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Women in geology

H. J. Plummer (1891-1951)
M.A. Northwestern University

Well-known for her work on foraminifera.

Consulting paleontologist and member of the BEG.

NPL holds many of her reports and thin sections.

Her library and foraminifera type specimens were transferred to the Paleontological Research Institute (PRI) in Ithaca, NY in 1952.

Many additional forams and the sample splits (the unpicked reference material) remain at TNSC.

Learn more about Plummer and investigate her research in Cretaceous Foraminifera in Texas [page 111 in the pdf file].
Look at her original locality cards.



H.J. Plummer
Helen Jeanne Plummer
Sample field images

Image from Ferguson, 1981, courtesy of BEG and AAPG


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