Art in the Garden

Almost 100 million years after dinosaurs roamed the area that is now Austin, one of them has returned -- this time in the form of a sculpture produced by John Maisano, artist for the Texas Memorial Museum.  The sculpture, based on the Ornithomimus dinosaur, was commissioned by the Hartman Foundation, and is the centerpiece of this lush, tropical garden. It stands eight feet tall and thirteen feet long, and was cast in bronze with an interior frame of stainless steel by Clint Howard and artisans of Deep in the Heart Art Foundry Inc. To assure authenticity, paleontologists from The University of Texas at Austin's Texas Memorial Museum's Vertebrate Paleontology Lab, including Graduate Assistant Ron Tykoski, were consulted regularly.  The 1,200-pound  sculpture stands center stage in the garden, on an island surrounded by water and tropical plants






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