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TPWD Mussel Collection

A recent addition to the information attached to specimens in this collection is the location of the collection site in terms of latitude and longitude.
This allows us to make use of the increasing amount of geographical and geological data that is now available in digital form.

For example, if we know the latitude and longitude of the collection localities we can map them quickly and efficiently using GIS, with relation to the known extent of a particular geologic feature or relevant river basins, or current urban areas.
When our data is made searchable through data portals the researcher can compare the geographic coverage of our collections with those of other institutions.

Georeferencing of site localities is an aim within all the collections, the first one to be entirely completed is the mussel collection of Howells (TPWD). The illustrations are drawn from that study.


Digital maps and satellite imagery help locate collection localities with verbal descriptions.

Many historic localities are no longer accessible
Developing a list of named localities


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