Dr. Cassandra Delgado-Reyes
GRAD Coordinator



I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley (McAllen) and was the first in my family to go to college. I started off at UT Austin and changed my major about three times the four years I was here – everything from Business to Botany. I worked every semester I was in school after my freshman year to help pay for my education, but family and financial drama meant I was needed back home and so I returned to the Valley to finish my degree at UT Pan Am. I ended up double majoring in Chemistry and Biology and did some undergraduate research in my biochemistry professor’s lab. I loved it! I had always planned on being a high school teacher, but that experience got me interested in graduate school. I wanted to be part of scientific discovery that would help my community, so got my Ph.D. in Nutritional Science at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Although I still love science, my passion lies in teaching. I have found a dream job with TIP working as an instructor for our the Research Methods sections of the Critical Thinking seminar (NSC/LA 302), the TIP Scholastic Seminar (NSC 109), and the pre-graduate discovery internship (NSC 371). I am also the coordinator for TIP’s Getting Ready for Advanced Degrees (GRAD) initiative which helps students investigate and prepare for graduate school. I never knew what doors graduate education could open and I am here to help TIP Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences students investigate this possibility for themselves.