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O.M. Ball collection

Works Progress Administration (WPA) collection

Stuessy and Irving collection

Other Fossil Plants

The major portion of these plant collection from the later Paleozoic and Tertiary is in the form of leaf and stem impressions and carbon remnants.

Also represented are three dimensional colorful silicified pieces of 'wood', 'petrified wood'. The parens included here because not all this plant material is strictly fossilized wood tissue derived from the cambium.

Huge palm roots from the Tertiary Gulf coastal plain, and intriguing bored wood from the Cretaceous are included in the collections.


OMB1266 Sigillaria sillimani
OMB1266 Sigillaria sillimani Brongniart, from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Carboniferous age

Both these specimens are currently on display at the Texas Memorial Museum.

OMB1433 Aspidiophyllum trilobatum
OMB1433 Aspidiophyllum trilobatum Lesquereux, from Ellsworth County, Kansas, Cretaceous age


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