TMM 878-1
Flasks mercury
Location Brewster Co., Texas
Period circa 19th century to early 20th century
Dimension A=48cm L x 10.5cm diameter, 
B=46cm L x 10cm diameter, 
C=36cm L x 12.5cm diameter, 
D=37cm L x 12.5cm diameter
Description Four iron flasks have slightly concave bottoms and head with lip that is welded on. Head has threaded hole in which threaded "wing" cap is screwed. Concrete conglomerate traces found on all flasks. "R M" painted in white ink on A. Green paint on top of B.
Comment Flasks were used to hold about 86 lbs of mercury for mining. Flasks were found from old 44 mine, 2 miles NE of Terlingua in Brewster Co., Texas.
Condition  Flasks are very rusty.
Source Glen L. Evans 1947

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