A Type and Figured Collection of HT Kniker


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Text is taken from "Comanchean and Cretaceous Pectinidae of Texas" by Hedwig T. Kniker

UT30036 5cm

UT30037 9cm across

UT30038 5cm

Neithea texana var elongata

Neithea texana var elongata

Neithea roemeri


UT30044-B 1.75cm

UT30044-E 2.25cm

UT30047-B 4cm

Neithea bellula

Neithea bellula

Neithea texana


UT30049-D 2cm

UT30052-A 3cm each 

Pecten bensoni

Neithea theodori


UT30056-B 2cm

UT30062-B 2cm

UT36171 3cm

UT6914 1.5cm together

Neithea irregularis

Neithea whitneyi

Neithea wrighti

Neithea irregularis


UT6915 1.25cm

UT6919 and UT40554 3cm across each

Neithea irregularis

Pecten siederensis

The Kniker type collection pages were designed and produced as part of an undergraduate project. In 2000 we began to examine and to stabilize within the type collection. The project included the collection of Kniker and record images were acquired. These specimens will be imaged again as part of the current (2007-2010) NSF funded project to improve the entire type collection.