Non-vertebrate paleontology collections
at the Texas Natural Science Center

New cabinets

Preparing for the arrival of the new storage cabinets funded by an IMLS grant several years ago involved hard work by many NPL and TNSC staff.  The first task was to decide where the new cabinets were to go, and make room for them. Since then many more new cabinets have been added.

space at a premium, dirt to spare: in the main action area Ground plans for location of the first new cabinets
Space had to be created, and layers of dust removed. " Where does the calcite go next?"
"These look like rutile crystals!" Many minerals had to be identified, with the help of a volunteer from UTDGS, before they could be moved.
"Did you say boxes full under the tables as well?" At last the cleaned and identified minerals are ready to be relocated!
"Let me show you this turquoise!"