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Nina Triche

Nina was a graduate student studying vertebrate paleontology at UT.  She was working on her dissertation, which examines the evolution of living and fossil penguins. 

"I am using the anatomy and distribution of these birds to analyze their relationships, evolutionary history (including extinctions and radiations), and biogeography (or how and why they live and breed where they do).  This involves many interesting problems such as why there are no Northern Hemisphere penguins, which other birds are the closest relatives of penguins, and why all giant species of penguins, some of which were nearly 6 feet in height, are now extinct.  I also work at the NPL cataloguing and organizing the collection of fossil rudists (a strange type of extinct mollusc), which were used at the International Congress on Rudists, taking place in Austin in June 2005."


Nina Triche
Nina at work in the rudist collection.

Nina Triche
Her final project with NPL was to accession and image a recent freshwater mussel collection donated by Robert Howells [Texas Parks and Wildlife]


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