Greenhouse Gas Inventory

UT Austin completed a Greenhouse Gas Inventory [pdf] in 2009. This report has given facilities administrators deeper insight into our overall climate impact, and are important reference documents for campus planning purposes.

Green Labs

The Green Labs Initiative is intended to provide researchers with resources and tools to implement sustainable practices and reduce utility use. The goal of the program is to save researchers and the university money while preserving resources and reducing the impact on the environment. See more information and an introductory video on Green Labs.

Single-Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling will officially launch in September 2013! Single-stream recycling is defined as the ability to mingle paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, and glass in the same bin, identical to the City of Austin program. Staff and students are currently working with building managers and Custodial Services to optimize bin placements in hallways, break rooms, and outside the buildings. For more information, email recycling@austin.utexas.edu.


Many programs within Facilities Services are organized under the UTakeCharge umbrella.

The Energy Stewardship & Building Optimization programs were launched by Facilities Services in 2012 to achieve targeted energy reduction goals across campus. These goals are building-specific and focus on both building operations and occupant education. Check out their Facebook page!

Water conservation programs are conducted by Landscaping Services and Utilities & Energy Management. The exterior irrigation monitoring pilot launched in 2012 has resulted in millions of gallons of water saved.