Non-vertebrate paleontology collections
at the Texas Natural Science Center

Inventory of the fossil collections

Taking the computer into the collections enables direct recording of data but it does not solve all the mysteries. Investigating the fossils in their drawers began several years ago. It continues.

where is the number? Here the research assistants are deciphering indistinct numbers on a specimen.
Two people working together make the procedure much quicker. indistinct or missing numbers slows the inventory
inventory directly online The number on the rudist shown below is quite clear: WSA 3066.  It  enables the researchers to link the specimen with a catalogue entry that provides detailed information about this particular specimen.

While the inventory continues, someone else is at work entering information from the catalogue into a computer database.

a clear number!

old numbers on crenulated specimens are often indistinct
Sometimes a microscope is required in order to read the number.

In the samples below the number actually has to be reassembled!

matrix crumbles and with it the number yellow paint labels peel off vials and specimens