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Educational Outreach Program—K–12 Teacher Training Workshops

Participating teachers work with University of Texas scientists and science educators in inquiry-based activities to explore life through time. Workshops target teachers who are currently teaching a majority of students who are underrepresented in the sciences including Hispanics, African Americans, and females.


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Learn more about Museum Express

Educational Outreach Program—Museum Express

TNSCs Museum Express program takes our scientists into K–12 classrooms for interactive presentations and hands-on learning opportunities using specimens from our collections.


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Fishes of Texas

Fishes of Texas

The Fishes of Texas (FoTX) is a multifaceted project with the mission of making verifiable scientific information about Texas fishes available to the general public, scientists and wildlife managers. The project encompasses an exhibit, outreach activities, research, and, most importantly, a vast and growing database of specimens collected as much as 160 years ago and deposited in permanent museum collections, including our own and those of other universities, the federal government, and private museums.


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Learn more about the Glen Rose dinosaur tracks.

Save the Dinosaur Tracks

An important piece of Texas' natural history and a powerful tool for science education, this twenty-five foot stone slab shows tracks of both a sauropod and a theropod. But the stone is disintegrating due to severe moisture fluctuations in the display building.


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