Glen Evans:
The Compleat Naturalist
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Glen looks through the lens of his camera with an artist's eye.  He observes the natural world of Texas, and captures the beauty, the fascination, and the reality. Glen studying the growth pattern of live oak

The Plateau Live Oak by Glen Evans

It comes tall and majestic or scrubby and low,
Bent at an angle or curved like a bow,
Contorted and twisted above and below,
It comes in all shapes on the Edwards Plateau.

(When touring the region this could be useful to know.)

The spring calf by Glen Evans

Well, I guess it must be spring.......

Ground squirrel by Glen Evans
Padre Island sand dunes by Glen Evans

Even the arid sand dunes of Padre Island are home to grasses and vines

How can I be here and there at the same time?

Dorothy at the puddle by Glen Evans
The old log cabin by Glen Evans

Texas history fills this early log cabin, even though the early settlers have long gone

The stark splendor of a summer storm

Storm over the high plains by Glen Evans
leaf colors by Glen Evans

An intricate web of color on each branch

Who is trying to copy whom?

Limestone cliffs by Glen Evans

The two lizards by Glen Evans

Just a minute, I thought we looked alike?

Take a break guys!

Barking frog gives advice at Friesenhahn Cave

The barking frog at Friesenhahn by Glen Evans

Bluebonnets in the hill country by Glen Evans

The beauty of the carefully nurtured hill-country wildflowers

How not to nurture your land!

Overgrazing by Glen Evans

The delicate flower by Glen Evans