A Type and Figured Collection of AC Ellisor


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Text is taken from "Species of Turritella from the Buda and Georgetown Limestones of Texas" by Alva Christine Ellisor.

UT17186  4cm   

UT17190-A 4.5cm    

UT17198 2cm  

Turritella bybeei

Turritella austinensis

Turitella manchacensis


UT17191 1.5cm

Turritella shippi


UT40556 1.5cm

Turritella felteri

The Ellisor type collection pages were designed and produced as part of an undergraduate project. In 2000 we began to examine and to stabilize within the type collection. The project included the collection of Kniker and record images were acquired. These specimens will be imaged again as part of the current (2007-2010) NSF funded project to improve the entire type collection.