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Fluorspar is the ore from which the pure mineral fluorite (calcium fluoride) can be obtained. The mineral can be used in the production of steel, aluminum and high octane gasoline.

Tmm3384 Fluorspar

Specimen: TMM 3384
Mineral: Fluorspar
Locality: Eagle Mtns., Hudspeth County, Texas
Collector: Glen Evans 

Specimen is about 7"x5"

Enlarged portion of the specimen. Enlarged view

Fluorspar deposits are found in the Eagle Mountains and Quitman Mountains of Hudspeth County, and in parts of Presidio and El Paso Counties.

Evans, G. L., 1943, Fluorspar Deposits in the Eagle Mountains of Hudspeth County, Mineral Resource Circular #26, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, 10 pp

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