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Corals along with sea anemones, sea fans and sea pens, are anthozoans, part of the cnidarians. They have a long geologic record with soft polyp-like organisms even in the Precambrian.

Specimens in this collection are mineralized and were collected from rocks of Cambrian through to the present day.

Reef building corals, scleractinians, did not evolve until the Triassic but other tabulate and rugose corals were evident long before then.

The coral collection includes specimens from all major groups. There are types from the work of Wells and Whitney and a large collection of Damon Mound corals from the work of Scott and Schafersman and later researchers.

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Coral from Damon Moundon
Coral from Damon Mound, Oligocene reef near Houston, Texas.

Head of coral from Damon Mound
Large head coral from Damon Mound.



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