from Boston to Washington, D.C. along the Atlantic Coast in 1961. Megaregion interest has grown strongly in the last decade and is now seen by a growing number of planners as offering provocative and visionary answers to problems such as modal congestion, development disparity, and air pollution that individual metropolitan areas or cities cannot solve individually. Megaregion planning presents a different way of mitigating metropolitan problems of large-scale transportation systems, green infrastructure, and economic development and has attracted a number of transportation advocates since 2000. Central questions addressed in this study include how this approach might change planning in Texas, what benefits and costs are associated with its adoption and what characteristics are of specific interest to TxDOT. This proposal is therefore structured to present the Department with a comprehensive literature review, take directions of interest from the Project Monitoring Committee, undertake preliminary analysis, and present these to a workshop audience comprising TxDOT planners, Metropolitan Planning Organization staff, transportation providers, public transit agencies, and federal officials. A major outcome is a program of future work that complements TxDOT planning, especially at the state transportation planning level. This will allow to Texas to compete with other states using Megaregional planning to promote economic growth, federal support, and private sector investment. This is a joint project with Texas State University.

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Harrison, Robert
Loftus-Otway, Lisa
Seedah, Dan
Zhang, Ming

Center for Transportation Research

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