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Lyn Murray

"Lyn Murray is a PhD student in Quaternary vertebrate paleontology at UT. He has been diagnosed by others as possessing the curation gene. However, he claims it is merely a manifestation of an overabundance of chaos in his apartment, being compensated for by a need to organize collections of things that don't belong to him. He also likes ammonites; so he was very excited to hold UT-1, the premiere specimen in the UT collection."
Lyn was sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant to the Texas Memorial Museum.

Comment: Lyn's input to the collection improvement was huge, he knew more about collection management than we did having spend prior time in the La Brea Museum in California. He was a great teacher to all of us and helped us formulate the ever morphing Practices and Protocols of NPL.
Lyn left to spend some time as collections manager at the Peabody Museum of Yale University in the vertebrate collections. He returned to complete his Ph.D. studies at UT Austin and is currently coping with the vertebrate collections at VPL as the interim collections manager.


Lyn Murray
Lyndon Murray

" UT-1 only another 3,999,999 to go!"
Admiring a particularly fine ammonite


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