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List of Donors

Texas Natural Science Center thanks the following individuals, corporations and foundations for their exceptional financial support in helping us achieve excellence in our educational programs, exhibits and research.

Level Name Name

Director's Circle

Austin Community Foundation
Austin Energy (event sponsor)
Sarah and Ernest Butler
Marcia and Harvey Frye
KGSR 107.1 (event sponsor)
The Kodosky Foundation
Magnolia Charitable Trust
National Science Foundation

Peterson Charitable Lead Trust
Marika and Jonathan Schoolar
Temple-Inland Foundation
Texas Army National Guard
Texas Commission on the Arts
Tokyo Electron America (event sponsor)
The Webber Family Foundation
The Winkler Family Foundation


John J. Costanz
Catherine and Clark Hubbs
Ruth and Phil Kohlhaa

Wendi and Brian Kushner
Tonie and Gene Mear
Bettye and Bill Nowlin


Thomas Barrow
Kristin and Drake Fason
F. Parker Gregg
Patty and Mike Horridge
Isabel and Russell Hoverman
Nancy Humphries
Nancy and Bobby Inman

Sidney and John Jones
David King
Cindy and Greg Kozmetsky
Penny and Parker Gregg
Nancy Roser
Eva and Marvin Womack

Super Naturalist

Lynn Boswell and Burton Baldridge
Jess Butler
Ron and Beverly Carter
Angela and Bill Collins
Michael L. Cook
Anne and John Donovan
Jill and Robert Durkee
Laura Lee and Bill Graber
Mack Ray Hernandez
Martha Horlander
Jane and Howard Parker

Linda and Jim Prentice
Louan and Glenn Rogers
Dorothy and Tom Shockley
Elizabeth and Michael Smith
Tina and John Stockton
Willie Mae and George Strandtmann
Bev and Steve Vandegrift
Pam and Rom Welborn
Steve Wilson
Cecily Wright


Ruth and Larry Anderson
Jean Andrews
Rebecca Aronow and Benjamin Obregon
Margaret and J. David Bamberger
Ilene Barr
Susan and Frank Bash
Jack S. Blanton
John Bordie
Charlotte Boyle
Mickey and Bob Burleson
Lou Cannatti
Bill Carlson
Martha and Richard Coons
Germaine Curry and Borge Endresen
Marion DeFord
Valerie and Sam Dunnam
Jean and Bob Durkee
John Fainter
Maydelle and Sam Fason
Pris and Peter Flawn
William G. Gamel
Peggy and Bill Gunn
Pat and Ed Harris
Rebecca and John Hinte
Victoria Johnson

Alicean and Charles Kalteyer
Elaine and Michael Kasper
Lisa and Roger Lawrence
Judy and Ernest Lundelius
Mary and James McDonald
Linda and Chester McKinney
Maria and James McPhail
Tonie and Gene Mear
Lynn and Tom Meredith
Sara Mitchell
Carol Nelson
Penny and Bob Powell
Sandie and Vince Scalco
Dorothy and Tom Shockley
Elizabeth and Michael Smith
Anna Marie and Wyn Speir
Shari and Eric Stein
Paul Toprac
Mary L. Williamson
Sonia and Sam Wilson
Nancy and Jim Wood
Custis Wright
Sandy and Dudley Youman
Nancy and Joe Young