The Hartman Prehistoric Garden

Zilker Botanical Garden  •  Austin, Texas

Stepping into the Hartman Prehistoric Garden is like stepping back in time 99 million years, when dinosaurs like Ornithomimus roamed Central Texas. Spanning 1.5 acres in Zilker Botanical Garden, this unique space recreates a time that humans know only from the fossil record. Walking along crushed granite pathways, visitors will encounter stone benches and bridges, a  large collection of plants representing those from the Cretaceous Period, four ponds and a large waterfall, three limestone cliffs, a shelter, a small petrified wood garden, dinosaur trackways, and a thirteen foot bronze sculpture of an Ornithomimus dinosaur sculpted by John Maisano of the Texas Memorial Museum .

Learn more about the Garden's history, plant and animal life, construction and planting, and opportunities to get involved.




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