The Virgil E. Barnes Tektite Collection, housed by the Non-Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, a division of the Texas natural Science Center at The University of Texas at Austin, contains specimens collected by Dr. Barnes over the course of his career, from localities throughout the world. The collection currently contains about 2000 uniquely identified specimens, consisting of over 7000 individual pieces. These specimens consist of Australites, Libyan Glass, Moldavites, Indochinites (from China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam), Ivory Coast Tektites, Philippinites, and Bedasites. In addition to actual specimens, the collection includes comparison materials, source rock samples, as well as additional materials used in Dr. Barnes' tektite research.

The purpose of this section of the VEBTC webpage is to promote the exchange of research information from the collection, to interested parties. The most current data available is on the database, however, please realize that some fields will not have information and/or will have incomplete data. That being said, the NPL is confident that the quality of the data contained in this file is such that this resource will be useful to the general user community.  It is our hope that, through the creation of this online database, and through the resulting feedback supplied by users like you, we will be able to improve the accessibility of this collection, and others like it, housed by the NPL.

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