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Reef and mound builders


Rudist bivalves

Chaetetid sponges

Corals are just one of many organisms responsible for generating reefs and bioherms on the seafloor throughout geologic history.

Coral collections include recent comparative scleractinian corals assembled Lang and others, Cretaceous corals collected by Whitney, Wells and others, Paleogene corals collected by Frost, Schafersman, and Garvie, and Paleozoic tabulate corals assembled by Durden. In addition to the specimens that were collected as part of the geologic mapping of Texas.

Rudist bivalves are limited to the Late Jurassic and Cretaceous. Our collection of about 14,000 specimens comes from Texas, Mexico, the Caribbean and to a lesser extent Europe. A wide range of researchers are responsible for this collection but the majority of specimens were collected by Myers and Young. This collection was in part responsible for the selection of Austin as the site for the Seventh International Congress on Rudists in 2005.

Chaetetid sponges are currently placed in the order Tabulospongida. Our collection includes that of R.J.Stanton and many specimens collected during the BEG State mapping project.



Astrocoenia sp.
UT11439 Astrocoenia sp.


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