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Other Invertebrates

Trace Fossils (Ichnofossils)

A dredge from Aransas Pass


Many organisms, such as the algae, crabs, and jelly fish indicated above by arrows, do not have hard parts that are easily preserved.  However, the organisms may still leave traces behind, such as the impression of the jelly fish seen here.

The impression of a jelly fish
jellyfish impression

ophiomorpha, may be a shrimp burrow
Ophiomorpha, the preserved remains of some creature's burrow

Trails (cruziana) left by a trilobite

Paleozoic trilobite trails

Olivellites plummeri, Pennsylvanian age snail trails
A snail trail

This must have been a good site for a tree!  The Tertiary root traces are indicated by arrows, right beside the modern tree roots.

Tertiary root traces



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