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Press Release

Texas Natural Science Center

Darwin Day!
Sunday, February 12
1:00pm to 4:45pm

Texas Memorial Museum
2400 Trinity Street
(2 blocks north of the UT football stadium)

FREE activities include:
science booths hosted by UT-Austin scientists,
digging in the Fossil Dig Pit,
arts and crafts!

free talks by UT-Austin scientists:
1:30pm - Sassy taste or sexy traits: stories about co-evolution of female preference and male traits - by Silu Wang, Integrative Biology

3:00pm - Longhorn Evolution: using the principles of evolution to study Texas Longhorn cattle - by Emily McTavish, Integrative Biology

Attention K-12 teachers! 
Sign up here for our Darwin Day workshop!
Receive 4 hours CPE credit and
The Wild Life of Our Bodies book by Rob Dunn.

Texas Memorial Museum is part of the Texas Natural Science Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

- Our Bottom Line -
It is our mission to encourage awareness, understanding and appreciation of the past, present and future of biological diversity, especially that of the state of Texas.


The above event information was published in TNSC's 2/1/2012 e-Newsletter.