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a  complete rudist with both lid and enlarged valve

Rudists are an unusual form of bivalve in which one of the valves is greatly enlarged.  This specimen is a single individual that has both valves, one the small operculum, and the other a much larger,  elongate, conical structure. Rudists were important builders of Cretaceous 'reefs' in Texas and northern Mexico.

common rudists in Texas
Taxon: Eoradiolites sp.
Specimen number: UT 14110
Age: Cretaceous
Locality: Bell County
a large rudist

The beautiful specimen to the right is a radiolitid rudist from Mexico.  The 'shell' walls of this species are robust, and show clear banding on the inner surface.

The internal structure of rudist shells

A vertical section

A horizontal section

the soft parts of the rudist would have been in the central portion this rudist has very thick shell walls
Taxon: Barrettia monilifera
Specimen number: UT 45091
Age: Cretaceous
Horizon: Miramar Formation
Locality: Puerto Rico
Taxon: Rudist
Specimen number: UT 17679
Age: Lower Cretaceous
Horizon: Upper Glen Rose Formation
Locality: Coahuila, Mexico



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