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Statistics from the Web Central Referer Log

The table below illustrates what links people clicked on the UT Home Page during the week ending May 23, 2004. The data comes from a sample of the Web Central referer_log. The referer_log basically shows which page a person came from. A sample log entry looks like this: -> /search/index.html

This log entry indicates someone hit the /search/index.html page from the URL, essentially they clicked the Search link on the UT Home Page.

Percentages are shown rather than raw numbers, because the data was sampled from only one of the four Web Central machines. The following table is sorted in descending order. Percentages do not sum to 100 because links that accounted for less than one-hundredth of one percent were excluded. Libraries, UT Athletics, UT Direct, and the E-mail Directory are not included in these statistics because those links point to sites not on Web Central. Those hits will not appear in the Web Central referer_log.

Note: Beginning with the March 2004 report, referer data is significantly less (and perhaps skewed) because the default configuration of the Symantec Client Firewall, which is distributed with Bevoware, suppresses the HTTP_REFERER variable from Web requests.

Link Percentage

Updated 16 May 2005
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